Chapter 361: Suspicions
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 361: Suspicions

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The first ray of the morning sun penetrated through the forest canopy, motes of dust dancing in the beam. As it fell on Xi Canhen's face, the youth shook his head and turned over to keep sleeping, but he felt something prodding into him.

He opened his eyes and saw a large tiger lying next to him, its bristly whiskers stabbing into his face like needles.

Xi Canhen smiled. Unable to control himself, he reached over and petted the tiger on the forehead.

Perhaps because he didn't like it, Bao'er turned over. He turned in the direction of Xi Canhen and instantly rolled right on top of him.

Several hundred catties of tiger body pressed down Xi Canhen, and he yelled, "Bao'er… Bao'er… you're crushing me!"

The cries stirred the little tiger, and when he woke up and saw Xi Canhen under him, he tilted his head as if curious as to how this kid had gotten under him.

Xi Canhen started to find it hard to breathe.

He waved his hand and weakly slapped the tiger.

The little tiger finally realized that there was something wrong with Xi Canhen, so he slowly stood up, shook his body, and moved over a little to keep sleeping, apparently caring little about how weak Xi Canhen was.

Xi Canhen held his chest and sat up. Pointing at the tiger, he said, "You… you little… The assassin from the Stone Gate Sect hasn't even arrived, and the one who was supposed to protect me almost killed me."

The little tiger lazily glanced at him and then kept sleeping.

Helpless, Xi Canhen muttered, "Ruthless thing."

Since he was already awake, Xi Canhen stood up, took out his sword, and started to practice.

The sword form that Tang Jie had passed to him automatically appeared in his mind, and Xi Canhen swung the sword according to his memories.

As he had opened his Jade Gate, even without a Spiritual Space, he could still circulate spiritual energy through his body. The sword whistled through the air, somewhat imbued with the aura of sword energy.

Even though he wasn't an official cultivator, he at least had some of the aura of a martial arts expert.

After he had finished one sequence, Xi Canhen put away the sword and said to the little tiger, "Bao'er, what do you think?"

The little tiger lazily yawned and swatted at a tree. This swipe scraped off some bark that flew at Xi Canhen, and Xi Canhen raised his sword to block.

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Translator Notes

Surely nothing bad will happen to the boy and the tiger that he's starting to bond with. Surely...

Novel Notes

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