Chapter 143: Going Back
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Aspiring to the Immortal Path Chapter 143: Going Back

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Tang Jie silently smiled.

Xu Miaoran stood up. "I don't want to meet the people from your Basking Moon Academy, as I might get angry. So we might as well part ways here."

She sounded rather sad when she said "part ways".

Tang Jie indifferently said, "Since we met, we must have some connection with each other, so I'm sure we will meet again in the future."

"Is that so…?" Xu Miaoran looked around, and then she suddenly placed an item in Tang Jie's hand.

Tang Jie looked down and saw that it was a paper crane, and with it was a small jade pendant. The pendant still carried a sliver of warmth from Xu Miaoran's hand.

"This is…?" Tang Jie looked at Xu Miaoran.

"The paper crane is the long-distance message talisman my mother gave to me. It can only be used once, and you can write your message on it. The jade pendant can receive messages. Sageheart and Endsea don't have communication lines with each other, so we'll have to use this as a substitute. One day, if you get to Endsea, you just need to burn the paper crane for me to get the message. And while you're here, you can get any information that I send to you. Of course, you can only receive and not send."

Xu Miaoran began to back away. Waving her hand at Tang Jie, she said, "I hope that it's as you say and that we meet again someday."

With a flap of her sleeves, she floated into the distance, leaving in a graceful and elegant fashion.

Tang Jie watched as her figure disappeared, and for a moment, he felt rather disappointed and frustrated.

After a long while, he saw that the rainbow cloud had landed on Fairy Peak, and he began to make his way back.

A dark-faced, middle-aged man stood in White Rose Cloud Monastery. Xin Yue had come, and with him were two cultivators from the local Basking Moon branch. Tang Jie did not recognize them.

Upon seeing Xin Yue, Tang Jie cupped a fist in his hand and said, "Paying respects to the esteemed teacher. Esteemed Teacher Xin, why did you come to Fairy Peak?"

"The Nankou Branch received news early this morn

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Translator Notes

Good riddance to Hua Yang and his ilk. The Freedom Society doesn't need them!

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