Chapter 348- Fighting female soldier
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 348- Fighting female soldier

Ye Zhongming sighed. He knew his best chance was gone, and he couldn’t focus on the ordinary soldiers to reduce their strength.

He jumped and spun around, slicing the incoming weapon. Two weapons gave out a huge metallic clang.

Ye Zhongming retreated more than Wen Hong.

Shock appeared on his face.

He used modified potions so his body was on the level of a five-star evolved. That included his strength.

Ye Zhongming rarely faced an opponent at the same level.

He didn’t expect that a thin woman with a giant hammer could compete with him in strength and was even slightly stronger than him.

His gaze landed on her weapon. He had guessed that it should be because of the weapon.

She exclaimed, and her eye was bloodshot. Her body gave off a shocking aura, and that thin body grew thicker and bigger. Two seconds later, she was 2.5 meters tall and covered in muscles.

“War Female Soldier?”

Ye Zhongming recognized the job and was shocked.

Out of the jobs he had seen, a few were very strong in his last life. Like his Glory Smith, Light Seal Blademaster, Park Xiuying’s Envoy of Light, and Little Nine’s Turret Master.

These jobs would get stronger and stronger and were much stronger than normal jobs.

Now, that list included this.

This job was similar to Envoy of Light. When it was at a low stage, it was the Female War Soldier. As she upgraded, she would become an officer, general, commander, king, and the strongest war goddess.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to describe her combat strength as destructive now.

This job was recognized as one of the best female jobs in the apocalypse.

Ye Zhongming didn’t expect the 7th army, who ended up 9th now, to have two top jobs that surprised him.

Seeing her job appear, Ye Zhongming didn’t fight her and charged at the ordinary soldiers.

“You coward!”

The female giant roared, her voice as thick as a guy’s. She chased. She looked dumb, but she wasn’t slow.

But Ye Zhongming had the Blood Stepping Boots, so he was faster than her. Wen Hong’s eyes stared as the enemy killed more

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