Chapter 48 - Mural
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Long Di’s brow rose so high that it began to invade the personal space of his hairline. A single word escaped his lips.



“Damn it! Where’s Long Di? This is not what I expected!” Yaomu Shou’s beautiful face was stuck in a perpetual pout as she travelled through the ‘not relic.’

“I’m sure Long Di is fine Miss Yaomu Shou. To be honest, I’m more worried about Shen Ling than anything else.” Feng Yu was the one who spoke.

“I’m sure it’s fine. Maybe Shen Ling is actually with Long DI right now.” Tie Lang tried to comfort his senior apprentice-sister.

“Would you believe me if I told you I would be even more worried about her if she was?” She said with a wry smile.

“Well, I can’t blame you. He’s definitely… eccentric,” Yaomu Shou commented after a moment of thought.

They, like many other people, came to the same starting point in the relic. However, they were confused when they realised that both Long Di and Shen Ling were not with them.

They started to get a bit worried, but the knowledgeable Yaomu Shou calmed them down almost immediately. Still, it didn’t keep her from being annoyed that he had just up and disappeared.

Jia Yan, Tie Land and Feng Yu didn’t forget to use this to look around as boundless curiosity filled them.

This was the first time they ever came to a place like this.

The entire place was a larger-than-life structure that seemed like the inside of a temple. There were numerous designs and carvings that decorated the inside, which exuded an ancient feeling.

“I thought that there were supposed to be treasures and wealth thrown around, but it just seems… empty.” Tie Lang pointed out.

“Well… it’s not as exaggerated as there being money just thrown around all over the place, but there should have been multiple rooms with treasures in them, at least based on my experience. It’s almost like this isn’t a Relic at all,” said Yaomu Shou with a pondering expression.

There were many rooms in the temple-like structure, yes, but they were filled with carvings of two people that the peop

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