Chapter 400 - Heavenly Plum Flame Alchemical Canon
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 400 - Heavenly Plum Flame Alchemical Canon

“Then who—”

Duan Meilin took a deep breath and answered, “It was his son.”


Well, Long Di, Mina and Pebbles didn’t see that one coming.

“They had a son!? Scratch that… their son killed him!? Why!?”

“Your surprise mirrors our own at the time, it’s the case even now. We don’t know what drove their son to do that,” Duan Meilin admitted.

Long Di asked, “Did he kill his mother too?”

Duan Meilin shook her head, “No, he didn’t even get the chance. When Lord Peach Blossom Venerate fell, the continent’s experts who were fighting with us to repel the invaders, suddenly turned on Lord Peach Blossom Venerate’s armies. Since we fought the hardest, we were the most exhausted and also suffered the most casualties. Of course, a pound of flesh was torn from the bodies of the continent’s experts. Lady Yin Shuchun descended into a rage and slaughtered the continent’s experts. She, on her own, took down nearly fifty percent of their numbers. However, she was fatally injured during this battle.”

“Then how did he know his wife’s body was missing her?” Long Di asked her. That part didn’t make sense to him.

“I wasn’t finished,” she told him. “In addition, I never said he was dead either.”

They thought back to what she said, and it was true. She never did say that he died from the attack, just that it was fatal.

“She had thought he died, which is why she exploded with all her strength,” Duan Meilin told them. “In truth, she would have died regardless, since she exploded with all her strength, burning her essence blood in the process. When she saw he had a single breath in him, she took his body and fled. I had my army hold back the continent whilst I held back their son. I was able to defeat him, but not kill him. By the time, I made it to where she had fled, I found Lord Peach Blossom Venerate, but not her. Before he died, he told me they came for her body!”

“They?” Mina’s eyes narrowed.

“The Nine Yin Cemetary Sect!” Duan Meilin said with venom in her voice.

“Them again!?” This was the second time Long Di heard of that sect.

“You kn

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