Chapter 1852

 Chapter 1852 (Raw 1864): Withered Leaf City’s City Lord
 Xiao Chen’s gaze shifted away from the back. The Black Lotus Sect Venerate was dead. Now, only the Holy Son Ming Xuan remained of the Black Lotus Sect.
 However, the doubts in Xiao Chen’s heart had not unraveled yet.
 Why did the Black Lotus Sect go to such great lengths to capture Xiao Chen, even though that Black Lotus Sect Venerate’s old injuries were still bothering him?
 Over two years ago, Ye Zifeng inflicted a new wound on the Black Lotus Sect Venerate, which would prevent the Black Lotus Sect Venerate from making a move within ten years.
 Despite this, the Black Lotus Sect Venerate still made a move. First, he summoned the Black Lotus Demonic Buddha. Then, he broke the Black Cutlass in one strike.
 At the very end, the Black Lotus Sect Venerate was forced to stand up. However, he had already depleted his lifeforce; death was inevitable.
 Under the suppression of the Buddhist sects of the Righteous Dao, the losing Black Lotus Sect, which was like a whipped dog, did not hide to recover its strength but chased after Xiao Chen instead.
 The Black Lotus Sect even spent so much time and effort to trap the Kunlun Realm. What was it all for?
 Perhaps the mysteries behind this would forever be a secret.
 However, there was good news, as well. With the death of the Black Lotus Sect Venerate, there should no longer be any restrictions on the Kunlun Realm’s Kunlun Road.
 It probably would be easier for Xiao Chen when he wanted to return in the future.
 When his old friends wanted to come out of the Kunlun Realm, they would no longer be like their seniors, most of whom ended up dead.
 Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and checked on the little monk’s condition with a glance.
 After consuming the mutated fruit that Xiao Chen obtained from the stone pillar with the divine flame, the little monk took a turn for the better. He even seemed to be undergoing some kind of metamorphosis.
 “This little monk seems to be becoming younger…”
 Xiao Chen discovered that the little monk, who originally looked somewhat young and juvenile, strangely showed startling changes in mere moments. His face actually started regressing in age.
 What a strong mutated fruit!
 This is probably a natural treasure for lengthening one’s lifespan, the kind that people like Senior Chai sought in his dreams.
 That’s not right. This is not an extension of life. This is a complete reversal of aging. It changed the bloodline as well as the foundations of the physical body. This is truly astonishing.
 How unfortunate. Had Xiao Chen used it for himself, his strength would have improved further.
 However, it was already great that the little monk could live.
 Xiao Chen could still prioritize saving the little monk’s life over growing stronger.
 Seeing the little monk safe, he relaxed and started to treat his injuries.
 Karmic flames burned sin, injuring the foundations of the physical body. Xiao Chen had also badly drained his Soul Energy. It would be hard for him to recover quickly.
 So, Xiao Chen closed his eyes and regulated his energies.
 Six hours later, his Veritable Essence Energy had circulated for a major cycle, and his spirits finally took a turn for the better.
 Xiao Chen opened his eyes and breathed out a mouthful of turbid air. His injuries would probably take some time to fully heal.
 The main problem was due to the karmic flame, which damaged the physical body’s foundations. Surviving that was already very fortunate.
 Karmic flame was not something ordinary people could grasp.
 It was something as ethereal as legends and myths. Furthermore, it did not hold any threat to ordinary cultivators.
 The sins of an ordinary person could not light up karmic flames at all. Xiao Chen and the little monk were exceptions.
 “Hey! Since when did I have a little child with me?”
 Xiao Chen was shocked to discover a little child on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back.
 This little child looked to be about six or seven years old. He had a bald head and wore oversized monk robes.
 After being stunned for a while, Xiao Chen finally realized that this was the little monk Yan Chen.
 Yan Chen actually regressed in age, his physical body returning to his childhood state. However, Xiao Chen felt that the little monk was now much stronger.
 The little monk’s aura was steady and incomparably dense.
 This…this was too heaven-defying. Xiao Chen felt extremely shocked. Although he did not know what benefits the little monk obtained from this, just this transformation alone, regressing to a child, was not possible for a Sovereign Personage—no, even a Divine Vein Sovereign Emperor.
 If this happened to those people, they would even wake up laughing from their dreams.
 After all, if the Black Lotus Sect Venerate had obtained that mutated fruit, not only could he have gotten rid of all of his old injuries, but his physical body and bloodline would have been strengthened. His physical body would have regressed, essentially receiving a second life.
 Just the thought of this made one tremble in fear.
 If Xiao Chen had put that mutated fruit up for auction, he probably could have gotten a Divine Vein Sovereign Emperor to work for him.
 The losses were too great, somewhat unbearable.
 However, when the sky turned bright, Xiao Chen came to his senses, revealing a playful smile on his face.
 He no longer felt the heartache from a great loss.
 A young infant now appeared on the Demon Blood Vulture’s body, looking very sleepy. He possessed delicate facial features and a shiny, bald head.
 That young child was as cute as he could be.
 It was fortunate that Xiao Chen had not eaten that mutated fruit. Otherwise, he would not know how to face Liu Ruyue.
 The scene this thought brought to mind was too beautiful. Xiao Chen shook his head with a bitter smile, not daring to dwell on it.
 He checked the little monk once more and found that the heaven-defying regression finally stopped.
 Xiao Chen relaxed somewhat. Had the regression continued, that would be big trouble.
 However, even now, the trouble already seemed to be very big.
 How should I explain it to him after he opens his eyes? What a headache…
 Suddenly, the Demon Blood Vulture seemed to receive a violent shock and trembled intensely, nearly flinging Xiao Chen and the little monk off.
 Damn! Please don’t scare me. Master, you gave birth to a baby?
 Suddenly, the Demon Blood Vulture’s voice appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind. It turned out that it had slacked off. After flying for one night, it ended up falling asleep while flying.
 When the Demon Blood Vulture opened its eyes and saw a baby on its back, it nearly died of fright.
 Xiao Chen’s lips twitched involuntarily. He demanded coldly, “Can your father give birth to you?”
 How can that be? How could I be born from my father?
 The Demon Blood Vulture immediately denied that without even thinking.
 Xiao Chen could not resist laughing. It is indeed a stupid bird. “It turns out that you are not a biological child. No wonder your father would sell you to me.”
 No! No! That’s not right! That’s not right. My father gave birth to me! I am my father’s biological son!
 When the Demon Blood Vulture heard what Xiao Chen said, it immediately rebutted. This matter involved the pride of its bloodline, and it could not let him talk drivel about that.
 “Haha!” Xiao Chen laughed without saying anything.
 That’s still not right. My mother gave birth to me! It has nothing to do with my father!
 “Hahaha!” Xiao Chen laughed endlessly. This stupid bird is really stupidly cute.
 Stop laughing. My father gave birth to me; it has nothing to do with my mother. This is now right, right?! The Demon Blood Vulture’s thought circled back. The bird was now completely confused, already on the verge of tears.
 When Xiao Chen saw this, he laughed softly and said, “You are born from both your father and mother.”
 Right! Right! Right! That should be right! Hahaha! This great me is really smart. I figured it out in mere moments. When the Demon Blood Vulture heard that, it immediately turned gleeful.
 However, after a while, the Demon Blood Vulture roared angrily, However, Master, you still have not said whom you had this baby with.
 Xiao Chen was still thinking of how to explain the situation to the little monk. Now, he felt that this silly bird was incredibly stupid.
 Feeling helpless, Xiao Chen said, “There are only the three of us here, right? Tell me, who could I have him with?”
 Only the three of us?!
 Horror bloomed in the Demon Blood Vulture’s heart. Aside from the little monk, there is only me. Could it be that he took the opportunity of me sleeping…
 “What are you thinking?”
 Xiao Chen rapped on the Demon Blood Vulture’s head. “This is the little monk. He turned out like this after he ate the mutated fruit.”
 How fortunate. How fortunate.
 The Demon Blood Vulture heaved a sigh of relief. Then, it suddenly thought about the little monk turning into a baby and burst out in strange laughter.
 Master, I’ll help you to take care of him, right?
 “Screw off.”
 After another day, an island appeared below.
 According to what the little monk said, the trans-realm transportation formation was on the island. With the little monk’s condition, Xiao Chen could only send him back to his temple first.
 Xiao Chen gently leaped off the Demon Blood Vulture’s back and made the Demon Blood Vulture turn into a ring on his finger.
 After considering the infantile little monk, he waved his hand, and a few strands of saber light shot out.
 Xiao Chen turned the little monk’s oversized monk robes into a small sling and hung the little monk around his neck.
 As he descended from the clouds, he looked at the island below.
 Soon, the island came into full view. The city on the island was large and majestic, of significant size.
 Xiao Chen probed lightly and noticed the auras of many experts in the city.
 There were many Star Venerates and Holy Venerates. He could even vaguely sense the hidden auras of Sovereign Personages.
 Xiao Chen landed firmly at the city gate. When he looked up, he saw the words “Withered Leaf City” above them.
 In that instant, several gazes immediately turned to him.
 People pointed and whispered to each other.
 “Haha! There are really a lot of strange things these days. To think he brought a child on his travels. Is he not afraid of the dangers of the world?”
 “There are Demonic Dao sects that specialize in capturing babies to refine ghost pennants, as well as several Demonic Dao powerhouses who do that too.”
 “This person does not look like a Demonic Dao cultivator. This is somewhat interesting.”
 People whispered to each other without any fears or consideration. When Xiao Chen heard them, he did not overthink, merely headed for the city gate.
 After Xiao Chen paid the toll, the captain of the city gate’s guards gave him another look.
 “Please hold on.”
 Xiao Chen kept up his guard. He turned around and asked, “Sir, what’s the matter?”
 With a friendly smile, that captain replied, “Nothing much. It is just rare to see people bringing a small child to my Withered Leaf City, and I just wanted to ask some questions. Will you give me your name?”
 Xiao Chen smiled faintly and countered, “If I don’t say it, you won’t let me into the city?”
 “That’s not the case.”
 Since it was like that, there was naturally no need to say it.
 Xiao Chen turned and left, thinking to himself, This guard captain seems slightly off.
 After Xiao Chen was far away, that guard captain’s expression changed slightly. He called someone over and whispered, “Send people to keep this bladesman under the highest level of surveillance. Do not accidentally alert him and expose ourselves.”
 After the subordinate left to follow orders, this person left the city gate, riding a horse and rushing over to the City Lord’s Residence.
 When this person reached the City Lord’s Residence, he took out a token and entered quickly.
 After clearing many checkpoints, he finally stopped before a tightly guarded pavilion in the City Lord’s Residence.
 “Please inform City Lord Liu that the city gate’s Captain Bai Feng has something to report.”
 Someone went to send word. After a while, Bai Feng received permission to enter.
 A gray-robed, old man sat in a luxurious room, drinking tea. This person exuded a certain might, appearing powerful without being angry.
 “Bai Feng, if there is nothing important, you would not personally come and make a report. Speak, what is the problem?” the gray-robed, old man said calmly after he put down the teacup. His expression appeared indifferent, revealing neither joy nor grief.
 “Reporting to the City Lord, this subordinate discovered someone who might be the white-robed bladesman,” Bai Feng said respectfully with a cupped-fist salute.
 The eyelids of the gray-robed, old man’s calm face twitched. “The white-robed bladesman Xiao Chen, who suppressed the three great Demonic Sects and obtained the Scarlet Blood Pirate King’s inheritance?”
 “This subordinate cannot be sure. This person carried a baby on his back and seemed slightly different from the rumors. I only sent people to monitor him in secret and did not act rashly.”
 The gray-robed, old man waved his hand and said, “Quickly cancel that order. If it really is that white-robed bladesman, it is too hard not to expose yourselves. Wait, that’s not right. It is already too late. We will leave it at this. I will remember your contribution. I’ll deal with the rest from here.”
 “Many thanks, City Lord.”
 When Bai Feng withdrew, the gray-robed, old man revealed a smile. “Interesting. The Demonic Dao sects of the entire Ash Gray Sea are looking for you, and you actually run over to my place. You are probably here for the trans-realm transportation formation.”

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