Chapter 1854

 Chapter 1854 (Raw 1866): Life or Death Unknown
 These old bones are tough to chew! the Demon Blood Vulture said with dissatisfaction as it spat out a storage ring.
 A Holy Venerate, Withered Leaf City’s City Lord, died just like that. The Demon Blood Vulture swallowed him whole, not even leaving any remains. This was really pitiful.
 However, this pitiful person had his hateful points, that greed and cupidity, in particular. Such an end was entirely the result of his own doing. He could not be left alive.
 If Withered Leaf City’s City Lord had taken only the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant and sent Xiao Chen on his way, this deal would still have been rather fair.
 The Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant was a Superior Grade Soul Tool that the Scarlet Blood Pirate King specially picked out. It was extremely valuable and would be a great profit.
 On seeing the token, the guards viewed Xiao Chen with different eyes.
 This was a rare honored-guest token. One could not obtain it without an extraordinary background.
 “Young Master, this way, please.”
 The guards sent one person to respectfully lead Xiao Chen to the trans-realm transportation formation in the City Lord’s Residence.
 Despite killing Withered Leaf City’s City Lord and Bai Feng, Xiao Chen remained calm and unflustered, not exposing himself.
 Instead, he even got the City Lord’s Residence guards to bring him to the trans-realm transportation formation.
 Xiao Chen’s mentality was not something that ordinary people could achieve.
 It was practically impossible for an ordinary person to remain calm after killing a Holy Venerate.
 The moment such a person came out, they would be exposed and still end up dying.
 There were many experts in the City Lord’s Residence, far more than an ordinary person could imagine.
 The guard led Xiao Chen through many checkpoints to a tightly guarded place in the City Lord’s Residence.
 As this was not the usual time for the trans-realm transportation formation to activate, there were no other people here aside from the City Lord’s Residence’s experts.
 “Senior Ma, someone holding the City Lord’s honored-guest token wants to use the trans-realm transportation formation,” the guard shouted when he stopped at one of the checkpoints.
 “Token.” A cold, vigorous voice came from behind the checkpoint.
 Xiao Chen took out the token and had the guard bring it over. Soon, Xiao Chen was invited over.
 After clearing the checkpoint, Xiao Chen saw a huge Dao Platform. It was entirely made up of ancient divine materials and shone with a faint, flowing light.
 The seams of the Dao platform were filled with flickering Superior Grade Spirit Jades.
 The entire Dao Platform was one kilometer wide with mysterious talisman scripts carved on the surface, constituting a complicated, profound, and abstruse formation.
 There were many experts by the Dao Platform. Aside from the regular Star Venerate guards, the scariest was the eight gray-robed old men sitting in the eight cardinal directions. Without exception, they were all peak late-stage Star Venerates as strong as Holy Venerates.
 An oppressive aura lingered in the air. When one stood before the trans-realm transportation formation, one felt an extremely unbearable pressure.
 The gray-robed man addressed as Senior Ma was a Holy Venerate. He headed over to Xiao Chen and said, “The token is real. However, you are just an insignificant Star Venerate. Why did the City Lord give you the honored-guest token?”
 Senior Ma’s eyes were sharp. As he looked at Xiao Chen, a Holy Venerate’s might spread out indistinctly.
 This placed extremely heavy pressure on others.
 Xiao Chen was entirely unaffected. He retorted indifferently, “Why don’t you go ask the City Lord yourself?”
 Senior Ma snorted coldly and tossed the token to Xiao Chen. “Humph! Don’t bother playing games with me. The City Lord is just a spokesman in our eyes. Say it quickly, where do you want to go? We will send you there directly.”
 Senior Ma merely asked in passing. He did not truly suspect Xiao Chen. When he saw Xiao Chen’s unyielding attitude, he just let it be.
 Xiao Chen thought for a while and said, “Yanwu Dynasty.”
 “The Yanwu Dynasty is boundlessly large. Aside from the capital, there are still one hundred eighteen provinces. Each province is as large as some of the great realms. Which province and which marquisate do you want to go to?” Senior Ma demanded, somewhat impatiently.
 Xiao Chen really did not know which province to go to at the moment. It would probably be impossible to go straight to the Hidden Spirit Temple. Withered Leaf City was the city of the Demonic Dao; it definitely would not have a trans-realm transportation formation that connected to a large sect of the Buddhist faction.
 These two were sworn enemies.
 “Soaring Dragon Province, Soaring Dragon Marquisate.”
 After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen said the only place he knew in the Yanwu Dynasty: the Soaring Dragon Marquis’s conferred land.
 Xiao Chen recalled that Lan Luo’s father, the Soaring Dragon Marquis, was the master of that marquisate.
 Regardless of the situation, he would be utterly safe after going to the Yanwu Dynasty. From there, he could go anywhere he wanted.
 At that time, Xiao Chen would wait for the little monk to wake up. Then, he would not have to worry about the rest.
 Xiao Chen initially wanted to go to the Divine Dragon Empire. However, given the little monk’s situation, it was best to send the little monk back first.
 After all, it would be much more convenient to travel to the Divine Dragon Empire when he was already in the Central Great Realm than to go there from the Ash Gray Sea.
 “Send him over,” Senior Ma said expressionlessly. The eight old men started to form hand seals, and the formations in the Dao Platform slowly activated one after another.
 A mysterious pillar of light soared into the clouds.
 After a long time, sweat started to drip off the eight old men’s foreheads.
 A circular door of light appeared in the center of the Dao Platform, forming a light screen as smooth as the surface of calm water. It flickered with light and looked like a mirror.
 Xiao Chen knew that once he passed the door of light, he could go to where he wanted.
 He pushed off the ground and gently propelled his body over, then landed before the door of light. As he entered the door, someone rushed over with a flustered expression.
 “Don’t let him go! The City Lord’s life tablet is shattered!”
 Senior Ma’s expression changed slightly. He turned around and said, “Quickly, stop the trans-realm transportation formation!”
 “It’s too late,” one of the eight old men said with difficulty. All eight of them looked weakened.
 “Damn it!” Senior Ma roared. His Holy Venerate Will surged out and crashed into the door of light.
 Tiny cracks immediately appeared on the water-screen-like door of light.
 It was not over yet. Senior Ma’s aura soared as he threw a palm strike. He smashed that door of light apart, turning it into countless pieces.
 “Pu ci!” The eight old men maintaining the formation all vomited blood.
 After suffering from the huge rebound, the eight fainted on the Dao Platform.
 “Speak. What is going on?!” Senior Ma shouted coldly, making the person who came to report tremble in fear.
 “The City Lord and Captain Bai mysteriously invited this person over today. They even laid restrictions. When he came out, he was holding the City Lord’s honored-guest token. When the City Lord’s life tablet shattered, we did not immediately suspect him. After all, he is just a Star Venerate. Furthermore, there was Captain Bai,” that person said with a quivering voice, trembling with fear and trepidation.
 Doubt flashed in Senior Ma’s eyes. Even if it were him, he would not have thought that the City Lord died in Xiao Chen’s hands.
 Even now, Senior Ma did not think that Xiao Chen killed the City Lord.
 He only believed that Xiao Chen was somehow involved, and was not happy at letting him go.
 However, the door of light had shattered. Even if Xiao Chen managed to appear in the Yanwu Dynasty, he would find it hard to escape death.
 As for the City Lord’s death, it would become a mystery.

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