Chapter 1855

 Chapter 1855 (Raw 1867): Coincidental Meeting with a Familiar Person
 There was only one trans-realm transportation formation in the entire Soaring Dragon Marquisate. It was in a palace at the central plaza in Soaring Dragon City.
 The trans-realm transportation formation here did not belong to the Soaring Dragon Marquis.
 Trans-realm transportation formations were strategic war resources. All the trans-realm transportation formations were in the hands of the Yanwu Dynasty’s royal court, controlled, protected, and maintained by it.
 At this moment, chaotic fluctuations appeared above the Dao Platform at Soaring Dragon City’s trans-realm transportation formation.
 The door of light appeared extremely unstable. It shook and wavered, about to shatter at any moment.
 “It looks like there is an issue with the Dao Platform on the other side.”
 The old men here maintaining the formation discussed this event but were not flustered.
 Such things were not strange and not at all surprising.
 Trans-realm transportation formations connected countless great realms and directly sent one to the Central Great Realm’s transportation formations.
 All of them were ancient Dao Platforms and thus extremely unstable. They needed frequent maintenance and meticulous care.
 Even so, such failures in transportation would happen a few times every decade.
 “I wonder who the unlucky fellows are? To think that they ran into problems with the Dao Platform. They are really unfortunate.”
 “If it is a Holy Venerate, there is a thirty percent chance of survival. If it is a Sovereign Personage, there is an eighty percent chance.”
 An old man asked, “What about a Star Venerate?”
 “Certain death, no doubt about it,” the old man leading the group around the Dao Platform said with finality.
 Right after the old man spoke, a white-clad man with a weakened appearance and carrying a baby walked out of the damaged door of light.
 A Star Venerate! It’s really a Star Venerate!
 The old men around the Dao Platform were stunned. All of them found this inconceivable.
 Xiao Chen wiped away the blood at his lips and looked around. Then, he turned to the old man who was the leader. “Might I ask Senior if this is the Soaring Dragon Marquisate in the Yanwu Dynasty?”
 “It is.” The red-clad, old man nodded after being stunned for a while.
 Xiao Chen heaved a sigh of relief. Ignoring these old men’s confused expressions, he left directly.
 After Xiao Chen left the palace, the group of old men startled awake and discussed this.
 “It really is a Star Venerate that walked out successfully.”
 “This is incredible. How did he endure the current of space? That is something that even Holy Venerates do not dare to face.”
 “What’s scarier is that he arrived in the Soaring Dragon Marquisate and not somewhere else.”
 The leader entered deep thought before saying, “We need to investigate this person. Immediately activate the royal court’s information network and obtain all the information about this person.”
 After Xiao Chen left the palace, he looked at the sky and sighed.
 It truly was difficult to escape death.
 In hindsight, the situation was perilous. However, it was okay now. He had arrived in the Soaring Dragon Marquisate, in the Central Great Realm.
 This was a place where the sky was as high as the birds could fly, where the seas were as deep as the fishes could swim.
 This is the Central Great Realm?
 Xiao Chen sized up his surroundings. Aside from it being more bustling, it did not feel any different.
 If there was a difference, it would be that there were more experts in the city.
 Powerful Star Venerates like Xiao Chen, who could move about without fear in the Grave Sea, were not everywhere, but he would still see one or two occasionally.
 First, I need to find a place and rest properly. Ever since I have been with the little monk, my luck has been bad, and I am always injured.
 Xiao Chen did not say that he was affected by the body of misfortune. He refused to buy into that.
 He casually chose an inn in Soaring Dragon City. Then, he remained indoors, not leaving, to recuperate from his injuries.
 This time, his objective was to return his body to its peak, completely recovering from all injuries.
 Time passed very quickly. One month elapsed in the blink of an eye.
 Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and many stars flickered in them. It seemed like he had shattered some of the shackles on his body. His Qi, mind, and spirit all improved. The stars above his Soul Pool had more than doubled.
 I broke through!
 Xiao Chen had been at the early-stage Starry Sky Stage all the while. Breaking through to the middle-stage Starry Sky Stage would have no bottlenecks if the conditions were right.
 An unintentional breakthrough was not strange.
 Xiao Chen had remained at the peak Major Primal Core Realm for an extremely long time. His foundations were incredibly firm.
 When he broke through, he immediately reached the peak of the early-stage Starry Sky Stage.
 Then, he experienced several calamities. Smoothly breaking through was to be expected.
 Now that he had reached the middle-stage Starry Sky Stage, advancing to the late-stage would be somewhat tricky.
 Xiao Chen walked out of the cultivation room and arrived in the bedroom. The little monk lying on the bed still had his eyes tightly shut.
 The little monk showed no signs of waking up. Xiao Chen could tell that the little monk’s bloodline was experiencing some kind of transformation.
 There was no telling when the little monk would wake up.
 Perhaps he would wake up in the next moment. Perhaps it would be in eight or ten years. Anything was possible.
 “Little troublesome fellow.”
 Xiao Chen smiled bitterly as he pinched the little monk’s cheek. Then, he placed the little monk in the sling and left the room.
 It is time to go. I have to hurry and send the little monk back to the Hidden Spirit Temple.
 Carrying the little monk, Xiao Chen left the room. Then, he went to the innkeeper to pay the bill before leaving.
 When Xiao Chen looked around, he showed a slightly surprised expression after his gaze landed on a handsome bladesman.
 While Xiao Chen did not have any memories of this person, this person exuded a familiar aura. This person was of the Dragon Race and was also a bladesman.
 It’s him!
 It was Jiang He, the one who stole the Dragon Race’s supreme treasure in the Soaring Dragon Great Realm. Then, he stole the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s Fairy Basket.
 It was truly a small world, what a coincidence.
 Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen met the other party here.
 Xiao Chen walked over with big strides. He suddenly sat down carefreely opposite Jiang He and placed his saber on the table.
 Then, he picked up a wine cup and poured wine for himself.
 “Friend, I never treat strangers to wine,” Jiang He said casually. When he looked up and saw Xiao Chen’s appearance, he was stunned for a long time.
 Xiao Chen smiled indifferently. “Brother Jiang He, we meet again.”
 After overcoming his shock with much difficulty, Jiang He recovered his signature mischievous smile.
 “Come, come, come. After not seeing each other for two years, let’s see how our White Robed Bladesman has improved. Hey, how frightening! You actually advanced to middle-stage Star Venerate. You really worked hard on catching up. Oh, you actually even have a son already.”
 When Jiang He moved behind Xiao Chen, he saw the baby little monk and immediately felt pleasant surprise.
 “Come, come, come. Let me carry him.”
 Jiang He lifted the little monk out of the sling and returned to his seat. Then, he exclaimed in shock, “He does not look like you, Little Brother Xiao Chen!”
 Xiao Chen smiled bitterly and said, “Whatever you say.”
 Slowly, Jiang He noticed something off. His expression grew weird. “This child is a little strange. How can he have such terrifying sins when he is so young?”
 Xiao Chen looked around, then put down his wine cup. “This is not the place to speak about it. Let’s go elsewhere.”
 Jiang He nodded and said, “Let’s go to the courtyard I rented, then.”
 After a while, the two arrived at Jiang He’s courtyard. Then, Xiao Chen gave a simple explanation of the little monk’s origins.
 “Damn! This is the Little Demonic Monk Silver Saber? Take him back! Take him back!”
 After learning the little monk’s origins, Jiang He was scared and hastily returned the baby to the sling on Xiao Chen’s back.
 Xiao Chen smiled faintly. “It looks like the Little Demonic Monk Silver Saber is indeed famous. To think that you’re so afraid of him!”
 “He is not just famous. There are too many stories about him. In the Yanwu Dynasty, there may be people who do not know who the crown prince is. However, everyone knows about the Little Demonic Monk Silver Saber.”
 Jiang He started to regret his actions somewhat. He muttered under his breath, feeling as if a god of misfortune already plagued him.
 “Enough about me. What about you? Why are you in the Soaring Dragon Marquisate? You even used a disguise. Are you here to steal something again?”
 Xiao Chen remained rather calm. He was already used to the little monk’s existence, quite indifferent to this so-called misfortune.
 Hearing that, Jiang He sighed. “The matter of the Fairy Basket was exposed. Now, the Soaring Dragon Marquis and the Smiling Daughter Pavilion are after me.”
 “That’s impossible, right?” Xiao Chen felt incredibly shocked. After the matter was over, he had gone to the Smiling Daughter Pavilion. The other party had no clue about the culprit at all.
 Jiang He frowned and said helplessly, “It’s the Heavenly Book Scholar!
 “The Smiling Daughter Pavilion spent a fortune to get the Heavenly Book Scholar in the Heavenly Mystery Tower to do a reading. Initially, I had already erased the fate from that. However, I ran into the famous Heavenly Book Scholar, who reads the lives of all common men. I had no way out; I was discovered in the end.”
 A faint smile appeared on Jiang He’s face. “As a result, I nearly died a few times. Of course, I have to take revenge. I heard that the Night Cloud Fan in the Heavenly Book Scholar’s hand is his most treasured item, so I am going to steal it. That will show him, for scheming against me.”
 “The Heavenly Book Scholar is in the Soaring Dragon Marquisate?”
 “Of course. Otherwise, why would I run all the way here? What do you think? Do you want to come with me to test out this person?”
 Jiang He looked at Xiao Chen, instigating him. He concealed a smile; no one knew what he was thinking.

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