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Era of Disaster

Era of Disaster
Demon’s Realm (妖的境界)
Translated By:
Edited By:
ArtyTheKid, Jafz



New Zealand underwent sudden changes and all humans and animals began to feel unimaginable hunger. At the same time, they begin their transformation into monsters as they feed voraciously.

The chef Bai Yi with his daughter struggles for survival every step of the way, only to find that the entire New Zealand has transformed into a devil island. This, was only the start of the change to the entire world.

Starting from powerful physical strength to mystical skills and then to magnificent battle techniques, will they be able to find a long peaceful future? From the evolution that humanity themselves triggered, the fate of the entire world is completely changed.


Translator Note: 

This story is about an outbreak of something called 'activated cells' that turns everybody in New Zealand (the setting of the story, but I'm sure the outbreak will expand into the whole world sooner or later) into monsters, and it details the journey of the MC and his companions along with his daughter trying to survive and rebuild civilisation in the changed world. The author tries to be very realistic, so the evolution into monsters follow a very logical and rational path and the system for evolution is well-developed. MC is a kind person, there's no cheats or mysterious artifacts to make the MC overpowered so he has to struggle. Moreover, this story has more depth, so things like good and evil aren't too clear in this story as well. It's one of the most non-cliche Chinese novels I've read so far, so give it a try!

Chapter List






Chapter 201: On The Sea

6th Mar, 2018

Chapter 204: The First Clash

8th Mar, 2018

Chapter 205: Helpless Despair

8th Mar, 2018

Chapter 206: Sharing

9th Mar, 2018

Chapter 207: Slaughter

10th Mar, 2018

Chapter 208: Visual Illusion

10th Mar, 2018

Chapter 209: Slowly Losing It

11th Mar, 2018

Chapter 210: Cry

12th Mar, 2018

Chapter 211: Holding Your Hand

13th Mar, 2018

Chapter 212: Tasmania

14th Mar, 2018

Chapter 214: Chess and Prison

16th Mar, 2018

Chapter 215: True Freedom

17th Mar, 2018

Chapter 218: Eaten!

20th Mar, 2018

Chapter 219: Assemble

21st Mar, 2018

Chapter 221: Provenance Fruit

23rd Mar, 2018

Chapter 222: Fine Changes

24th Mar, 2018

Chapter 223: Purifying Energy

25th Mar, 2018

Chapter 225: Ice Lake Monster

27th Mar, 2018

Chapter 226: Difficult

28th Mar, 2018

Chapter 227: Battle and Clues

29th Mar, 2018

Chapter 228: Choose Clearly

30th Mar, 2018

Chapter 230: Trade

1st Apr, 2018

Chapter 234: Southern Island

6th Apr, 2018

Chapter 235: Queenstown

7th Apr, 2018

​Chapter 236: Prototy Back

8th Apr, 2018

Chapter 240: The First LV3?

12th Apr, 2018

Chapter 243: Three Years

14th Apr, 2018

Chapter 245: The Wind Starts

16th Apr, 2018

Chapter 246: It Starts

17th Apr, 2018

Chapter 249: Difference

20th Apr, 2018

Chapter 250: Merry Bride

21st Apr, 2018

Chapter 251: Personally

22nd Apr, 2018

Chapter 252: Chaos Erupts

23rd Apr, 2018

Chapter 253: Family

24th Apr, 2018

Chapter 254: Death Blood Bond

25th Apr, 2018

Chapter 257: Rescued

28th Apr, 2018

Chapter 259: Bai Yi’s Team

30th Apr, 2018

Chapter 260: Changes

1st May, 2018

Chapter 261: Figured Out

2nd May, 2018

Chapter 262: Calm And Resolute

3rd May, 2018

Chapter 263: Madness

4th May, 2018

Chapter 266: Soul Law Treasure

7th May, 2018

Chapter 267: Start Of An Era

9th May, 2018

Written by Demon’s Realm (妖的境界). Translated by windiven. Edited by ArtyTheKid, Jafz.