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RSSGSS - Chapter 181 - Mana Suppression

"The Ancient Abyssal God's Legacy?"

The unexpected system notification surprised Shi Feng.

The Ancient Abyssal God was rumored to be the Abyss's creator and one of the oldest Ancient Gods. Although the Ancient Abyssal God had suddenly disappeared for some unknown reason, some of the power the Ancient God had left behind had sparked massive wars in the Greater God's Domain. Some hegemonic powers had even vanished from the Greater God's Domain because of these wars.

However, rumors also mentioned that the Ancient Abyssal God did not leave any Legacies behind due to his abrupt disappearance. It was even rumored that the Abyss was only half completed when the Ancient Abyssal God disappeared.

However, even if it was incomplete, the Abyss still had the strength to clash with the Greater God's Domain.

Shi Feng found it hard to believe that the missing Ancient Abyssal God had actually left one of his Legacies in the Stratified Abyssal Realm. Even though the Legacy had an extremely stringent activation condition, it was still unbelievable nonetheless.

However, it was also understandable that this Legacy had remained undiscovered until now. After all, it was incredibly hard to obtain a Legendary Mana Body, so much so that one couldn't necessarily find even one player with a Legendary Mana Body in an isolated God's Domain. The chances of a player obtaining a Legendary Mana Body in the Stratified Abyssal Realm, a place that was severely lacking in Legacies and imposed many restrictions on its players, were even lower.

The Stratified Abyssal Realm's players might have very high combat standards, but they were inferior to the players in Shi Feng's homeworld when it came to Mana Bodies. Even powerful experts like Echoing Judgment and Sleeping Quicksand only had Gold Mana Bodies, while most other experts in Purple Light only had Silver Mana Bodies. None of them even had an Epic Mana Body, let alone a Legendary Mana Body.

System: You have one minute to decide whether to accept the Abyssal Trial. If you fail to decide, you will be given the standard trial by default.

Upon hearing this new system notification, Shi Feng dared not hesitate for even a moment longer as he promptly said, "Yes!"

Legacies of Ancient Gods were incredibly rare in the Greater God's Domain, and even hegemonic powers would have difficulty getting their hands on one. It was also proven that every Ancient God's Legacy could overturn the status quo in the Greater God's Domain. Needless to say, the Legacy of the Ancient Abyssal God, one of the oldest Ancient Gods in existence, wouldn't be in any way inferior in this regard.

System: Abyssal Trial activated. Please kill all of the monsters on the fourth floor in one natural day. You will receive the Legacy left behind by the Ancient Abyssal God should you succeed.

Kill all of the monsters on the fourth floor in one day? That's one difficult challenge… Shi Feng's expression grew heavy when he saw the notification.

According to the information Echoing Judgment provided, the Abyssal Tower had five floors.

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The number and strength of the monsters players faced would increase with each subsequent floor they climbed. Meanwhile, players would gain the Civilian status in the city so long as they cleared the first floor, the Noble status if they cleared the second floor, and the Upper-class Noble status if they cleared the third floor.

Out of the hundreds of millions of players based on Slumber City, those who managed to become Upper-class Nobles did not exceed a hundred. Moreover, every one of these Upper-class Nobles was a veteran player who had honed their strength for many years.

As for the fourth floor, not one person in Slumber City had managed to clear it thus far. This was because the Trial Tower's trial wasn't merely a simple test of a player's combat standards but rather a test of a player's adaptability.

Shortly after Shi Feng activated the Abyssal Trial, the scenery before him changed into a lush, primal forest. A gigantic hourglass had also appeared in the sky above him, showing his remaining time in the trial space.

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What a powerful Mana suppression!

After arriving in this primal forest, Shi Feng promptly felt an invisible force suppressing his Mana. The suppression was so strong that none of his Mana could flow out of his body. Moreover, he found that apart from dark-element Mana, no other elements were present around him.

So that's why there are so few Upper-class Nobles even though there are so many third-floor experts in the city. Just this Mana suppression alone is enough to reduce a player's combat power to 10% or lower, Shi Feng thought in realization.

Mana suppression was a much more troublesome penalty than the prohibition of Mana usage.

The prohibition of Mana usage would only prevent players from using Skills and Spells. However, the suppression of Mana would not only prevent players from using Skills and Spells, but it would also make it incredibly difficult for players to use combat techniques. This was because the constant disruption to the Mana inside a player's body would prevent the player from exerting stable and precise control over their bodies.

Naturally, executing Mana Techniques would be even more of an impossible challenge.

Meanwhile, if players couldn't use any Skills, Spells, combat techniques, or Mana Techniques, they would be left with only normal attacks. In such a situation, one could easily imagine how much of their original combat power players would be left with.

Before Shi Feng could adapt to this new and hostile environment, two Level 110 Great Lord ranked Abyssal Hounds emerged from the surrounding bushes and lunged at him.

[Abyssal Hound] (Demonic Beast, Great Lord)

Level 110

HP 60,000,000

Shi Feng unsheathed the Winter of Eternal Night and swung it almost instinctively when he sensed the Abyssal Hounds.

However, before his attack could connect, the two Abyssal Hounds sensed it and reacted like veteran experts, twisting their bodies in mid-air and evading the attack with less than half a centimeter to spare.

They're at the Refinement Realm?

Shi Feng was stunned by the two Abyssal Hounds' actions. He might not have gone all-out with his attack, and there was a slight delay in his execution, but he still had Basic Attributes at the Tier 4 standard. Even if the Abyssal Hounds were Agility-type Great Lords, they still shouldn't be able to dodge his attack unless they were at the Refinement Realm standard.

However, Shi Feng didn't have any time to dwell on this matter. While he was in a daze, the two Abyssal Hounds simultaneously activated the Tier 3 Skill Flame Roar.

Flame Roar was an AOE attack. Shi Feng dared not face the attacks head-on, so he promptly side-stepped twice and evaded the Abyssal Hounds' Flame Roars. Then, he lunged forward and executed a downward strike at the nearest Abyssal Hound.

Shi Feng's attack this time was much faster than before. With the Abyssal Hound's nearly two-meter-long body, there was no way it could evade the attack in time.


Sparks flew, followed by a metallic clang that echoed throughout the forest.

Just when Shi Feng's sword was about to hit the Abyssal Hound, the Great Lord had leaped backward with its large frame and deflected the weapon with its front claws. Although the impact had sent the Abyssal Hound flying several meters backward and landing on the ground unsteadily, the Great Lord had lost less than 200,000 HP from the exchange.

The Abyssal Hound had 60 million HP, so this damage was nothing. It could recover to full HP once its battle recovery ticked five seconds later.

It even knows how to deflect attacks?

When Shi Feng looked at the Abyssal Hound that was baring its fangs at him, he suddenly felt as if he was facing a veteran Refinement Realm expert rather than a dumb monster. Moreover, this was a Refinement Realm expert with the Basic Attributes of a Tier 3 Great Lord.

Before Shi Feng could launch another attack, three more Abyssal Hounds slowly stepped out of the surrounding bushes and coordinated with the first two Abyssal Hounds to form an encirclement around Shi Feng.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
(These are the Divine Artifacts in the War God's Temple's possession. They were previously mentioned in Chapter 298 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Heian Cat for pointing this out.

SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Walter for pointing this point.

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