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ITDO - Chapter 276 - The Strongest Demon System, I Am the Fated Protagonist!

Shanghai University ---

“Ye Feng, I don’t really like you. Can you please stop pestering me? My boyfriend is coming over in a moment.”

“No, I’m not pestering you. It’s just that I like you, no, I love you. I know that you like me too, Zhou Qian.”

The teenager named Ye Feng spoke in a tense voice. His reddened face showed how much courage he had mustered in order to confess.

Although Zhou Qian was annoyed, she was well-educated. Seeing that there were people watching the scene, she suppressed her annoyance and said, “I already have a boyfriend.”

“I, I don’t mind being your second.”


Ye Feng also did not know why he said such stupid words. He hated his big fat mouth and blamed it on his nervousness which caused him to blurt out wrong words.

Sure enough, the girl named Zhou Qian scowled. After giving him a fierce glare, she turned around and left.

Ye Feng’s heart chilled. He wanted to quickly catch up with her and apologize, but before he could do so, a man ran over to the girl. Seeing the man, the anger in Zhou Qian’s expression disappeared as they both held each other in their arms. Then Zhou Qian whispered something into his ears.

The man frowned at Ye Feng and knew that his girlfriend had just been confessed to, but no one could really stop him from confessing. He wanted to warn Ye Feng, but he was held back by Zhou Qian. After the two exchanged a few words, the man let go of his anger and glared at Ye Feng before leaving with Zhou Qian in his arms.

The surrounding people who were watching the liveliness laughed and joked as they left, but Ye Feng felt the painful sting of their mockery.

‘It’s not that I said it insincerely. I just said the wrong thing at the spur of the moment.’

‘That man isn’t even more handsome than me, so why does Zhou Qing like him?’

‘Heh, he must be rich. Zhou Qian is probably looking at his family’s assets.’

‘Isn’t he just a man being played around with a gold digger? Why should I waste my time on such a woman.’

In his flustered state, Ye Feng tried to rationalize his rejection, but he couldn’t shake off the shame of the encounter.

Ye Feng's parents died in an accident when he was young and he was treated as a pest by his remaining relatives. Only his grandmother took care of him diligently, but two years ago she died. With his own efforts, he got into a nationally renowned university, but he did not expect that he, who thought himself a genius, would see even brighter individuals and fade into mediocrity. Thus his self-esteem hit the rocks.

Zhou Qing was their class president. Her family conditions were great and she was a beautiful person with a helpful and gentle personality. After knowing Ye Feng’s situation, she had helped him apply for a grant and taken care of him quite a lot. As a result, Ye Feng gained the illusion that the other party liked him, so he took the courage to confess.

He never imagined that things would become like this and that he would even offend her.

‘Hai, what a blind woman.’

Ye Feng arrived at a lake and hatefully kicked on the stones under his feet, but he did not expect that the riverside would be slippery. After not paying attention, he slipped to the side of the lake and fell into the water.

“Someone jumped into the lake.”

“Does anyone know how to swim? Someone save him!”

“Wasn’t that the guy who confessed just now? Is he trying to kill himself because his confession failed?”

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“What a fragile man. Moreover, from his words, he was willing to be a fling. It’s better to stay away from these kinds of people.”

“Stop talking nonsense. We have to do something!!”

Those were the voices Ye Feng heard before he passed out.

He was filled with resentment and his heart roared with rage.

‘Who jumped into the river to kill themselves? I just accidentally fell into the water. Someone come save me! God, have I ever done anything to offend you?!’

When Ye Feng opened his eyes, everything was pure white. When he smelled the antiseptic in the air, he knew that he was in the hospital.

He stared blankly at the unrecognizable ceiling in dead silence as if he had lost his soul.

This was because a voice suddenly echoed in his mind.

[Sensing the host’s strong resentment. The strongest demon system has been activated.]

Host: Ye Feng

Age: 19

Sin points: 3

Strength: 6

Reaction: 5

Vitality: 4

Magic: 0

Overall Combat Power: 5

Evaluation: Weak mortal

Ye Feng looked at the data reflected in the corner of his eyes. Seeing that the walking nurses did not notice this screen-like object, he felt ecstatic. He had read countless web novels and wasn’t afraid of what was happening.

Recently, dragons, Cthulhu, and many other monsters had appeared on Earth. Counter to monsters, cultivators, and onmyouji had also appeared. All signs indicated that Earth was not so simple and that mysterious existence had always been present.

Many young people were excited and hoped to encounter miracles that would turn them into novel protagonists. They hoped to obtain treasures and secrets that could help them ascend.

When he fell into the lake and woke up, this system suddenly appeared before his eyes. Was this not the description of what a novel protagonist was supposed to be?

In an instant, Ye Feng’s excitement rose and his aggression had disappeared.

‘There should be no problem with this system right? Could it be detrimental to me?’

‘No, what am I thinking? I am just an ordinary person. There must have been an extremely powerful existence that created this system, but how did I arouse their interest?’

‘Moreover, I am just a normal person. Without the system’s help, how could I rise up to great heights?’

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Affirming this, he asked inwardly.

[What’s the use of the system?]

[This is the strongest demon system. Its goal is to create the strongest demon. After making the previous owner the strongest demon, the system has wandered in the void for millions of years before arriving at the current candidate.]

[Previous host? Who was the previous host?]

[The previous host’s true name is beyond mortal understanding, but based on the host’s memories, he should be the entity known as Lucifer. ]

‘Lucifer? What the fuck, it’s Lucifer!! Could it be that I would become a mythical figure with invincible powers in the future?’

Ye Feng was excited after hearing the system’s answer. In his mind, he was already fantasizing about angels, fallen angels, and other such creatures kneeling before him.

He barely suppressed his excitement and continued to ask.

[How do I use you?]

[Host only needs to complete the tasks issued by the system and do bad things to accumulate sin points. Then you can exchange sin with various skills, bloodlines, and other things. The system is voluntary. If the host does not want to complete the task, the host can refuse without penalty.]

‘Sin? Bad things? Sound about right since it’s called the strongest demon system. Being able to refuse tasks sounds quite sweet.’

Ye Feng only hesitated for a moment but desire quickly burned in his eyes.

‘What’s wrong with doing bad things to become stronger!’

‘Life has its ups and downs; don't look down on a poor young man.’

‘Today, my love ignored me, tomorrow, you can’t afford to reach me.’

‘I am the master of my own destiny.’

Ye Feng’s mind suddenly flashed with all kinds of lines from novels that he had read.

[The system shall quickly create a task.]

[In view that this is the host’s first time, the task will begin with the simplest thing to do.]

[Task content: Steal a lollipop from a kindergartener. Let the child howl and cry.]

Seeing the task, the corners of Ye Feng’s mouth twitched as he comforted himself.

‘This is very reasonable. First, start from the smallest evil things and slowly cultivate my power. If I was suddenly asked to kill and set fire to things, I may not be able to do it.’

As he thought so, Ye Feng calmed down.

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