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ITDO - Chapter 275 - I Am The Only God on Earth

On Earth, in a deep mountain in China, a doorway suddenly popped into existence. The moment a foot appeared from it, the surrounding few kilometers had turned silent.

The birds that stood on branches did not dare chirp. The insects that made various noises froze. The fauna kneeled on the ground and shivered as time seemed to freeze.

This was the power of Louie’s draconic might. As his body had reached adulthood, his natural pressure had become increasingly potent.

He appeared in a concealed state. The moment he placed both feet on Earth’s soil, he expanded his perception in order to understand his surroundings.

He understood that it was safe and that there were no humans around. This was also the place from which he teleported back to San Soliel the last time he visited Earth.

Today’s Louie was much bolder compared to the past. He was now infinitely close to becoming a god and had abundant divine power. If any country dared to bombard him with nuclear missiles, he didn’t have anything to fear. As long as he used some divine power and his divine domain, then he could offset their power.

This was the difference between the two civilizations. Earth’s weapons were fully capable of wiping out any powerhouse in San Soliel, but once the gods of San Soliel come into the picture, then the strength between the two civilizations would flip. After all, even the technology of the Terran Civilization ultimately failed to subdue them.

However, Louie had nothing to fear on Earth. He was not prepared to be reckless, because his main purpose was to develop believers and absorb faith. If he exposed too much of himself, it would have a detrimental effect on the faith that he gathered.

“In fact, the easiest way to do this would be to eliminate the spread of science, so that Earth’s human civilization would once again return to the age of ignorance. That way, I would be able to make the entire human race believe in me, but that project will be too large. It will take several generations to make mankind abandon the scientific creed and that is too long for me.”

“Moreover, the loss of science would decrease Earth’s population and reduce the planet’s efficiency at extracting resources. It’s really not worth it.”

At this moment, he could understand the cruelty of the gods of San Soliel. For gods, believers were the sheep and they were the shepherds. What every god was doing was herding mortals for their own benefits.

Louie pondered how to expand his faith. This would require him to involve every aspect of himself.

“Although I had appeared as a Torch Dragon before and obtained a certain amount of faith, what is popular at the moment isn’t eastern culture but western culture.”

Louie slightly sighed. The Torch Dragon was something that East Asian people would know, but a foreigner and the vast majority of people on Earth would probably shake their heads. If you spoke about angels and demons, almost every civilized person would know about them.

This was the same as Han-era clothing which wasn’t known well in the western world. On the other hand, western clothing was the world’s understanding of formal wear. This was a historical legacy that even a God could not change in a short span of time.

“In order to maintain the diversity of mystery, mysteries from the east, from the north, west, and from the south should also appear. This would make the mysteries seem more real. However, the fastest way to collect faith is undoubtedly using the Christian religion.”

Since he needed to collect faith in a quick and reliable way, this is what he decided on.

The last time he used eastern mythology was a small gift Louie gave to his once home. It was also just an experiment that he did without putting too much of himself.

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However, things were now different. Louie needed a fast and simple method to convince the world. If he suddenly used the eastern myth that Pangu created the world, it would not be able to beat the creation mythology written in the bible.

Because even the people of China, other than those who love reading novels, knew more about the Christian god as compared to Pangu. This was the saddest part about the cultural spread.

However, Louie had no intentions of playing Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, and other such characters. This was because it would be too fake.

These kinds of mythological characters were more suited to background characters. Moreover, they could not have any humanity. If those gods were human in nature, it would be contradictory.

Especially for an existence like Yahweh. Yahweh was known as the only god and is omniscient and omnipotent. If an omniscient and omnipotent god suddenly appears in front of humans, Earth would not be able to accommodate such a huge being.

Gods should remain as gods and simply be everyone’s spiritual support.

Moreover, Louie could not perform the omniscient part. Even if the gods of San Soliel worked together with so many divine authorities overlapping, not even they could become omniscient and omnipotent. If they could, then the Terran Civilization wouldn’t have been able to invade it and exterminate the majority of its population.

“The sole god system is different from San Soliel’s system. Moreover, if I played as the sole god, it would create a paradox. The world of San Soleil might not accept me because the sole god doesn’t exist in it.”

In the world of San Soliel, if a god’s doctrine dictated that they were the only god, then they would be targeted by other gods. There was also no possibility of there being only a single god due to the many contradictory and incompatible divine authorities. There was order and chaos, good and evil. If a god dared to put them all in a single body, they would surely go mad and perish, causing the divine authorities to scatter once more.

“If any god dares to do it, then it might only be those of the Cthulhu mythos.”

“I cannot pretend to be the sole god. Nor can I act it out. It would create a big loophole that could expose me, but if I use it solely to gather faith, it's not an impossible thing.”

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“Because of the freedom of modern literature, people’s thoughts are more liberal. They do not pursue ancient religions as thoroughly, especially the young generation. They may be more interested in angels and demons.”

“So, the best and fastest method would be to have all sources of faith come face to face against each other. Whether it was good or evil, it would all come from me.”

“Others might not be able to do it, but I can do it because I am the only god on Earth.”

Louie smiled.

“In order to make a better play, I need some supporting actors. What I need now is an evil soul that’s in the process of falling. That’s the best way to portray demons.”

“Since it's too much trouble to look for one, I should make one!”

Louie took a step forward and his figure vanished.

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