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ITDO - Chapter 274 - A God Should Live Like A God

Princess Andrea and her attendants left Dragon City and returned to the Subila Empire.

In Louie’s opinion, his proposal would be accepted. The emperor of the Subila Empire, Abel II, was a brilliant man. In addition to the efforts of past emperors, his rule and hard work for the past ten years had also helped the empire reach unprecedented levels of prosperity.

And the more shrewd the emperor was, the more likely he would choose the right decision to solve his problems. If the Subila Empire’s emperor was just an ignorant king, he might not have agreed to his proposal. But Abel was no fool. He would definitely endure humiliation for the continuation of the empire.

“Unfortunately, your enemies this time are gods, and it isn’t just one god, but several gods. Even if you have the ability to rule a country, the final conclusion will leave you depressed.”

Louis sat on top of the mountain of gold in the hall that was created from many strange and exotic treasures. Of course, this throne was only big enough for his human form.

He dismissed all the guests, causing the entire hall to become quiet. This was the order Louie would give whenever he goes to sleep. The officials of Dragon City and the palace maids were already used to this.

Louie sat on the throne with one hand propped on his cheek as he began to think.

If the gods all regained their power and churches, then the Subila Empire would not last long before it completely fell apart into several smaller countries. Each territory would have a different king and a different god that they believed in. Moreover, the kings wouldn’t actually have any real power.

However, because the gods were still weak at the moment and their churches were just forming, the emperor was still able to resist, but it was just a matter of time. In the long run, everything was futile and hopeless.

“These are the shackles of being mortal. Without having seen the power of gods, he thought that he could reach out to them. He even thought to use his kingly powers to actually defeat them, but unfortunately, this is a pipe dream… But this is also good. If you truly surrendered to the gods, that would be bad for me. The more successful you are at staving off their advance, the more time I have to improve my situation.”

Louie tapped the throne’s armrest with his other hand. He had given Princess Andrea a secret letter before she left. The secret letter did not only contain Louie’s request but also contained his willingness to assist the Empire to a certain extent.

As the lord of Dragon City, Louie did not want to see the Gods recover quickly, especially the human gods. Although it was impossible to completely stop them, he would rather cause small problems with his limited support. This way, not only would the emperor agree to his request, but the emperor would also gain a bit more confidence in his endeavor.

Even if the emperor knew that Louie had ulterior motives, this was a completely open proposal. Even if he understood Louie’s plans, he was still bound to choose this path.

Using dirty tactics was the way of evil, but using open plans was the righteous and kingly path. This was like the wheel of history forcing its way through. No matter how much you understood it, you could not resist it.

“Intelligent Brain, do you have any way of putting an alarm on the portal?”

Louie’s tone was calm as he opened his mouth to ask.

With his many experiences till today, he had already grown out of his apprehension and teenage mind from when he had just turned into a dragon. He had already completely grown up. His words did not carry any teasing or joking tone anymore and only bore a majesty and coldness that would cause mortals to tremble.

Even if he lost all his powers at this moment, he still had the ability to reach a high position in the world of mortals. He was no longer the muddle-headed young man of the past.

A person’s environment could change their temper, and the way they were raised could change their constitution. Louie already did not meddle in affairs that were not part of his position. He had already seen himself as a god and lost his mortal way of thinking. Exercising the way of the gods with the smallness of mortals was simply putting the cart before the horse. His final goal was to become a god and become a wave in history.

Those who were called gods yet still had mortal thoughts were just powerful mortals. Without the power to match the mind and will, the individual was still ‘human’ and not a ‘god’.

Gods were loyal to desire and high above all. Although they could be kind, they had to be able to make decisions when the time comes. Gods should live like gods and not live like humans in divine bodies.

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Desire was not just greed, lust, and these kinds of things. Even doing good deeds and fulfilling justice was also a desire. A God’s desire was everything to them.

[Host, because you have found sufficient energy sources, I have regained some of my functions. I will set up an alarm around the wormhole with the power of the Terran Civilization. It will not be discovered by any living being in the world of San Soliel. If this place is invaded, I will notify you to return to San Soliel so that you can immediately cross through space-time.]

[I hope that host quickly finds more energy sources. I can even move the wormhole to anywhere the host desires.]

The Intelligent Brain’s words echoed in Louie’s mind. Louie remained emotionless but he inwardly sneered.

The words of the intelligent brain might sound normal, but it was trying to urge him to quickly find the energy sources by telling him that it could move the wormhole if he found more of it and prevent him from having more worries.

Now that the gods had woken up, Louie did not dare become careless, especially when the Goddess of Night was surprisingly well acquainted with the Terran Civilization. He was afraid that she might destroy the portal or even cross over to the other world. Both of these results were unimaginable disasters for Louie.

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‘In the past, I thought that it was fine if it was destroyed and could accept it even if I stayed in San Soliel or Earth forever, but now, I need both sides to develop my powers as a ‘foreign god’. I definitely cannot let anything happen to this portal!

‘It seems that because I have done well in this world, the Intelligent Brain is becoming more and more attentive to me. It even took the initiative to reveal its capabilities to protect the portal. With the Terran Civilization's technology, even I can be at ease and make preparations for when the other gods come here.

Louie sat on his throne for a full day. After calculating that there was nothing else to be wary about, he raised his eyes and flicked the dust of his fingers. His body disappeared from the throne and appeared in front of the portal.

Then he did not hesitate and took a step into the portal.

He wanted to collect more faith from Earth before becoming a god as well as experiment with a few more of his ideas.


Earth would once again descend into chaos.

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