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RSSGSS - Chapter 166 - Frightening Foundations

"A Lineage Crystal?"

Liu Wusheng and the others were stunned when they saw the light-blue crystal in Shi Feng's hand. Although they had never heard of the Lineage Crystal before, based on the information displayed before them, this Lineage Crystal was simply amazing!

With this Lineage Crystal, players only needed to spend some Magic Crystals to convert to another race. There was no need to go through the trouble of finding and completing rare conversion quests or changing factions.

Most importantly, the Lineage Crystal allowed players to convert to races available during primordial times rather than the descendants of those primordial races. This meant that players who converted their race using the Lineage Crystal would have a higher Life Rating than players who converted their race through completing quests.

In other words, besides allowing players to convert to another race easily, the Lineage Crystal also increased players' Life Ratings…

Compared to the miniature worlds inside the primordial tower, the Lineage Crystal would definitely be a hundred times more attractive to the majority of the experts in the Asura Mercenary Alliance.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, pardon me for asking this, but how many of these Lineage Crystals can the Asura Mercenary Alliance provide? Are there twenty? Or are there thirty?" Liu Wusheng asked in a slightly trembling voice. "Also, how many Contribution Points will it cost to exchange them? Is it two million? Or is it three million?"

Even by looking at the Lineage Crystal's description alone, Liu Wusheng could tell that this item would send the entire Miniature Ancient World into an uproar.

Setting aside the opportunity to gain the superior talents of other races, just the Lineage Crystal's ability to grant players a higher Life Rating was already more than enough to tempt everyone in the Miniature Ancient World.

An increase in Life Rating could bring improvements far more valuable than any piece of weapon or equipment could provide. For example, the higher a player's Life Rating in God's Domain, the stronger one's Basic Attributes and Physique would be compared to other players of the same tier and level. In addition, players would also have an easier time learning combat techniques with a higher Life Rating.

It was similar to how players of a higher tier would have an easier time learning combat techniques than players of a lower tier.

However, it was far too difficult to increase one's tier. Setting aside the barrier between Tier 5 and Tier 6, just the barrier between Tier 3 and Tier 4 was already more than enough to stump countless expert players.

If a player could grow stronger without having to increase their tier, it meant that this player could secure more opportunities than other players of the same tier. This, in turn, meant that this player would have a much greater chance of ascending to a higher tier. With the Miniature Ancient World being opened for less than a month, every combat player in the Miniature Ancient World would probably go crazy over the Lineage Crystal if they learned of its existence.

However, if the Asura Mercenary Alliance wanted to attract the attention of independent experts, having just one or two Lineage Crystals wouldn't do it. After all, any independent player with common sense would know that these one or two Lineage Crystals would end up in the hands of the various powers' experts. There was no way independent experts like themselves would get a turn.

However, if Asura offered twenty or thirty Lineage Crystals up for exchange, even independent players would have a chance at exchanging for a Lineage Crystal. Meanwhile, so long as a chance existed, the many independent players in the Miniature Ancient World would definitely try to earn the Asura Mercenary Alliance's Contribution Points as if their lives depended on it.

Of course, that was under the precondition that the Lineage Crystal wasn't priced too absurdly. While the Lineage Crystals might be more valuable than even Fragmented Legendary items, even Fragmented Legendary items were only valued at around 500,000 Gold. Although these Fragmented Legendary items were typically of the most inferior quality and only sold in special locations such as the Auction Houses of Dark NPC Cities, they were Fragmented Legendary items nonetheless. They could still provide players with a significant boost to combat power.

Even if Fragmented Legendary items were more valuable in the Miniature Ancient World, the most a bottom-tier Fragmented Legendary item could sell for was around one million Gold.

So, offering the Lineage Crystals for two million Contribution Points each was just about right. Any higher, and they would no longer be within reach of most independent players.

After hearing Liu Wusheng's questions, Hidden Soul and Frenzied Smile also turned to look at Shi Feng curiously. They, too, wondered how many Lineage Crystals Shi Feng could take out and how he planned on pricing them.

Inwardly, though, both Hidden Soul and Frenzied Smile were resolved to purchase a Lineage Crystal for themselves even if it cost five million ContributionPoints.

"Two hundred crystals!" Shi Feng said with a faint smile. "Moreover, it won't cost too much to exchange for them. Anyone who is a Bronze member of the Asura Mercenary Alliance can exchange the Lineage Crystal for just one million Contribution Points. Silver and Gold members will even get 10% and 20% discounts. Of course, each member is only limited to one Lineage Crystal."

"Two hundred?! And at such a low price?!" Liu Wusheng felt his head growing faint when he heard Shi Feng's words. "Could you be joking, Guild Leader Black Flame?"

Although Lineage Crystals didn't provide as significant of an improvement to combat power as Fragmented Legendary items, the ability to reduce the difficulty of learning combat techniques, Skills, and Spells made the Lineage Crystals just as valuable as Fragmented Legendary items.

Yet, Shi Feng was offering the Lineage Crystals for only one million Contribution Points. Moreover, this price could even be discounted with higher-ranking memberships.

The various independent players would go crazy if they learned about this. After all, it went without saying that the various powers would also try to get their hands on the Lineage Crystals. Meanwhile, so long as an independent player managed to get their hands on a Lineage Crystal, they could immediately resell it for a huge sum of money. Setting aside the various superpowers, even the various first-rate Guilds would probably be willing to pay one million Gold for a Lineage Crystal.

Moreover, a supply of 200 Lineage Crystals was more than enough to give independent players a good chance at getting their hands on some. There was no need to worry that the various powers would empty Asura's shelves in the blink of an eye. It should also let Asura attract the attention of the various independent players for a long time.

When Shi Feng saw the dubious gazes everyone was giving him, he took out 200 Lineage Crystals from his bag and put them on the conference table. Then, he said, "I already told you not to underestimate Asura so much. The Flower of Seven Sins might be strong, but that doesn't make Asura weak."

The Lineage Crystals might be valuable, but that was only for now. Once players began entering the Boundary Mountain Range, they would realize that the Lineage Crystals weren't all that valuable after all. At most, its value rivaled a top-tier Epic Weapon.

The moment Shi Feng had gotten his hands on the Lineage Crystals, he had already decided to use them to increase the Asura Mercenary Alliance's fame. Otherwise, once Tier 4 experts started appearing among the various superpowers, there was no way Asura could withstand an assault from them with only the small number of independent experts they managed to attract thus far.

There really are two hundred crystals!

Am I dreaming?!

Liu Wusheng and Hidden Soul widened their eyes in shock when they saw the small pile of crystals on the table. These were two hundred Fragmented Legendary items they were talking about!

They could already imagine how much of a sensation these Lineage Crystals would cause once their existence was publicized.

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"Do you believe in Asura's strength now?" Shi Feng asked, smiling as he looked at Hidden Soul. "If there are no further problems, send a refusal notice to the Flower of Seven Sins. Tell them that they still do not have the qualifications to tell the Asura Mercenary Alliance how to do things. Also, inform all alliance members about the Lineage Crystals' exchange."

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"Okay! I'll get it done right away!" Hidden Soul said, a rare smile appearing on her face.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
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