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ITDO - Chapter 265 - Daughter's Inheritance, Egg-laying Male Dragon

“Noella, you vile and shameless dragon!!! You disgrace among dragons! You disgusting female dragon! If you have the ability, come fight me alone. Don’t call for so many people to help you.”

Antetokounmpo shouted in anger, but his voice was slightly hoarse and did not have the same vigor as it previously had.

One of its wings was already broken, revealing bones. Two of his claws were bent in awkward directions, and even his scales had been shattered to his skin. Several of his teeth were broken and his jaw wasn’t quite as aligned as when he first came. His left e

And indeed, Antetokounmpo had just been ganged up on without being able to put up a fight.

Under Noella, Roselia, and Sisna’s joint attack he had been beaten without even being able to retaliate. After a bitter struggle, he was finally captured alive.

Although his face was miserable, his injuries were not enough to kill him. Just sleeping for a few years would be enough to recover, but he did not have the opportunity to do so at the moment.

The red dragon’s other wing was run through with magical chains created by Noella and also wrapped around its neck. She pulled on it like a dog and dragged it back to Dragon City as he left a trail of blood and scales on the ground.

Marches brought a group of apprentices to collect the blood and scales that the prime dragon was dropping. There were good materials for spellcasting after all.

Noella was in a happy mood. She finally knew why Louie used to like dragging her for a walk back and forth in the palace. However, Louie at that time would suddenly bite the back of her neck and play dragon taming with her when she couldn’t resist.

Although she was reduced to a tool for Louie at that time which made her angry, she understood that male dragons were creatures that did not know how to flirt and directly used force as their fastest method.

Noella could understand, but she could not accept it. Unfortunately, she was the weaker one, so she could only tolerate Louie playing with her body.

Soon, Noella brought the red dragon in front of Louie and stepped on its head to make it kneel on the ground.

Faint divine might pervade the entire hall. Antetokounmpo who had been cursing suddenly felt fear deep down its soul and shut up. It raised its head and looked at the mighty golden dragon.

“You…No, you are…”

Antetokounmpo’s eyes widened as he stared at Louie, mouth agape. The dragon in front of it was extremely frightening to the point that it could not believe it. It felt as powerless as a newborn baby facing an adult.

This was a feeling that Antetokounmpo had never felt before in his entire life. Even a demigod it once met could not bring such pressure, after all, he was a red dragon in his prime.

‘That dragon is much more terrifying than the Mythril King and Obsidian King. Where did it come from?’

‘That mage bastard lied to me! Damn it, if I live, I, Antetokounmpo, swear to tear him into pieces.’

Antetokounmpo cursed fiercely, but its body unconsciously crouched down and let out an expression of submission.

This was the pressure created by the divine authority of dragons, but it was still very weak at the moment and could not display its full power. Once Louie had enough believers, he could display its full might. As long as Louie stood in front of them, all dragons would be subservient to him even if they did not believe in him. This was the power of a racial divine authority.

Louie looked at the red dragon in front of him and said in a majestic voice, “A very strong dragon that could be used as a tool for giving birth.”

‘A tool for giving birth? Could it be that this unknown great dragon wants to be a breeding dragon?’

Antetokounmpo was astonished. This kind of thing was not unprecedented. There were dragons that had been captured by beastmen before and forced to have intercourse with different kinds of female creatures. The dragon beasts that were given birth were then turned into expendable weapons.

‘Wait a minute, let me be a breeding dragon? The more powerful the female creature, the stronger the dragon beast that is born. Could this mean…’

Antetokounmpo suddenly perked up a little. His remaining unswollen eye looked at the exceptionally beautiful elven maids around Louie. It also thought about the beautiful female unicorns he had seen at the gate as well as Noella and Roselia who had captured it. If it was to have intercourse with these females, it was a hundred times willing to.

The red dragon that had been beaten up began to fantasize, and its mouth that was missing a few teeth began to drip with saliva.

Louie frowned at the red dragon and felt that it was thinking of something bad.

‘Dragon City now has ten thousand soldiers of all races and two thousand warriors belonging to the church. Noella, have this dragon lay a thousand dragon eggs first.”

“A thousand? I apologize, Lord Dragon God. If there is only one dragon, it would be difficult to lay a thousand eggs.”

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“Then how many can it lay?”

“Three hundred is the limit, and it will take a long time.”

“Well then, let’s set a small goal of three hundred first. After that, let’s find some other dragons who dare to offend me to take over its work.”

Louie and Noella’s words made Antetokounmpo faintly feel uneasy. It boldly spoke with slurred words, “Ummm, I don’t know what you guys are talking about, but I want to make it clear that I’m a male dragon. I can’t lay eggs!”

“No, a strong male dragon like you would soon be laying eggs.”

Louie flashed an extremely evil smile at Antetokounmpo.

His goal was to boost the fighting power of Dragon City. In the future, he would let his unborn daughter inherit it. As a father, Louie did not want to have his daughter live a hard life full of difficulty.

Therefore, he had to work hard to leave enough property for his daughter!

Antetokounmpo suddenly remembered the legend. It was said that a thousand years ago the Queen of Calamity, Noella Nys Gein, had created a spell with her remarkable wisdom. It was a spell that could make male dragons pregnant and give birth to dragon beasts. These dragon beasts were the strongest kind.

‘Could it be that the legend is true!

Thinking of this Antetokounmpo suddenly became afraid. It stared at Noella with its dragon eyes, hoping that Noella would tell him everything was just a joke.

Unfortunately, Noella pulled the chain in her hands and dragged Antetokounmpo to an open space in the hall where an extremely complex magic formation had been set up in advance.

“Kill me! Let me die! I am unwilling to accept such an insult!”

Antetokounmpo shouted in terror and tightly gripped the floor, but it could not resist Noella as its powers had been temporarily sealed.

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Louie watched coldly as the dragon was pulled into the formation and watched as Noella activated the spell. He watched as the dragon struggled but to no avail. Its belly began to visibly swell.

‘What an evil spell.’

Louie vainly averted his eyes and touched his own stomach.

‘Making a proud dragon pregnant is definitely more painful than killing him!

Fortunately, he now had a divine body, so the spell was unlikely to affect him.

Louie thought thankfully.

DemonKingOf6thHeaven's Notes:

Happy Eid to all the people celebrating it!!!
Written by 青之月; Green Moon. Translated by DemonKingOf6thHeaven.