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RSSGSS - Chapter 164 - Flower of Seven Sins' Will

"Guild Leader Black Flame!"

Liu Wusheng and Hidden Soul were both surprised by Shi Feng's sudden appearance. However, the two wore different expressions when they saw Shi Feng, the former looking pleasantly surprised and the latter looking ashamed.

"Level 110?!"

The ferocious middle-aged man seated beside Hidden Soul was similarly surprised when he saw Shi Feng. However, the reason for his surprise was different from Liu Wusheng and Hidden Soul.

Unlike the others present, the ferocious middle-aged man had a special Identification Skill that allowed him to ignore the concealment effects of Black Cloaks. Hence, even though Shi Feng was hiding his information with a Black Cloak, he could see Shi Feng's level the instant Shi Feng had entered the room.

Liu Wusheng, Hidden Soul, and Blue Sheath were all experts with extraordinary senses. Although the middle-aged man had exclaimed in a very soft voice, the three of them still managed to hear his words loud and clear. Meanwhile, all three of them couldn't help but turn to look at Shi Feng in even greater surprise after hearing the middle-aged man's mutterings.

"Have you really reached Level 110 already, Guild Leader Black Flame?" Liu Wusheng asked, unable to hold back his curiosity. It should be known that his current level of 107 already allowed him to look down on the entire Miniature Ancient World. He could even move about freely in Level 115-plus maps at this level. Although Liu Wusheng had expected Shi Feng to be above him in levels considering the other party's strength, he didn't expect there to be such a huge difference.

If it were in the past, reaching Level 110 wouldn't be a big deal since it was only a minor turning point for players. At most, players would receive more Basic Attributes from their Level 150 Epic Weapons and Equipment.

However, that all changed ever since the introduction of the most recent expansion pack.

The primordial secret land that got introduced with the expansion pack had two separate maps with different level limits. The first map only allowed players under Level 110 to enter, while the second map only allowed players between Level 110 and Level 120. Before reaching Level 110, players couldn't enter the second map.

Currently, the first map only dropped Mounts up to the Mysterious-Iron rank. Meanwhile, a Mysterious-Iron Mount's combat power only rivaled Lord-ranked monsters of the same level. A Mount of this rank could just barely be of help to expert players.

On the other hand, the primordial secret land's second map dropped up to Secret-Silver Mounts. Meanwhile, a Secret-Silver Mount possessed strength rivaling High Lords of the same level. With such combat power, a Secret-Silver Mount could be of significant help to players out in the fields. After all, most of the monsters found in even Level 115 maps were only at the High Lord standard.

Not to mention, no powers were competing over the second map yet. So, the acquisition rate for Mounts in the second map would surpass the first map.

"I have indeed reached Level 110 for some time now." Shi Feng nodded, not bothering to hide his level. However, he couldn't help but be surprised as he looked at the middle-aged man beside Hidden Soul.

The Black Cloak might not be infallible, but a top-tier Identification Skill would still be required to see through a Black Cloak's concealment effect.

Such Identification Skills were not commonly available in God's Domain. Even a top-tier first-rate Guild wouldn't have more than ten people with such Identification Skills. Yet, despite being an independent expert, the middle-aged man owned one such Identification Skill.

Shi Feng had already memorized the names and appearances of the many experts in God's Domain who possessed such top-tier Identification Skills. Yet, even though the middle-aged man named Frenzied Smile was already at the Domain Realm, Shi Feng had no recollection of this person whatsoever.

When Hidden Soul noticed the look of surprise on Shi Feng's face, she took the initiative to introduce the middle-aged man beside her, saying, "Let me introduce you. This person here is Frenzied Smile, one of the former Seven Great Elders of the Flower of Seven Sins' Board of Elders. Ever since he retired from his position, he has always lived a secluded life. I had to go through a lot of trouble to find him."

"Greetings, Guild Leader Black Flame," Frenzied Smile said as he stood up and nodded at Shi Feng. "Although I've heard Commander Soul speak many things about you before, it would seem that you are even more amazing than she described."

"You flatter me, Elder Smile," Shi Feng said with a smile. "The fact that you are willing to join the Asura Mercenary Alliance is an honor for Asura."

Domain Realm experts were highly contested among the various superpowers. Even the Five Great Guilds were no exception. This was because Domain Realm experts had the strength necessary to lead and safeguard important locations. They also had a considerable chance of becoming a Tier 6 God-ranked expert in the future.

However, upon hearing Shi Feng's words, Frenzied Smile's expression immediately grew a little awkward. Then, he said, "I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you, Guild Leader Black Flame. While my friends and I are interested in becoming a part of Asura, Death Omen, the current commander for the Flower of Seven Sins' Sin of Pride, has already issued an ultimatum to Asura. If we insist on joining Asura, not only will we bring no benefit to the mercenary alliance, but we will even bring trouble with us instead."

Hidden Soul wore a somber expression when she heard Frenzied Smile's words.

Death Omen was Hidden Soul's younger cousin sister, and the girl was incredibly talented. Originally, Death Omen was one of the potential contenders for the title of Pride in the Flower of Seven Sins. However, the title eventually landed in Hidden Soul's hands, and Hidden Soul became the Sin of Pride's first commander in God's Domain.

Now, though, Death Omen had become the Sin of Pride's new commander.

If Death Omen was the only person Hidden Soul was going up against, she could have simply ignored the girl's threat. After all, Death Omen only held command over the Sin of Pride. The problem was that Supreme Sky stood behind Death Omen.

Supreme Sky was the owner of Greed, and he was the second most powerful person in the Flower of Seven Sins, coming behind only the Great Commander. Meanwhile, Supreme Sky was typically responsible for handling most of the Flower of Seven Sins' affairs.

Hence, Death Omen's threat could also be regarded as the will of the Flower of Seven Sins.

As a former commander of the Flower of Seven Sins, Hidden Soul was fully aware of what it meant to go against the will of the Flower of Seven Sins. If the Asura Mercenary Alliance did not heed the Flower of Seven Sins' warning, the only outcome awaiting Asura would be elimination.

There was no way Asura, in its current state, could go up against the Flower of Seven Sins. After all, even a veteran Super Guild like World Dominators was no different than an infant before an adult when going up against the Flower of Seven Sins. The only powers capable of truly contending with the Flower of Seven Sins were the Five Great Super Guilds, existences that had existed for more than a hundred years.

"Aren't you underestimating Asura too much, Elder Smile?" Shi Feng suddenly laughed as he looked at Frenzied Smile's awkward expression. "The Flower of Seven Sins might be strong, but that doesn't make Asura a pushover. Since the Asura Mercenary Alliance has decided to let Hidden Soul become its Chief Administrator and even have her recruit former members of the Flower of Seven Sins like yourself without consulting the Flower of Seven Sins beforehand, it means that Asura has never cared what the Flower of Seven Sins would think of this decision."

Hidden Soul was momentarily stunned when she heard Shi Feng's words. She never expected Shi Feng to say such words.

At this moment, an array of emotions filled her heart. There was excitement, anxiety, and shame.

It should be known that even the various superpowers would grow fearful when hearing the name of the Flower of Seven Sins, let alone receiving a warning from the assassin organization. After all, there were precedents of the Flower of Seven Sins destroying entire superpowers in God's Domain.

At this moment, Hidden Soul wasn't the only person stunned by Shi Feng's words. Liu Wusheng was similarly dumbfounded.

Was this the prelude to an all-out war between the Asura Mercenary Alliance and the Flower of Seven Sins?

"Are your words true, Guild Leader Black Flame?" Frenzied Smile asked as he looked at Shi Feng with a serious expression. "I'm not sure if you know this, but the Flower of Seven Sins has enough strength and wealth to destroy even the superpowers in God's Domain."

"The Asura Mercenary Alliance will never regret its decisions. If the Flower of Seven Sins wishes to target Asura, Asura won't mind giving the Flower of Seven Sins a fight," Shi Feng said affirmatively.

"Good! As expected of a power Commander Soul has settled on!" Frenzied Smile laughed. "Since the Asura Mercenary Alliance is willing to go to such an extent for retired folks like us, we won't back down, either! We are willing to fight with the mercenary alliance!"

"Elder Smile?" Hidden Soul couldn't help but feel exasperated when she heard Frenzied Smile's words. Frenzied Smile had evidently included her in his declaration.

"Don't tell me you're willing to give in like this, Commander Soul?" Frenzied Smile asked as he looked at Hidden Soul. "If you still choose to quit even after Asura has agreed to help us, you're going to disappoint us old folks."

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Hidden Soul hesitated for some time after hearing Frenzied Smile's words. Eventually, though, she gritted her teeth and said, "Fine! I'll fight with Supreme Sky, then! Even if I lose, I'll be damned if I don't knock out a few of his teeth!"

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