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ITDO - Chapter 264 - Dragon’s Gamble

Antetokounmpo soared into the skies. As a red dragon in his prime, he was not afraid of any other existence on the main continent. Even if he encountered a legendary rank powerhouse or even a group of them, he was confident he could flee easily.

Unless there was a deep hatred, fighting a red dragon at its prime would generally incur heavy losses, even if the red dragon was killed. For powerful individuals at the legendary rank, there was little need to take the risk of doing so.

The weak were killed without mercy, while the strong were unwilling to provoke dragons. This made the dragon race live prosperous lives.

‘As long as I don’t meet a demigod, there’s no need for me to panic. The mage said that the dragon calls itself the Dragon God, but I don’t know of any demigod dragons. Since they’ve taken over the city which isn’t something an elder dragon or ancient dragon would do, this means that they are at most a prime dragon that’s the same as me.’

Though he had boldly charged towards the city, his confidence was not unfounded.

“It’s good as long as the dragon here is not related to the Obsidian King.”

Thinking back to that legendary figure, Antetokounmpo could only shiver. That was one of the cruelest evilest dragons around that brought fear to everyone and often tried to ravage the main continent with the aid of its followers. If not for the Mithril Dragon, the main continent would long have sunk into conflict.

“However, the Mythril Dragon’s philosophy is also quite laughable. It wanted dragons and other races to be at peace and fight against evil. Maybe she’s actually a paladin, hahaha.”

Antetokounmpo thought with jest. It appeared that he liked neither the Obsidian King nor the Mythril King. He had the same opinion as most of the dragons; namely that things were fine so long as no one tried forcing them into any arrangements or plans. So long as he could sleep long and deeply, and eventually become an elder dragon, what more could he wish for?

In an instant, the dragon covered a distance of fifty kilometers and the majestic city of ivory appeared within his reptilian eyes.

“What a beautiful city. There must be endless treasures inside…”

Thinking so, Antetokounmpo's eyes shone with greed.

As a prime dragon, it had discerning eyes. The city before him felt comparable to the Subila Empire’s capital.

‘Can a dragon really build such a beautiful city?’

Although Antetokounmpo was proud of being a dragon, it knew that members of his race often lacked managerial talents.

At this moment a strange dragon might spread. It was different from the common dragon’s might as it carried the power of shadows.

After seeing this shadowy figure, Antetokounmpo’s inner rage burst out from within him and let out a loud roar.

That roar blew out to the skies. The soldiers guarding the territory and the residents and adventurers walking towards the city felt the loud roar and stopped moving. They raised their heads to take a look.

“Dragon. It’s a dragon.”

“To the East. Look to the east. There is a red dragon.”


Everyone began to chatter. Although seeing a dragon in Dragon City was not something surprising, seeing an unknown dragon roar still brought fear into their hearts. Dragons were, after all, still fearsome creatures.

This fear especially affected the original residents of Dragon City. The city of the red dragon made them remember the first time Louie landed in the city.

“You ugly monster who has given up the glory of the dragon, how dare you to appear in front of this Lord Antetokounmpo. If I was you, I would have already killed myself in shame. Your present form is a desecration of our race. You are a disgrace to us red dragons!”

At a glance, it saw through the color of Noella’s body.

For dragons, their bodies were their proudest feature. A shadow dragon that had given up on its body was undoubtedly one that had given up its glory. This was absolutely inexcusable to dragons.

At the same time, Antetokounmpo was also a bit alarmed. The shadow dragon looked like it was 40 meters long from far away, which meant that it was definitely an old dragon or even an ancient dragon!

‘Luckily, it has given up on its body, but why does it look so familiar?’ he thought.

Antetokounmpo gradually felt relieved, but still had some doubts. The dragon before him felt extremely familiar for some reason, yet he couldn’t place their identity.

Being called an ugly monster was a sinful word for any female that loved beauty. When Noella heard Antetokounmpo’s words, anger rose from her bile. The first thing she wanted to do was to fire a seven-ring spell [Finger of Death] with her claws.

“You really are a bold little dragon. I will catch you and let you know the consequences of angering the Queen of Calamity.”

Noella let out a furious laugh. The shadows surrounding her body rolled about. Magical power surged and a powerful spell fired out from her finger.

Seeing the spell, Antetokounmpo was startled and quickly dodge. Although the spell could not instantly kill a prime dragon, it was still not something they could take head-on.

This was not draconic magic, but a pure magic spell.

Seeing the dragon being able to use a seven-ring spell and hearing the words of the opposite party, Antetokounmpo was startled and shouted, “... You are… No, are you Noella Nys Gein!?”

Noella was a red dragon who had destroyed counties and made powerful enemies all over the continent a thousand years ago. Everyone suspected that she had died after she disappeared from sight.

Her legend and deeds once resounded all over the entire continent. This was in part because Noella was one of the few dragons who raised their profession and reached the legendary rank. She relied on herself and not her draconic abilities.

A thousand years ago, Antetokounmpo was just a juvenile dragon. At that time, the Queen of Calamity’s name had shocked the world. Antetokounmpo even vaguely worshipped her.


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“Why, why would you appear on this continent after a thousand years in this form? You have tarnished the dragon race, tarnished the community of red dragons.”

Antetokounmpo boomed. His fury was akin to that of die-hard idol fans who discovered that their idols were actually in relationships with other men, and had even released sex tapes.


Suddenly, Antetokounmpo howled in pain. An arrow shot like a meteor from underneath it. Although this injury was nothing for dragons, its scales were still penetrated. This startled Antetokounmpo.

It moved its eyes and saw a legendary rank ranger and a legendary rank paladin.

It felt that something was wrong.

‘Wasn’t there a dragon that called itself the Dragon God? Why haven’t I seen it, but encountered such famous legendary powerhouses instead?!’

Antetokounmpo finally came to his senses and began to retreat.

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“Want to run? You no longer have the chance.”

Noella laughed. She could never forget how this dragon cursed at her. She was one to keep her grudges

In the palace of Dragon City, Louie watched the scene with interest. This battle was indeed quite exciting. If under the situation of 3vs1 and the red dragon still won, then Noella and the others could really just kill themselves.

“This red dragon appeared just in time. I can make use of it to strengthen Dragon City.”

Louie thought pleasantly.

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