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ITDO - Chapter 260 - Grasping the Goddess' Lifeblood

As a member of the Secret Council of Magic, a legendary mage, and a devout believer in the Goddess of Magic, Eden was an extremely intelligent person.

'Given the scale of the San Soliel Mountain range, even dragons could vanish into it like drops in the sea, to talk less of humans like him.

Standing on a mountain summit 50 kilometers away from Dragon City, Eden first released a few spells to warm himself at the high altitude.

He looked at Dragon City clearly.

“This should be enough.”

He murmured and opened a portal to the deep valley at the bottom of the mountain. He carefully took out the divine emblem of the Goddess of Magic from his sleeves. Then he used magic to create an altar and placed the divine emblem on top of it.

Eden was not a priest nor was he a clergyman, so he could only pray according to the religious knowledge that he understood.

He knelt on the ground and called the name of the Goddess. Soon, the emblem began to glow with a faint divine light. This was a resonance with divine power, displaying the endless mysteries of magic.

Eden reported his plans to the Goddess. For a while, there were no reactions until she finally responded.

After obtaining her response, Eden was relieved. Now that he had agreed to help the Goddess re-establish the church, he had begun his activities in various duchies and empires. He even sought out his acquaintances, hoping that all the existing mages would be included in the arms of the Goddess.

But this was a very difficult job.

Even during the era of gods, most mages were only pseudo-believers of the Goddess and not true believers. In this era without the magic network, the Goddess’ presence was minuscule. Although the Goddess of Magic was a neutral deity, she advocated for the love of magic and did not abuse it. She encouraged her followers to be humble and prudent and improve their wisdom.

However, it was hard to get ordinary people who couldn’t use magic to believe in the Goddess, because they could use magic even if they didn’t believe in her.

Eden felt that he had a long way to go. In this era, mages used spells independent of the magic network, as a result, the Goddess of Magic wasn’t that much revered. If it was in the era of the gods when these mages utilized the magic network, they naturally would fear the Goddess of Magic. They had to be in her good graces to even use it.

“So, the Goddess was trying to obtain the mighty dragon’s foundational magic potion as a replacement material. If she could create a large number of low-ranking mages with it, her believers would definitely increase.

Eden recalled the pleasure he felt when reporting to the Goddess of Magic. The happiness of the deity made him feel as if he was soaking in a comfortable hot spring. He wanted to do more for the Goddess.

It was just that things were difficult.

Eden frowned and took out bright green vegetation from his sleeves. It was called ‘Louie’s Essence’ by those low-ranking mages from Dragon City. As a legendary mage, Eden could naturally see the magic origin element inside the plant, but he also used some spells to test it and found that the plant was incredibly difficult to grow, just like the original raw material.

“Where in the world did that dragon find such a large amount of materials?”

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Eden was a bit puzzled and asked the Goddess of Magic, but even she did not know the answer.

“I heard that the dragon stole a part of the divine authority of magic and now holds such important materials. This is simply just pinching the Goddess’ lifeblood. No, I mean, the Goddess still has lifeblood. Ahh Goddess above, I really did not mean to.”

The more Eden spoke, the more tangled his words became. In the end, he simply shut his mouth, afraid that his words would be treated as blasphemy. He knew that the Goddess was now always watching him, which is for believers a kind of glory, but also a lack of privacy.

Now that the magic network was gone, Louie’s raw materials could save the Goddess. Plants that had a magic origin element inside of them were simply treated as precious by mages, no matter the era. As long as the Goddess of Magic had a group of believers, she could spread her name and encourage more ordinary people to believe in her.

Once she gained enough believers, she could regain her strength and once again recreate the magic network. When the magic network is completed, the number of mages would once again increase. This formed a perfect feedback loop for her.

Normally, her best method was to form an alliance with Louie. With the two of them, they could create large quantities of mages that would allow her to quickly regain her strength. Louie could also gain a powerful god as an ally.

However, Louie had taken advantage of the Goddess’ slumber and stole a part of her divine authority. This greatly angered her.

Eden immediately knew that no matter what the future relationship between these two gods would be very rocky. As a believer of the Goddess of Magic, the only thing he could do was to support her.

“Sigh… My life is really hard.”

Eden’s face became bitter at the thought that the Goddess could only support him remotely. He also needed to be able to face the demigod that was close to being a true god. If this was not misery then what was?

Although he was depressed, he was still a devout believer. He took out materials he needed from his pocket storage and prepared to release a legendary spell.

The best way to cast a legendary spell was to gather a large number of mages and split the material costs and magic needed, but now, no one could help Eden. As a legendary mage, he could only release it by himself.

He pulled out a large number of gold coins, emerald gems, and even rare magic materials. After thinking about it, in order to increase the success rate of the spell, he pulled out a magic recording stone. What was recorded in it was the image of Dragon City. He was hoping to use this image to get a response from the creature that he was about to summon.

“There should be no more problems…”

Recalling the rituals, gestures, and words he needed for this spell, Eden finally set up the ritual with the spell casting materials. After making sure that everything was fine, he stood at the center of the spell formation and began to cast it.

“This spell will take days to succeed. Although legendary rank spells are strong, they are quite troublesome to use.”

Eden looked at the materials with pain in his eyes. Even if he was a legendary rank mage, he still needed money. This time, he really hemorrhaged his resources for his deity.

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