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GHML - Chapter 35.3: Uwu, I Don’t Want He Jiang’s Assets Anymore (3)

After the threat made by He Jiang, Shang Jing decided to stop making quips about He Jiang being a jerk and described the words properly.

As the characters in the question increased, excerpts from classical literature started appearing. The sixth and seventh questions even encompassed literary language used in ancient China.

That was where the first group got stuck. They were given a five word poem in their fifth round and no matter how Ju Zhou described it, Liu Xin, who had never read it before, could never get it right.

The second couple was the idol team. They were well-known bookworms in the industry who often appeared in fan-taken photos with books in hand at film sets. In the end, they only managed to get three questions right which was an unexpected outcome.

Shang Jing was now convinced of He Jiang’s manipulation of the questions.

The latter had ‘proposed’ to the director to choose content from middle school Chinese textbooks to be in line with the ‘educational purpose’ of the variety show.

Of course, it was to give his wife the opportunity to prove to the general public that he had properly studied those materials before.

In the end, their team managed to answer nine questions correctly, putting them in first place together with Cen Feinuo’s team who answered after them.

After the game ended, the live broadcast, too, was turned off.

The production team had chosen the second filming location to be a small island situated in the Southern part of China. As such, even when S City’s temperature was below 0°C, they only had to wear a light long sleeve shirt.

They could even do with a short sleeved shirt when the sun was out in the afternoon.

He Jiang dutifully applied sunblock on Shang Jing’s neck while the latter fought hard in a match. This was also a match he took over from He Jiang featuring perfect teammates.

This time, he managed to survive 10 minutes before he was eliminated.

He handed the phone back to He Jiang, finally satisfied, and whipped out his own phone. However, the moment he unlocked it, he received 5 notifications from the public accounts he followed.

The public accounts he followed were all related to He Jiang. To know the jerk better, he did not cancel his follow status.

One of the articles caught his eye. It was about He Jiang spending a fortune to buy his wife gears.

Half a minute later, he threw the phone at He Jiang, accusing, “You tricked me?”

He Jiang was unremorseful. “Mm.”

It was shameful to trick someone but one can never deny its usefulness.

Shang Jing huffed and puffed. “Why did you stop my teammates from saving me? What a cruel person!”

He Jiang: “You’re my wife, I am the only one allowed to save you.”

Shang Jing’s heart skipped a beat.

This won’t do. I can’t continue the conversation with He Jiang. The moment I say something, he takes the chance to confess. I’m not listening, I’m not listening.

He Jiang: “If I didn’t resort to that, wouldn’t you purposely aim to be last?”

Shang Jing’s eyes shifted. He was caught red-handed. “That’s no such thing.”

He Jiang: “Don’t forget, the director mentioned at the start that the team with the highest accumulated points will receive a mysterious gift. I’ll let you have that gift.”

The current accumulated scores were as follows: 2, 1, 2, 5. He Jiang’s team was the one with 5 points.

Shang Jing’s ears twitched. If things went smoothly, it was highly probable they would win the final mystery prize.

It’s a large mystery prize!

If he gives it to me, does that mean I can bring it away with me after our divorce?

No matter how slim a mosquito's legs are, they are still flesh.

Who could remain unfazed in the face of such a big prize falling into their lap without having to work much for it?

In an attempt to sound He Jiang out, Shang Jing asked, “I’m sure you’ve seen the budget for the show. How much is the prize worth?”

“At least six digits.”

Shang Jing’s eyes widened slightly.

Find the original at h*sted novel.

At least 100k yuan…

How is that a mosquito’s leg? It’s practically an elephant’s leg!

“I’ll do it.”

Find the original at h*sted novel.

In the afternoon, the guests toured the island attractions and enjoyed local seafood harmoniously.

Along the way, they were filmed by a camera drone set up by the production team with the focus on capturing the beauty and peacefulness of the island city as part of a campaign to attract Northerners to visit the island during the Winter period.

The guests were also allowed to remove their microphones and given some private couple time upon reaching Bayfront Park.

Shang Jing and He Jiang, on the other hand, were tasked by the production team to film a scene of them jogging along the coast. With the cool sea breeze, swaying coconut trees, jogging track and their youthful selves in the picture, the view was sure to be stunning.

Shang Jing was a big fan of jogging. With a tug on his shoelaces, out he shot into the horizon. As he ventured into the narrower paths, He Jiang trailed behind in a distance with a smile on his face.

As he turned a corner, the back of a semi-open red brick house fell into view. With the intention to take a rest inside the house, he approached it but was stopped by some soft whispers coming from inside.

It was the voice of the couple from the first team, Ju Zhou and Liu Xin. There was a little sadness in Ju Zhou’s voice as she asked, “Your mother called you again? Is she afraid I’ll force you to register our marriage?”

Liu Xin consoled, “Mother thinks I’m still young and getting married will affect my career. I’ll convince her slowly, let’s wait till we are more mature.”

Ju zhou: “How many years have you tried convincing her on the matter? Liu Xin, you are currently 27 years old and I’m 30 years old…”

Shang Jing immediately turned on his heels and quietly crept back to the beach.

Everybody has their own set of issues, even heterosexual couples.

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