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ITDO - Chapter 239 - Dragon City, the Capital of Gold

“Lord Louie, this is Devon. Although he is young, he is a legendary rank warrior stationed at the Ancient Tree of Life.”

The Silver Moon Goddess smiled as she introduced him. There was a pause in her tone as she reverted back to how she called Louie before instead of using ‘Your Highness’. Although mortals were unable to understand the meaning of the term, she took care not to slip up even in this small regard.

Louie had to admit that the elf named Devon was a handsome male elf with a soft look and elegant posture. His manners were polite and fit that of an elven nobleman. If he was on Earth, he would have driven all the rich women mad and received thousands of gifts.

The male elf felt extremely hostile towards Louie, but in the face of a demigod dragon, he did not dare show it too openly. Who knew what would happen if he even slightly provoked the dragon. He would be squashed like a bug.

“Praise be to you, revered Lord Louie.”

His tone was respectful and without any flaws.

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Louie just smiled and nodded calmly. He did not care about this elf’s hostility. He was already a true god dragon, so why was there any need for him to mind a mortal’s thoughts? Louie was generous enough to allow people to not love him as long as the other side did not go overboard, but if the other side unreasonably crossed the line, Louie did not mind reminding him of his place.

Louie thought evilly, ‘A legendary powerhouse at such a young age? This Silver Moon Goddess should be paying close attention to him, not because he was a genius, but because of the possibility of him becoming a demigod.’

If the elf held the idea of becoming stronger and becoming a demigod to obtain the Silver Moon Goddess’ favor, he would soon fall into despair as that would be the time when the Silver Moon Goddess would kill him herself.

Gods were such incomprehensible beings. Although they had feelings, they were more selfish than anyone else.

“Devon, are you guarding the palace today?”

“Yes, Your Majesty! Sisna went to Dragon City, so your palace will be guarded by me.”

The elf named Devon bent over with his right hand over his left shoulder while giving Louie an unobtrusive glance.

The Silver Moon Goddess nodded noncommittally and said, “You’ve done well. I’ve had you take care of these insignificant tasks even though you are a legendary rank warrior.”

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“No, Your Majesty! It is my greatest honor to serve you. Anything related to you is not a trivial matter. You have protected the elves for more than ten thousand years. The beauty of all things will one day fade, but you are eternal.”

The elf expressed his heartfelt feelings while not forgetting to praise the Silver Moon Goddess.

“I have received your praise. I still have to accompany Lord Louie to visit the Ancient Tree of Life, so you can go about your business.”

The Silver Moon Goddess’ voice was cold and indifferent, completely different from when she was facing Louie. She spoke calmly and clearly as if this was just business.

“Yes, Your Majesty. May the Silver Moon Goddess always shine on you.”

The elf said respectfully and didn’t say anymore. He stood up and took a step away.

Louie simply wanted to laugh at this flirt of a male.

‘May the Silver Moon Goddess always shine? Please, the person in front of you is the real Silver Moon Goddess. If this elf knew her real identity, I wonder if he would become more enthusiastic at conveying his love, or would he be scared and kneel down on the ground?’

Louie thought that the second possibility was higher. The gods did not care about mortals conveying their love to them, but if this love contained strong desires and selfishness, it was simply tantamount to blasphemy. If the gods were in a bad mood, sending down divine punishments was also possible.

In the long past, there were a few that had gained the favor of gods and goddesses, and they even got to enjoy doing it with their incarnations, but they were extremely rare. On the other hand, for ancient gods like the Silver Moon Goddess, none of them had ever done it with a mortal.

When the elf left, the Silver Moon Goddess’ tone softened, “I apologize for the disturbance, Your Highness Louie. Let us continue.”

“Okay. After visiting the Ancient Tree of Life, I also need to return to Dragon City.”

Louie nodded his head slightly. He pressed closer to the goddess’ alluring body with one hand holding on to her delicate waist and feeling her smooth skin under the muslin. The Silver Moon Goddess ignored Louie’s small movements and continued to tour him.

“You have not been back for more than a year. It is already the era when we should be overseeing our cities as the power of mortals is rather important to us.”

“Before leaving for the Shadow Realm, I have already given my subordinates the task until the next year. I am returning this time to check their work. If things go well, Dragon City will soon be able to help the Silver Moon Kingdom in solving the basic problem of food.”

“Then I shall wait and see, Your Highness Louie.”

The Silver Moon Goddess spoke softly, mixed with a slight hint of joy.

“When you return to Dragon City, I will also try to raise our child. On the day I give birth, I will inform you.”

“Ah, that is something I can’t wait for. This is the first time I’ve become a father.”

Louie thought about his past life when he was worried about having a job, getting a high salary, owning a house, and having a girlfriend. Who would have thought that one day he would not have to worry about any of these at all and also father a child with a goddess? Everything felt unbelievable to him.

The Silver Moon Goddess giggled with a bell-like voice and continued to guide Louie to the upper levels of the Ancient Tree of Life.


Dragon City was now a famous city known all over the continent. As a hub, the city was completely open and welcomed any race. Even if they were kobolds or dwarfs, everyone was welcome as long as they complied with the law and paid attention to cleanliness. Otherwise, the guards would send them out.

In Dragon City, even the most ordinary citizens could taste food made from refined wheat that only nobles could eat. From the outside, the city was known to be a mysterious place. There were even rumors that it was full of gold and every resident was extremely rich. In addition, the city’s surroundings were filled with areas of exploration, which attracted many adventurers and merchants to try and make a fortune here.

Even among the merchants, Dragon City was privately known as the Capital of Gold. Because of the strong purchasing power of the residents, as long as the goods could be shipped to the city, it was easy for the merchants to earn a lot of money in just one year. This place had become a place that exceeded the City of Wealth of the Seven Kingdom Alliance.

It was a city that was a hundred years ahead of the current era. It was like a bright star on the main continent.

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