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RSSGSS - Chapter 137 - Witch's Sin's Betrayal?

Miniature Ancient World, Hundred Flow City, Teleportation Hall:

"So, this is the city Zero Wing is based in?" a short-haired girl wearing silver heavy armor muttered to herself after walking out of the teleportation array and looking around curiously.

"Stop looking around, Rain. We're here on official business," a mature beauty wearing a dark-red mage robe said helplessly as she looked at the Guardian Knight beside her. "There's less than ten minutes left until the meet-up time. I don't want to be late."

As soon as these two beauties walked out of the teleportation array, they quickly became the center of attention. It was especially true for the woman dressed in the dark-red robe. The many players inside the Teleportation Hall couldn't help but be surprised when they saw her.

"Crap! It's Hundred Flower Palace's Frostflame Goddess, Cleansed Rue!"

"Amazing! World Dominators's kill order has managed to attract even the Hundred Flower Palace's Goddess here!"

"What are you getting so surprised about? The bounty World Dominators has put on Zero Wing is the highest in history. Even Tier 5 experts would be tempted by the God Legacy offered."

"You got that right! I even saw quite a few Tier 5 experts from Miracle arriving in Hundred Flow City some time ago! It seems even Miracle is intent on obtaining that God Legacy."

"Hundred Flow City has become a lot more popular ever since World Dominators issued its kill order. I wonder how many more experts will come here in the next few days?"

"But I have to say that Zero Wing really is suicidal. Mysterious Moon's actions are understandable since it is competing for the Darkmoon Outpost, but Zero Wing is only trying to take revenge on one of World Dominators's affiliated Guilds. Even if Zero Wing wants to take revenge on Shadow, couldn't it have done so outside of World Dominators's view? Yet, Zero Wing chose to annihilate Shadow's experts right before World Dominators's eyes. World Dominators will never be able to live this down if it doesn't get rid of Zero Wing."

"Zero Wing's God-ranked expert might not be afraid of World Dominators's kill order, but the rest of Zero Wing's members will have to operate secretly in the future."

When the players in the Teleportation Hall saw Cleansed Rue arriving in the city, they couldn't help but talk about the kill order World Dominators had placed on Zero Wing. Meanwhile, opinions on the matter varied, with some people ridiculing Zero Wing for its foolishness and some people pitying Zero Wing for its fate.

"I finally understand why Little Moon applied to leave Zero Wing. With so many experts targeting Zero Wing, she can't even go out to level up even if she wants to," Rain Song said. She couldn't help but chuckle when she overheard the conversations happening around her.

"It's not her fault. Who would've thought Zero Wing would pull such a huge stunt?" Cleansed Rue said, rolling her eyes at Rain Song when she saw the other party gloating over their junior's misfortune. Then, after briefly surveying her surroundings, Cleansed Rue said with a solemn expression, "Let's hurry. I can sense over a hundred Refinement Realm experts in the Teleportation Hall alone. I'm even getting a dangerous feeling from a few of them. Dawn Moon has just graduated from school. There's no way she can withstand the stress of this situation. Once we learn about the specifics of Zero Wing, we'll have her withdraw from Zero Wing as soon as possible."

Before coming to Hundred Flow City, Cleansed Rue had already heard that many powers and experts had taken World Dominators's bait and set their sights on Zero Wing. However, after arriving in the city herself, she realized just how terrible of a situation Zero Wing was currently in.

At this moment, Zero Wing's members wouldn't necessarily be safe even within Hundred Flow City, let alone outside the city.

Rain Song nodded in response to Cleansed Rue's words and stopped joking around.

Anyone capable of causing Cleansed Rue to feel danger would be more than capable of assassinating players in an NPC City. After all, Hundred Flow City's NPCs would have to first discover the battle before they could move to stop and apprehend the troublemaker. Meanwhile, the time it took for the NPC guards to make their way to the fight scene was more than enough for a Tier 5 expert to kill a Refinement Realm expert several times.

The only reason no Tier 5 expert had made a move in Hundred Flow City yet was because they were still investigating Zero Wing.

On the outskirts of Hundred Flow City, inside the top-floor conference room of a three-story Guild Hall…

"Chairman! Good news!" Luo Tiancheng, who had fallen to Level 102, cried out excitedly as he entered the conference room. "A message just came in from Guild Leader Gu! He says that World Dominators is intent on taking Hundred Flow City this time and has sent five more elite legions and two more trump card legions! World Dominators is currently pressuring Mysterious Moon for peace talks! If Mysterious Moon still intends to compete for the Darkmoon Outpost, World Dominators will make sure that Mysterious Moon can't survive in Hundred Flow City!"

"Good! I knew World Dominators wouldn't abandon us!" Lan Hailong exclaimed, an excited expression appearing on his face when he heard the news Luo Tiancheng brought.

Luo Tiancheng nodded in agreement. Then, he smiled and continued, "Also, I've received news that more than ten first-rate Guilds and three superpowers have decided to take action against Zero Wing. These powers hesitated to take action previously because Zero Wing is partnered with Mysterious Moon, but once World Dominators's experts arrive, I believe these powers will begin taking action against Zero Wing immediately."

"Zero Wing, is it?" Lan Hailong sneered. "Let's see how Shi Feng stays arrogant once he loses Mysterious Moon's backing!"

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"Chairman, should we gather some of our forces to teach Zero Wing a lesson?" Luo Tiancheng suggested.

"Sure! Go and make the necessary preparations," Lan Hailong said, laughing.

Now that they no longer had to be concerned about Mysterious Moon in Hundred Flow City, it'd be child's play for them to deal with Zero Wing.

"Leave it to me, Chairman!" Luo Tiancheng assured.

However, just when Luo Tiancheng was about to turn around and leave, the conference room doors suddenly slammed open as Rampant Blade entered in a hurry.

"Something big has happened, Chairman!" Rampant Blade urgently said. "I just received news that Witch's Sin has betrayed World Dominators and formed a military alliance Zero Wing! Witch's Sin is now demanding World Dominators retract its kill order on Zero Wing! Otherwise, it is going to declare war on World Dominators!"

"Allied with Zero Wing?" Lan Hailong couldn't help but be surprised and confused when he heard Rampant Blade's words. "Has Witch's Sin gone crazy?! Why would it make an enemy out of World Dominators for Zero Wing?!"

That was Witch's Sin they were talking about!

Witch's Sin was the strongest Guild out of the many Guilds affiliated with World Dominators. Moreover, it was commonly known that Witch's Sin had long since possessed the strength of a super-first-rate Guild. This was also why World Dominators had always treated Witch's Sin differently than its other affiliated Guilds.

Yet, now, not only did Witch's Sin defect, but it had even done so because of Zero Wing. This was simply unimaginable!

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
(These are the Divine Artifacts in the War God's Temple's possession. They were previously mentioned in Chapter 298 of the main story.)
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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