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ITDO - Chapter 224 - Traitor of the World, Goddess of Night, Shae

“Shae’s origin is darkness: the absolute destruction, the nothingness before time began to flow. Her original form is the chaos at the beginning. Because of the influence of darkness, no, I should say that because of her own essential nature, she is cold and ruthless to the point that she desires to return everything to nothing. She loathes all civilizations and order, and she loathes all life.

The Silver Moon Goddess Selune stared at the enchanting figure of darkness and spoke about Shae’s origins.

“When the world was born, Shae and I were born from the chaos itself. At that time, there was nothing, no chaos, no order, just absolute tranquility that Shae loved. I was the opposing light, but I lost a portion of my power because of the need to create order. As a result, the world finally began to move from chaos to order, but that gave Shae a significant advantage over me.

“The evolution of the world changed the very root of the world, causing it to balance out the rules. The Gods began to be limited by faith, and Shae began to pursue more power. She took on the form of darkness and night, attracting the worship of beings who lured others, lied to them, betrayed others, killed people, threatened others, and so on. Thus, she became a Goddess worshipped by creatures of the night who hate the light.”

In the subjective consciousness of mankind, Shae is a pure and evil God who longs for darkness and nothingness, for peace and the stillness of eternity. She only treats her followers like ‘props’ to maintain her existence and become more powerful. She never cared about her believers.”

“Rose, don’t you know how petty Shae is? Before the Era of Disaster, she vainly tried to destroy and kill you. She longs for the drows who believe in you to become her believers, longs for the lives of the drows who live in the crypt. Working for her is the biggest mistake you’re going to make. That will not only put you as opposing the Gods, but the slightest misstep will make Shae replace you.”

The Gods were truly worthy of being so. The Silver Moon Goddess was not the God of Justice, that divine authority belonged to the Goddess of Morning. Even at this moment, the Silver Moon Goddess was still persuading the Spider Goddess to make her turn back against the Goddess of the Night.

Although the Silver Moon Goddess felt angry at the Spider Goddess’ betrayal, Louie could feel some guilt in her words. He felt that there was something deeper about this story. Perhaps the Silver Moon Goddess also did things to twist the Spider Queen’s emotions to make her like this.

Compared to this Spider Queen who lived in the Abyss, the Silver Moon Goddess was more concerned with Shae. Ever since the beginning, she had never won against her after all.

After listening to the Silver Moon Goddess’ dissection of Shae’s nature, he just said, “So the desires and ambition of the Goddess of Night is not to stand above the Gods and all mortals. What she really wants to do is to exterminate all civilization, order, chaos, and evil and let the world return to its original nothingness and tranquility that is devoid of all life.”

If this was what Shae truly desires, then she was simply the enemy of the world. Regardless of whether it was order or chaos, good or evil, she wanted the extinction of all living creatures. It was a void lonelier than death.

Louie felt that the Goddess of the Night was an extreme loner and antisocial deep inside. She did not want any living creature to exist and only embrace the darkness.

“This is why she does everything she does. Her desire for strength, or power, for supremacy, was all to complete this ultimate purpose. If she one day obtains this power, then she would return the world of San Soliel back to its original form!”

“Only I, who was born at the same time as her, can understand her true nature. Sadly, no other god believed what I said before the Era of Disaster happened. No other god was willing to make enemies of Shae for something no one could ascertain.”

The Silver Moon Goddess said in an indignant voice that was full of tiredness and helplessness.

“So, does that mean that after the Ter... the Crystal Wall System had been breached, Shae felt that the invading power could help her exterminate all order thus decided to cooperate with them? She turned her back on mortals and Gods of San Soliel?”

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The Silver Moon Goddess did not notice Louie’s slip of the tongue, but the Goddess of the Night looked at him. Her charming eyes flashed and blinked twice.

Louie’s heart jumped. She might have sensed something wrong about him as she had been in contact with the Terran Civilization before.

‘No, what made the Goddess suspicious is not my wrong words. Most likely, she had already been suspicious at the light that I shot her with.’

The means he used to attack her had indeed belonged to the Terran Civilization.

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But Louie did not know the Goddess of the Night had come in contact with the Terran Civilization.

“It’s just as you said. Shae has turned her back on her followers, on the entire world, and is in league with the greedy invaders who seek to wipe out everything in this world. Everything is in line with Shae’s desires. In the beginning, Shae helped the other side by providing them with information. From the main continent to the outer realms of the world, from the Shadow Realm to the inner realms of the world, almost all beings were wiped out.”

The Silver Moon Goddess’ anger overflowed. As the original God of Light, her nature was opposite of Shae’s. She wanted the world to develop as well as maintain order. Everything that Shae did was contrary to her existence.

The Goddess of the Night was simply the world’s biggest douchebag. She directly betrayed the whole world which was amazing in its own way.

“The end result of all that was a war between the Gods and the invaders. That could be described as the twilight of the Gods where countless gods fell. However, the invaders also suffered a huge blow. Those invaders could not understand the power of the Gods, so they plotted to capture Shae at the end and study her in order to study the gods...”

The Silver Moon Goddess stopped her sentence, but any intelligent being could understand where she was getting to. The Goddess of the Night wanted to turn the world to nothingness, but this did not mean she wanted to die. So, when the Terran Civilization tried to capture her, she must have sensed that something was wrong. She once again stood on the side of the Gods and fought against the Terran Civilization, ending up where she was now.

‘The original Five-colored Dragon God is really miserable. The Terran Civilization wanted to capture Shae, but she ran away. In the end, the Terran Civilization paid a great price to capture the Dragon God, who became her ‘substitute’.

Louie mourned for the fallen Dragon God.

The ocean demigod was listening with thrill. She did not expect the Era of Disaster to be like this at all. Even she could not understand how terrifying those invaders that broke into the Crystal Wall System were. They actually wanted to capture and study a God. This was much more terrifying than those great arcane masters spoken in legends.

Facing the traitor of the Crystal Wall System, the ocean demigod was not stupid enough to not know what she should do. She silently moved away from Shae and expressed an attitude that she had nothing to do with Shae.

Shae already knew that there was no way for her to escape today. Her incarnation would definitely be eliminated. If the ocean demigod was still willing to help her and the presence of the Spider Queen, she would have been able to achieve her goal. However, the secrets of her past were suddenly exposed, causing her to become a loner.

Annoyed, Shae immediately shouted, “Rose, this is the last chase I can create for you. Selune’s death now depends on how much you are willing to pay here!”

Even if her incarnation died here and she would have to go into hiding in the future, Shae would definitely make the Silver Moon Goddess pay a price!

At the same time, Shae began to calculate her next plan.

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