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RSSGSS - Chapter 127 - Astonishing Wealth!

Hundred Flow City, New Moon Forest;

After Shi Feng exterminated Shadow's and World Dominators's experts, the other experts on the battlefield promptly scattered like a bunch of frightened birds, leaving only Shi Feng's party of five behind. In no time at all, the previously lively surroundings of the New Moon Lake had become desolate and silent.

"You're too cruel, Guild Leader! You ruined my wonderful training opportunity!" Happy Snow complained when she looked at the desolate lakeside area. "I'm already close to breaking through the last barrier. All I needed was to spar with a few more Flowing Water Realm experts."

Flowing Water Realm experts were incredibly rare in God's Domain, and opportunities to spar with such experts were even rarer. Unless she went knocking on the door of a Guild with Flowing Water Realm experts, it was unlikely that she would come across such opportunities.

Meanwhile, out of the affiliated Guilds World Dominators had gathered today, some of them had dispatched Flowing Water Realm experts.

Yet… Yet… The battle was already over after she had the chance to execute only one move. The Flowing Water Realm experts standing behind Gu Yiren didn't even get the chance to make a move before Shi Feng killed them.

"It is indeed a pity."

Su Qianliu also revealed a disappointed look in regards to this situation. If Shi Feng hadn't made a move, she could've gotten the chance to spar with true experts like Gu Yiren. Gu Yiren and his subordinates had trained under a Super Guild, so their foundations must be greater than the average Flowing Water Realm expert. If she could spar with such experts, she could definitely improve her combat standards.

"Can you two battle maniacs stop being ungrateful? I think the Guild Leader's actions are right. See how much work he saved you guys?" Blackie reprimanded, curling his lips as he looked at the weapons and equipment scattered across the battlefield. "If we had to kill them one after another, most of Shadow's experts would've fled after realizing they're no match for us. If we allowed that to happen, what's the point of us coming over to intercept them in the first place?"

There were only two ways to affect a Guild in God's Domain.

The first way was through targeting a Guild's experts.

The second way was through targeting a Guild's income.

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If one caused sufficient damage through any of these two methods, one could erase a Guild from God's Domain.

Meanwhile, their goal this time was to target Shadow's experts. Apart from being the symbol of Shadow, these experts were also the strength Shadow relied on to raid Team Dungeons. Without these experts, Shadow would no longer have a stable supply of high-quality weapons and equipment.

If it became known that Shadow lacked the ability to raid high-difficulty Team Dungeons and secure high-quality weapons and equipment, who'd possibly be willing to join or stay in Shadow?

Eventually, Shadow would gradually lose its members and eventually be forced to disband.

However, whether it was Su Qianliu or Happy Snow, neither of them bothered themselves with internal affairs. They remained oblivious to the importance of high-quality weapons and equipment to an organization in God's Domain. They also didn't know how to cherish a good opportunity to secure a bunch of high-quality weapons and equipment.

From how Blackie looked at it, if it weren't for Firecloud sacrificing all of his time and energy managing internal affairs, Su Qianliu's Thousand Flow adventurer team would've never managed to survive in the Black Dragon Empire.

Now that Happy Snow and Su Qianliu had joined Zero Wing, they became even more unhinged. They paid zero attention to the Guild's internal affairs and focused entirely on improving their strength. It was especially true after they acquired the Holy Annihilation Mana Technique. Both of them had become crazed battle maniacs.

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"Alright, hurry up and collect the loot," Shi Feng said as he watched Su Qianliu and Blackie bickering with each other. He wasn't surprised that they had differing opinions, though. Or, more specifically, he had already gotten used to this situation. After all, when they were in Shadow, Blackie was responsible for managing internal affairs, while Su Qianliu was responsible for managing external affairs. It was also the same case in Zero Wing during Shi Feng's previous life. "This battle is only a warm-up. The real fight has just started."

"Just started?" Su Qianliu was confused by Shi Feng's words. "Hasn't Mysterious Moon defeated World Dominators already?"

These next two days were the most crucial for competing for the Darkmoon Outpost.

After Mysterious Moon had annihilated all three of World Dominators's legions, the experts of World Dominators's affiliated Guilds had also fled the New Moon Forest. It was unlikely that World Dominators could organize a force strong enough to go against Mysterious Moon these next two days. Hence, Mysterious Moon was almost guaranteed to secure the Darkmoon Outpost.

Aside from having to wait for Mysterious Moon to transfer the Darkmoon Outpost's Shops to Zero Wing, there shouldn't be anything that Zero Wing needed to do these next two days.

"Mysterious Moon has indeed defeated World Dominators," Shi Feng said, chuckling. "But do you honestly think a Super Guild has so little strength? After this incident, World Dominators will most likely start retaliating for real."

During his previous life, Shi Feng had been the Guild Leader of the number one Guild in God's Domain. Hence, he knew just how powerful a Super Guild was.

World Dominators might have difficulty mustering a force of forty experts with near-Tier 4 strength, but targeting a first-rate Guild and securing a measly Outpost was child's play for it.

In God's Domain, defending one's possessions was often more difficult than fighting for another person's possessions.

After this battle, it would be Zero Wing and Mysterious Moon's turn to defend, while World Dominators would begin its offensive. Meanwhile, only after they had successfully defended their advantage would their victory count!

This was something Mysterious Moon probably understood as well. In fact, Mysterious Moon might have already begun concentrating its strength in Hundred Flow City to solidify its hold over the Darkmoon Outpost.

Meanwhile, the Darkmoon Outpost would become the foundation for Zero Wing's future development, and a significant amount of money and resources would be necessary to develop it. Hence, Zero Wing needed to take every opportunity it had to secure valuable resources.

After ten minutes of looting, Shi Feng's party collected all of the items on the ground.

"Crap! Since when was Shadow this rich?! Over half of all these items are Epic ranked!" Blackie couldn't help but be astonished when he was done sorting through the loot. "Lan Hailong will probably have a heart attack if he learns of this loss."

They had acquired a little over a thousand weapons and equipment in this battle, and over 600 of them were Epic ranked.

It should be known that they had targeted mainly Shadow's experts during the previous fight, while the number of World Dominators's experts they killed was no more than 100. In other words, over 500 of the Epic Weapons and Equipment they looted belonged to Shadow.

They could already arm a 100-man team to the teeth with this many Epic Weapons and Equipment.

At this time, even Shi Feng couldn't help but feel sorry for Lan Hailong.

A 100-man team's worth of Epic Weapons and Equipment!

At this stage of the game, even first-rate Guilds could only afford to gear their main force to such an extent. This meant that Shadow had just lost an entire main force's worth of equipment…

"Nice! We've hit the jackpot this time!" Firecloud exclaimed excitedly as he looked at the weapons and equipment in his bag. "We won't have to worry about lacking equipment when we recruit more members later!"

The number of Epic Weapons and Equipment they just acquired surpassed even the total number the Thousand Flow adventurer team possessed when the adventurer team transitioned into the Miniature Ancient World. Zero Wing's Guild Warehouse would remain stocked for a long time with this huge influx of weapons and equipment.

"No, we will be selling everything but the Epic Weapons. The sooner, the better," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "Moreover, it's best if we can convert these items into Magic Crystals. As for the Guild Warehouse, I'll think of a way to produce more Mana Equipment Sets later."

Setting aside Level 100 Epic Weapons, Level 100 Epic Equipment could only be used in the current stage of the game. Once the various powers entered the Level 120 neutral zone and interacted with the Outerworld players, Mana Equipment would quickly become the mainstream equipment. At that time, other than powerful Epic Weapons and Equipment, everything else would become outdated.

Rather than wait until the Level 100 Epic Equipment lost their value, it'd be better to sell the equipment while they could still get a good price. They could also use the Coins and Magic Crystals they earned to upgrade the Abyssal Star Primordial City.

"Okay. I'll go and get it done," Blackie said, having no opinions regarding Shi Feng's decision. After experiencing the Mana Equipment Set's effects, he could no longer see ordinary Epic Equipment as excellent.

After Shi Feng's party returned to Hundred Flow City, Shi Feng suddenly received an emergency notification from the system. Simultaneously, a window showing the surveillance footage of his villa popped up in front of him.

Why are they here?

Shi Feng couldn't help but be surprised when he saw the scene displayed in the surveillance footage.

Noticing the strange look on Shi Feng's face, Su Qianliu curiously asked, "What's wrong, Guild Leader?"

"It's nothing. Some old acquaintances just appeared outside my house," Shi Feng said, chuckling.

"Old acquaintances? Who?" Blackie asked curiously. He knew that Shi Feng had very few acquaintances in Jin Hai City, and even fewer among them would come knocking on his door at this time.

In response, Shi Feng calmly said, "Lan Hailong.

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SS Chapter 30:
Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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