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ITDO - Chapter 219 - Backstabbing

The demigod of the ocean was still recovering from the shock of witnessing Louie’s magical prowess. Among the members of the illustrious draconic race, there were indeed a few who learned how to use magic, but these individuals were extremely rare. And those who could reach the domain of legendary or 9th ring magic were exponentially rarer.

Initially, she had prepared for a brawl, but he sneakily subverted her expectations and pulled the rug from under her feet with his magical attacks.

In fact, if not for the divine authority of magic, Louie would not be able to use magic at all. Learning spells required talent and perception. This was the same as algebraic geometry. Louie was previously just a normal human, and saying that he had any latent talent was obviously impossible.

The demigod rose in anger again.

The air once again became humid. The sound of waves and the breeze once more spread out. Louie could even see the sea appear in the distance. Its mood was tempestuous and raging, likely mirroring the demigod’s.

The waves fiercely slapped down, every single droplet in them containing divine power. It seemed that the demigod was truly furious and even ignored the cost of such an attack.

Although demigods couldn’t create miraculous attacks that Gods could do, the pure destructive power was on a similar level. A monstrous wave struck the great earth in the Goddess of Night’s divine kingdom, and azure light filled the sky and the earth.

On the other hand, Louie spewed out his Emerald Dragon Breath. Any matter that it touched was turned into nothingness. Even the divine power used to create the ocean disappeared after being hit. It was as if the seawater evaporated due to the high temperature. A huge hole had appeared and at the same time, Louie’s other head spewed out Magical Dragon breath that contained pure magic power. Each breath of his wreaked destruction and chaos.

His huge body danced in the air and occupied the skies, while the other demigod integrated with the ocean, turning herself into pure water. With one in control of the air and one in control of the sea, the two unleashed wanton destruction in the Goddess’ divine kingdom. Even the dark tower was completely annihilated.

After the initial explosions, the demigod who mastered the sea seemed to have calmed down as the sea calmed down as well. She understood that she could not cause any harm to Louie in the skies above.

After it became obvious to the demigod that she was helpless against Louie, she ceased all activity and stopped fighting. The cooperation between the mysterious demigod and the Night Goddess was without a doubt to kill the Silver Moon Goddess and her divinity, but Louie’s appearance had greatly reduced their chances of success. Knowing that she might not get any benefits in this battle, the demigod stopped putting in any effort into her work.

Whether it was Louie or the demigod, both were just demigods. Every drop of divine power was previous to them. Louie at least had the godhood which could be filled up with tanks of divine power, but the mysterious demigod seemed to have a limit.

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If Louie truly fought with her to the death, then there was a high chance that he could kill this demigod, but there were no benefits to it. Louie was currently lacking in divinity, but if the other side blew up their own divinity, then he wouldn’t be able to gain any benefits. Moreover, if other demigods caught the news that he was exhausted and injured after this fight, they would definitely flock to him like vultures.

Thus, Louie and the ocean demigod came to a tacit understanding. One flew in the sky and occasionally blew out dragon breaths, while the other wandered in the sea and occasionally sprayed some waves for show. The two focused on the sister goddesses instead.

Louie now needed to protect the Silver Moon Goddess under any circumstances. He could not let her life be in danger. As long as the both of them were able to leave this place, then the Silver Moon Goddess would owe him a huge favor. The favor of a God was a great opportunity, especially when the Silver Moon Goddess hadn’t told him where to find more divinity. He would never let this Goddess encounter any problems.

But soon, Louie found that he had been thinking too much about their battle. The Silver Moon Goddess stayed dominant the entire battle, while the Night Goddess was on the side of the suppressed. It was like a powerful god fighting a weak god. Both of them weren’t on the same level at all.

‘If I go, I think I can also win!’

Seeing that the Goddess of the Night was this weak, this idea emerged in Louie’s heart. If the Goddess of the Night did not have her divine weapons, which increased her power, she might have already been defeated.

Louie’s nervousness and fear towards the sleeping gods were all gone. If all the Gods were to be at this level of combat power when they woke up, Louie was certain that he could beat them.

Suddenly, the light from the silver moon and the dull light from the darkness collided together and exploded. The once-powerful ancient gods were now reduced to this crude manner of using divine power. During this collision, the Silver Moon Goddess' body was knocked back and smashed against a hard black mountain. The Goddess painfully grunted, and even the mist covering her face dissipated.

At this time, Louie had no time to care about the Silver Moon Goddess and paid more attention to the Night Goddess. She was even more miserable. With the explosion of divine power, she was smashed to the ground below and the divine power covering her body had instantly weakened. 30,000 years of sleep had reduced her divine power to the extremes.

Louie’s eyes shone. Now that the Night Goddess had temporarily lost the protection from divine power, her beautiful body was exposed in Louie’s eyes.

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Louie did not keep watching the beautiful body. He suddenly raised his claw and fired a ‘high-energy beam’.

This was the weapon created by the Terran Civilization on his body. Because there were no magic or divine power fluctuations, the ocean demigod was not able to react at all. By the time she saw the beam of light, it had already penetrated through the Night Goddess’ chest from the back.

This scientific sneak attack could not be detected at all, and Shae was caught completely off guard. She only felt pain in her chest as a bloody hole opened. She spat out a mouthful of blood and shriveled up.

“O Great Goddess of the Night, Shae, although this is only your incarnate, please die under this little dragon’s wrath.”

Louie had long felt discontent from the moment the Goddess of the Night looked down on him. He didn’t abandon this chance at all and flicked a few more times, causing countless energy beams to shoot out of his fingers.

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