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ITDO - Chapter 216 - Temptation of the Goddess

The air took on a salty flavor as the smell of fish wafted in from some indecipherable location. One could make out the roaring of waves from the distance.

This was the power of a demigod and Louie was sure of it.

Only they and true gods could cause such drastic changes to the environment and make it seem natural. Mortals and legendary rank individuals could also do so, but the signs would be a lot more obvious.

Of course, the power of Gods would be more difficult to detect than demigods.

In this world where demigods were now at the apex of power, the appearance of a demigod represented an increase in the danger level.

“This must be the divine authority of ‘sea breeze’ or perhaps some other ocean-related divine authority. This demigod must be related to the ocean.”

The Silver Moon Goddess quickly explained the origin of the divine power, but even if she did not say anything, Louie could already tell what it was.

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However, her next words gave Louie enough information that he needed.

“The God of the Ocean fell during the Era of Disaster. This demigod is definitely not the God of the Ocean. From Shae’s words, this person requires divinity, so they must be a demigod who has an ambition of claiming the seat of the God of the Ocean.”

“So the God of the Ocean has fallen. In other words, the enemy is a creature born after the Era of Disaster.”

After hearing the Goddess’ words Louie wasn’t happy and instead strengthened his vigilance.

Compared to meeting a demigod born after the Era of Disaster, Louie would rather face one of those sleeping true Gods. Because a long time had passed and many true Gods had lost their believers, their divine power would be insufficient, making it a relatively easier fight. It would be like the Silver Moon Goddess gaining an upper hand while fighting the Goddess of the Night.

However, demigods born after the Era of Disaster were different. They were likely to be leaders of some country or power like Louie. As long as they were not foolish enough to try and ascend, then their strength would be more terrifying than a newly awakened true god.

Because these demigods relied on themselves to raise their own positions, they fully understood how to fight on their level. The youngest demigod in the world should be around a few hundred years old. Who knew how old the enemy was?

“Lord Louie, please help me stop the demigod. I will go take care of Shae first!”

The Silver Moon Goddess knew that she didn’t have much time, and quickly laid down her plans, “The current Shae is only an incarnation. She does not possess much divine power. By killing her incarnation here, it would be difficult for her to influence the main continent for a significant period of time, especially with the current state of the Gods. In the age of chaos that follows, she will lose a lot of opportunities.”

“I understand. Then, I’ll leave the Goddess of the Night in your hands, Your Highness!”

Louie nodded his dragonic head. The unknown demigod had already released his divine domain of the sea breeze, so it would be impossible to escape even if he wanted to.

Louie took a deep breath and quickly utilized the power of his godhood. The abundant divine power covered his entire body, causing him to expand and grow to the size of the sky. He had instantly become a dragon that was hundreds of meters big.

For a God, the size of their body did not mean much. A larger body did not necessarily mean that it would be easier to hit. This was because the combat of Gods was inherently different from that of mortals.

“So it’s a primordial dragon. I thought that all primordial dragons had gone extinct. It’s no wonder that Selune would bring you into my world. A demigod primordial dragon is indeed strong.”

The inky eyes of the Night Goddess gazed at Louie’s body. Demigods did not have the ability to freely change the size of their bodies. Only true Gods could do that. So in the eyes of the Night Goddess, this 300-meter-long form was definitely Louie’s true body.

As with everyone else, she did not know that Louie possessed the Dragon God’s godhood. His primordial dragon form had simply fooled almost everyone.

The Night Goddess’s tone was calm. Although she praised the power of the primordial dragon, she seemed to not care at all even if they were more disadvantaged compared to Louie and the Silver Moon Goddess. She still remained calm and relaxed.

After Louie changed into a dragon, he only displayed one head, but after a single thought, two more heads appeared, turning him into a three-headed dragon. Each head represented a divine authority that he had grasped. His appearance with three heads was also his strongest form.

Facing the tidal wave of oceanic power, Louie knew that the fastest way to counter this was to unfold his own domain —- the divine domain of earth.

With the thick spread of divine power, the parched earth seemed to become fertile. The tough earth collided with the surging ocean. The two sides fought fiercely against each other, but no matter how aggressive the power of the ocean was, faced with the stability of earth, it would take a long time to break through and could only stay frozen in place.

“Divine authority of the earth?”

The Night Goddess sensed Louie’s power and snickered.

“You have grasped a fragment of that God’s divine authority. It will definitely bring you disaster as that is also a very ancient God.”

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The Goddess of Darkness, Shae, seemed to be reminding Louie of the dangers of the divine authority of earth. She thought that Louie was a dragon who was trying to steal the complete divine authority of earth.

For a demigod, choosing a divine authority was very important. Before the Era of Disaster, demigods who wanted to become Gods had to choose a divine authority unrelated to any other existing Gods. This was the safest and most secure way of becoming one.

Although many Gods had fallen after the Era of Disaster and many divine authorities remained vacant. Even if that was so, a demigod had to choose a divine authority towards what kind of God they wished to become. For example, the unknown God chose the divine authority of sea breeze to become the new God of the Ocean.

Therefore, in the eyes of the Goddess of the Night, Louie was trying to become the God of the Earth.

However, even the Goddess of the Night who was a master of secrets could not tell that Louie relied on his powerful godhood to obtain his divine authorities. He did not go through a painstaking effort to cultivate his divine authority like other Gods, so his choices were plenty.

The Goddess of the night reminded Louie like a good person, “The Goddess of the Earth is a powerful existence even among the Gods. Turning her into an enemy is very foolish behavior. O primordial dragon, how about you team up with me in killing the Silver Moon Goddess before you?”

“What she appears now is her true form. If you kill her, I am willing to share half the divinity she possesses with you. Even her ‘Moon’ divine authority could be given to you so that you can become the new God of the Silver Moon!”

The words of the Night Goddess were like a devil’s temptation. Her voice seemed to be enchanting and seductive. This caused the Silver Moon Goddess’ expression to change as she looked at Louie.

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