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RSSGSS - Chapter 116 - Ice Queen

The conference room fell silent when everyone heard Zhuo Yalin's words. None of them thought Zhuo Yalin had invited Black Flame to this conference.

"What do you think this little girl is trying to do, Vice Guild Leader? Is she really intent on fighting for the Darkmoon Outpost?" the 50-year-old thin man dressed like a knight sitting next to Crimson Seal asked in a whisper.

"I don't know." Crimson Seal shook his head. Then, in a resolute voice, he said, "But if that really is the case, I will have no choice but to carry out the Guild Leader's secret command and deprive her of her authority."

"I guess that's the only thing we can do if she is bent on having her way," the thin man said, nodding. Then, he let out a sigh and muttered, "But it truly is a pity…"

Their Guild Leader and Great Elder had already designated Zhuo Yalin as the future leader of Mysterious Moon. Meanwhile, with the Miniature Ancient World's launch, the Guild Leader had decided to use this opportunity to nurture Zhuo Yalin.

However, the Miniature Ancient World was crucial to Mysterious Moon's future. So, as a preventive measure, the Guild Leader had also sent Vice Guild Leader Crimson Seal and several other old fellows like him to the Miniature Ancient World.

On the one hand, they would be assisting Zhuo Yalin in managing the Guild. On the other hand, they would be testing Zhuo Yalin's capabilities.

Currently, though, they couldn't help but find Zhuo Yalin's behavior to be a little too over the board. It was simply absurd to fight against World Dominators just to salvage the Guild's losses. Let alone them, even the Guild Leader and Great Elder probably wouldn't wish to see the Guild's future successor have such a behavior.

Meanwhile, so long as Vice Guild Leader Crimson Seal carried out the Guild Leader's secret command, it would mean that Zhuo Yalin would thoroughly lose her qualifications to become the Guild's future successor.

After all, if a Guild wished to survive for a long time, its leaders would need to know when to cut their losses and seek other alternatives. Stubbornly insisting on a path would simply plunge the Guild into the abyss.

While Crimson Seal and the vice commander of the Crimson Mist Legion were having a hushed conversation, the conference room doors suddenly opened.

A moment later, a man and a woman walked into the room. The man wore a Black Cloak and had a pitch-black longsword hanging by his waist, while the woman wore a luxurious dark-red mage's robe. At a glance, the man looked like he was a wanderer in the wilderness, while the woman was a beauty who radiated an air of elegance and maturity.

Meanwhile, upon the arrival of these two people, Mysterious Moon's members couldn't help but look at them curiously. Everyone paid especially close attention to Shi Feng.

"Is he that God-ranked expert?"

"Even though he's standing right in front of me, I can't feel even the slightest hint of his presence. Is this the degree of control a God-ranked expert has over his body?"

Mysterious Moon's experts wore a look of shock and yearning as they observed Shi Feng's every movement.

Tier 6 was a goal that all players in God's Domain dreamed of reaching.

Yet, despite there being several dozen billion players in God's Domain, only a few dozen had managed to reach Tier 6. One could easily imagine how difficult it was to become a Tier 6 God-ranked expert.

Now that everyone got to see a God-ranked expert in person, their previously faded ambitions had ignited once again.

However, not long after everyone started observing the two new arrivals, they couldn't help but gasp in shock.

"Level 106?!"

"How is her level so high?"

Shi Feng was wearing a Black Cloak, so everyone couldn't see his level. However, Su Qianliu wasn't wearing one, so they could easily determine her level by using a simple Identification Skill. Meanwhile, what they discovered blew their minds.

"It seems rumors about the Ice Queen aren't completely baseless," Crimson Seal muttered. He, too, was a little surprised when he saw Su Qianliu's level.

Crimson Seal was the Vice Guild Leader of Mysterious Moon, a first-rate Guild. Thus, he had never paid much attention to the name of Ice Queen Su Qianliu. Or, more specifically, he had never even heard of Su Qianliu before coming to the Miniature Ancient World.

After all, Mysterious Moon didn't have any operations in the Black Dragon Empire. The only information Mysterious Moon had bothered to collect was on the empire's peak experts, first- and second-rate Guilds, and top ten adventurer teams. Meanwhile, Su Qianliu's Thousand Flow adventurer team was barely considered a well-known adventurer team in the Black Dragon Empire. Thus, it was only natural that it did not enter Mysterious Moon's eyes.

Crimson Seal would never have learned about Su Qianliu's name if not for Zero Wing.

However, the current Su Qianliu far surpassed Crimson Seal's initial expectations.

Su Qianliu was only the commander of a well-known adventurer team in the Black Dragon Empire. Yet, in the current Miniature Ancient World, where only an extreme few experts had managed to reach Level 103, Su Qianliu had already reached Level 106…

What rapid leveling speed!

Zhuo Yalin was also surprised by Su Qianliu's level. She never thought that Zero Wing would be so powerful to help Su Qianliu level up so quickly.

Meanwhile, when Mysterious Moon's members had their attention focused on Su Qianliu's level, Shi Feng also arrived before the conference table.

After Su Qianliu briefly introduced both parties, Shi Feng made his way up to the conference stage.

"I believe Miss Nightingale has already informed everyone present of the situation." After sweeping his gaze across the people in the room, Shi Feng got straight to the point and said, "Zero Wing is similarly very interested in the Darkmoon Outpost. Hence, we plan to work with Mysterious Moon to secure it. May I know what everyone thinks about this arrangement?"

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, silence enveloped the room as Mysterious Moon's experts pondered over his words.

They'd be lying if they said they weren't interested in working together with a Tier 6 God-ranked expert. However, if a Tier 6 God-ranked expert was all the assistance Zero Wing had to offer, Mysterious Moon would still be unlikely to win the competition for the Darkmoon Outpost. They were going up against a Super Guild, after all. If they handled this matter poorly, they might end up dragging the entirety of Mysterious Moon into the abyss.

A moment later, Crimson Seal stood up from his seat and glanced at Zhuo Yalin. He felt that Zhuo Yalin was still too much of a greenhorn when handling Guild affairs. Or, more specifically, the mystery surrounding Tier 6 God-ranked experts was far too great. Meanwhile, this mystery had clouded Zhuo Yalin's ability to make a proper judgment. In his opinion, while Zero Wing might have some capabilities, these capabilities were still not enough for it to go against a Super Guild.

Afterward, Crimson Seal turned to Shi Feng and bluntly said, "Mr. Black Flame, you might be a God-ranked expert, but don't you think that you are underestimating World Dominators a little too much? World Dominators's foundations are not something you can uncover just by spending a few days in the Miniature Ancient World. In regards to your invitation, forgive Mysterious Moon for rejecting it."

"You say that I am underestimating World Dominators?" Looking at Crimson Seal, Shi Feng calmly asked, "In that case, may I ask how much do you know about Zero Wing, Vice Guild Leader Seal?"

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, Su Qianliu, who stood beside him, suddenly unleashed a burst of Mana. Su Qianliu's Mana flooded the room instantly, causing every Mysterious Moon present to experience a suffocating feeling. In addition, everyone also found that they had lost the ability to use the Mana surrounding them…

However, compared to Su Qianliu's Mana, the aura she radiated was much more terrifying. Faced against Su Qianliu's aura, many of the Refinement Realm experts couldn't help but react like frightened rats and instantly retreated by over a dozen yards away from her, their eyes full of wariness as they looked at her.

Tier 4 strength?!

Crimson Seal was dumbfounded as he looked at Su Qianliu.

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