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ITDO - Chapter 209 - Breaking into the Goddess’ Divine Kingdom

At the moment, Louie and the elf queen stood outside the San Soliel mountain range. The dull light of the Shadow Realm enveloped the plains beneath their feet, and endless darkness seemed to stretch beyond the horizon.

This bleak darkness, difficult to tell from any other patch of earth in the Shadow Realm, was the divine kingdom of a God. Louie was positively stunned by this. By his reckoning, there should at least have been physical ruins of buildings and stones, but the plains seemed devoid of any trace of the divine. It would be impossible for all traces to erode naturally in such a short time span.

However, Louie did not say anything and prevented himself from showing fear. He noticed that the expression of the Elf Queen was quite solemn and heavy. This meant that there was something in the barren plains that Louie could not understand.

As expected, the elf queen’s eyes landed on a small pile of rubble and slowly said, “The path to the divine kingdom has been destroyed. 30,000 years is too long.”

This was when Louie saw a pile of rubble. At first, he thought that it was just a useless pile of stones, but when the queen told him that, he noticed that they had traces of artificial tampering.

Thirty thousand years of time had completely erased everything. The traces of the Gods, as well as the divine power on the land, had all disappeared. In the eyes of those who were not aware, the pile of debris felt natural.

‘Although the divine kingdoms of the gods are situated in different realms, they were not part of the occupied realm. They were more like miniature realms, but the difference compared to actual miniature realms was that normal miniature realms were formed naturally, while divine kingdoms were created by the Gods.

This was also the reason why the miniature realm inside the Divine King’s Crown was an important item left behind by a powerful God. Since the nature of a divine kingdom was the same as a miniature realm, then choosing a miniature realm to turn into a divine kingdom was simple.

Louie understood that he was still in the dark about the world of the Gods. This was why he talked less and listened more. In order to not let the Elf Queen notice this and expose his ignorance, he gently nodded and pretended to agree with her words.

“I came to observe this place for half a month and determined that no one had come here in the last few hundred years. However, I have confirmed that there are traces of activity here from at least a thousand years ago.”

Rashly entering a divine kingdom even if it was in ruins was a suicidal act. The Elf Queen had been able to understand how much danger there was after observing for half a month.

“The person who came here a thousand years ago should be Noella. It’s also quite possible for it to be the demigod lich that told Noella about the coordinates of the Goddess’ divine kingdom. Do you have any idea who the lich could be?”

Louie thought about the lich who took Noella’s body and told her the location of the divine kingdom and immediately asked the Elf Queen.

The lich was truly mysterious. It was unknown if there was a god affiliated with her, or if she was delusional and was trying to steal the throne of a God as a demigod. There might also be a connection between the lich and the Goddess of Night, but Louie did not know. The old demigod had lived for who knows how long, so he asked another old demigod.

The Elf Queen pondered for a long time before shaking her head and said, “In the years after the Era of Disaster, many powerful liches were born, but they have already passed away. Without seeing the lich for myself, I dare not jump to conclusions.”

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“Although the liches are considered as twisted undead creatures, they have low desires, but at the same time, they also have extremely long lives. It is possible that one hid in the shadows for 30,000 years and accumulated its power in preparation for the coming era.”

Louie raised his eyebrows for a moment, “What you said is correct. It is not necessarily true that the lich has any ambitions.

If liches and other undead creatures wanted to become Gods, they would have to lean towards the few divine authorities related to the undead creatures and death. It was impossible for them to become a god of justice or the god of the sun.

This restricted range as well as the dangers of following such a heretical path meant that few would seek to become liches.

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Louie and the Elf Queen walked down the hill in silence and reached the pile of rubble. When Louie got closer, he was finally able to see some stone pieces and broken pillars with inscribed patterns. The patterns and designs presented should be related to the Goddess of Night, but because she did not have the power to protect the place, it had been corroded by the years of exposure to the Shadow Realm’s elements.

The Elf Queen squatted down and started picking up some stones. Her tender legs were quite eye-catching as they peeked out from her dress in this barren plain.

After assembling the stones into a formation, the queen exhaled and said with relief, “Fortunately, these stones inscribed with the emblem and doctrine of the Goddess of Night are not completely destroyed. We can still open the door to the divine kingdom.”

Louie saw that the queen’s expression became even more serious. This elf’s understanding of the Gods was too incredible from his point of view. 30,000 years of time had passed. The secrets of the Gods had long been lost, but this elf still knew how to open the door to the divine kingdom. This was somewhat incredible.

“Lord Louie, please stand with me. I will open the door to the divine kingdom. I’m not sure what it’s like inside, but please be prepared to fight at any time.”

Louie nodded his head to indicate that he understood. He stood by her side in preparation as she mouthed off some spells in the language of the Gods.

Divine power melded with her commands and flowed out of her body. Soon, a doorway appeared in the air before them.

It seemed to have no concept of size. His eyes told him that the door was only about 4-5 meters tall, but his divine senses seemed to hint that its presence extended far beyond that.

A burst of dark fog blew out from the door as it slowly opened. A mysterious purple light shone from within. Louie and the Elf Queen looked at each other and took a step into the doorway together.

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