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ITDO - Chapter 206 - Dragon's Magic Corps

The place Louie brought the elf queen to the noble district of Dragon City. It was quiet throughout the place and in the middle of a beautiful garden, a high tower stood.

With Louie and the Elf Queen’s arrival, the beastmen warriors guarding the entrance saluted.

A dragon and an elf thus joined hands and entered the door. Once inside, the queen felt several magic fluctuations coming from the tower. At the same time, she could hear the orderly recitation from children.

“What is this place?”

The queen was a little surprised. Although her eyes were hidden behind a mysterious mist, skilled individuals could still discern her expressions.

Louie did not answer. He only smiled and continued to lead her to the basement of the tower.

In the basement of the tower were jars, pots, and pans strewn all over the place. Marches was on the side making potions and beside him were two dozen magical apprentices in plain robes who were respectfully helping him.

When Louie arrived, Marches immediately sensed it. He stopped his activity and trotted over with a smile on his face, “Master, when did you find time to come visit the ‘Magic Tower’?”

Those few apprentices who were originally dumbfounded and stood aside without knowing what to do immediately reacted when they heard Marches’ words. They ran over in a panic and knelt down in front of Louie saying, “Welcome milord!”

These mage apprentices were just ordinary civilians in the past. Because of Louie, they were able to eat well, and this earned him their admiration. In the spirit of repaying him, they became mages and trained hard to serve him. Although they were only apprentices, there was a high possibility of them becoming middle-ranked mages in the future.

A middle-rank mage in the current San Soliel could be considered famous if they were in an adventurer’s party.

“Get up. I’m only here to show Her Majesty around.”

Louie waved his hand to indicate for everyone to get up. After hearing Louie's words, Marches became more humble, “So it’s Her Majesty the Queen of Silver Moon Kingdom.”

He did not dare look at the queen because she emitted an indescribable fatal charm. Even Louie would be lured in from time to time. Moreover, the queen was one of the most famous demigods in the main continent. As an archmage, Marches was just a worm that she could crush at the drop of a hat.

“So these are the most talented among the apprentices?”

Louie looked at the young mage apprentices. They were a group of mixed male and female students with the oldest no older than seventeen and the youngest no younger than ten. In poor family homes, children matured very early. They respectfully bowed their heads with some excitement, but also with faith and respect towards Louie. They stood there without saying anything, but Louie could see the thread of faith that was connected to him with satisfaction.

“Yes, master! These are the ones with the highest degree of affinity to magic power. They are among the fittest after drinking magic positions. They only took a short amount of time to feel the presence of magic power and were able to control it with their own will.”

Marches hurriedly replied.

“Very good. Nurture them well and try to make a few more archmages appear in Dragon City. As their teacher, you would also be able to gain abundant benefits. Continue with your work. The queen and I still have something to talk about.”

“Yes, master.”

Marches led the mage apprentices back to continue brewing potions.

Louie walked to the side, picked up a wasabi plant, and asked the elf queen, “This is a new kind of plant that I unintentionally found. It can be used to create the foundational magic potion that will allow Dragon City to train mages in large quantities. Although I cannot guarantee their quality, I would definitely have them in quantity.”

“The ones reciting at the higher levels of the tower are children with a great talent in learning. In the future, they will all become members of Dragon City’s Mage Corps.”

The queen’s voice was filled with surprise, “You are actually mass-producing mages?”

Although elves were born with a high affinity for magic and did not need to drink magic potions like humans, the difficulty of becoming a mage was still high. And today, she found out that Louie was creating low-rank mages with large amounts of magic potions.

“That is indeed so. Mage’s spells have many magical effects. Even if the mages do not go to combat or research, as long as they can bring convenience to Dragon City, that would be enough.”

Louie affirmed the queen’s speculation with a hint of unquestionable pride.

The elf queen pondered for a long time before saying, “Lord Louie, I am very sure that the Goddess of Magic hasn’t fallen. If we wait until she awakens and returns, there is a great possibility that the Goddess of Magic will create a new magic network again.”

Louie knew about the magic network. It was recorded in many canonical books. This was something that mages dreamt of even until today. As long as they entered a spell in advance, they could release it whenever they wanted. It could be said that this was the best tool for them to cast spells.

“I see, creating a new magic network… that will indeed cause explosive growth in the number of mages, but it will reduce their overall quality. Do you really think that a magic network could be built overnight? Heh, I could probably have produced several legendary rank mages by then.”     

The queen shook her head slowly, “Even if the Goddess of Magic can regain her strong divine power, creating a magic network from scratch would be a huge project.”

“Once the Goddess of Magic wakes up, she would have to recover her divine power and then create a magic network. That would take who knows how many years. Moreover, I also possess the divine authority of magic. If she finishes creating her magic network, then any creature that wants to use magic would require her consent. Unless of course, one bypasses the magic network, but that would be no different from present-day mages.”

“Your Majesty, I think you also don’t want to see the magic used by the elves become subject to the Goddess of Magic’s control. Even if the Goddess is said to be an absolutely neutral God, she still has her preferences and will make partial decisions. But if the elves can help me seize control of a portion of the Goddess’ magic network, the benefits would be big.”

Louie finally said one of his goals - to seize the divine authority of magic from the Goddess of magic. Even if the other party had not yet awakened, even if the other party had to take an unknown number of years to recover, Louie still needed allies to fight with him.

The elves were aware that they could not face the Gods, but the Silver Moon Goddess could.

“You have a part of the divine authority of magic?”

The queen was speechless.

Although the Gods’ divine authorities fragmented after the Era of Disaster, every god would try to complete them once they return. Louie grabbing a part of the divine authority of magic was very incredible in the queen’s opinion.

However, the faint magical domain emanating from Louie made the queen believe it.

Once the Goddess wakes up, she would probably become depressed after finding that her most important priesthood had been fragmented.

Louie smiled without saying a word. What he was doing now was showing off his power to make himself the best collaborator and find the right allies to face off against the Gods.

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