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RSSGSS - Chapter 98 - True Transcendental Power

"The God's Domain Association is going all-out to nurture geniuses?" Shi Feng was very surprised to hear this news.

The War of Worlds was no secret to him. Although there also existed an organization similar to the God's Domain Association during his previous life, this organization had only started nurturing talents of the new generation after the World Gate had fully opened.

Meanwhile, once the World Gate was fully opened, there wouldn't be just one World Passage connecting the two God's Domains. Instead, countless passages would randomly form, allowing the two God's Domains to compete and devour each other. However, as Tier 6 God-ranked experts were needed to safeguard key locations, the main fighting force of the two God's Domains in the War of Worlds would consist of Tier 4 and Tier 5 experts.

Originally, Shi Feng thought it would be much later before the God's Domain Association realized the need to nurture the new generation's talents. He didn't think the organization would notice it already.

"This is indeed outside of everyone's expectations," Qi Lianshan said, expressing his understanding when he saw the look of surprise on Shi Feng's face. "But I can confidently tell you that this information is true."

Originally, the God's Domain Association was merely a loose organization focused on hosting events in the real world. While it might be considered the biggest force in God's Domain, it had hardly any territory in the game. So, nobody could've expected that the God's Domain Association would suddenly decide to nurture geniuses unaffiliated to it and spare no cost while doing so.

"But what does this have to do with Ziyou becoming my apprentice?" Shi Feng asked as he looked at Qi Lianshan in confusion.

"According to my sources, the selection this time requires students to be at the Half-step Refinement Realm standard at the very least. In addition, their instructors must be at the Flowing Water Realm or above. If a student can't meet these two conditions, they won't even qualify to participate in the selection," Qi Lianshan said, sighing. "We wouldn't have had to take such measures if I were still in my prime, but I'm afraid you are the only person who is in such a realm in our Academy right now, Instructor Shi."

"It seems the God's Domain Association has put a lot of considerations into this," Shi Feng said, realization dawning upon him.

The God's Domain Association indeed had access to an unimaginable amount of resources. However, players couldn't become powerful experts simply by having a lot of resources. They also needed capable teachers to offer them pointers. If a player had a Flowing Water Ream expert by their side constantly offering them guidance, they could improve their combat standards much more quickly.

Moreover, Flowing Water Realm experts were Tier 4 players on average, with some even being Tier 5 players. So, they could help their students level up very quickly as well.

In other words, while the God's Domain Association might be willing to offer students with resources, students would need to have their instructors resolve the problem of leveling up and improving their combat standards.

"I know you are very busy teaching Wu Lingling and the others, and you probably don't have a lot of free time to participate in the selection, Instructor Shi." Gritting his teeth, Qi Lianshan said, "But so long as you agree to participate in the selection this time, I will give you a bottle of S-rank Nutrient Fluid afterward."

S-rank Nutrient Fluids were incredibly precious to expert players. Even though Qi Lianshan was a senior instructor at Jin Hai University's God's Domain Academy, it had taken him great pains to exchange even one bottle.

Originally, he had planned to use this bottle to recover his mental state. However, compared to Chen Ziyou's future, the recovery of his mental state could wait.

"A bottle of S-rank Nutrient Fluid?" After pondering for some time, Shi Feng said, "Okay, I can agree to your offer, but I'm not taking responsibility for Ziyou's subsequent leveling up."

Shi Feng was currently an intermediate instructor already. Although he had the qualifications to exchange for S-rank Nutrient Fluids, it would take him a long time to accumulate one million Academy Points.

Most importantly, there was an exchange limit put on S-rank Nutrient Fluids. If he recalled correctly, intermediate instructors were only allowed to exchange one bottle a year. However, one bottle was nowhere near enough for him. After all, he was no longer young. He would need a lot of energy to recover his lifeforce, repair his body's damaged cells, and improve his physical fitness.

"You don't have to worry about this point, Instructor Shi. All you need to do is pass the selection's test," Qi Lianshan said, feeling a little excited when he heard Shi Feng's answer. Then, he quickly tapped on his quantum watch and transferred Chen Ziyou's instructor position to Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng promptly clicked "Agree" when he received the transfer prompt on his watch. With this, he became Chen Ziyou's instructor on paper.

After settling this matter, Qi Lianshan quickly led Shi Feng to his luxury sedan and drove him and Chen Ziyou to Jin Hai University to meet up with the other students and instructors.

Liufeng City, Secret Pavilion's branch headquarterS:

As a first-tier city, Liufeng City's population exceeded ten million. Meanwhile, the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters sat in the heart of the city, the headquarters' two towers having over two hundred floors and occupying an area of two sports stadiums. The twin towers were more than capable of accommodating tens of thousands of people to work and train inside.

"How spectacular! So, this is one of the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters?"

"As expected of a transcendental power in God's Domain. Just one of its branch headquarters already looks so amazing! It would be great if I could become an internal member of the Secret Pavilion."

"Quick, look! The Secret Pavilion's recruits are training over there!"

"It's true! The instructor teaching them seems to be Rainbow Chaser, one of the Secret Pavilion's newly promoted Tier 5 experts!"

When Jin Hai University's students looked out the windows of their bus and saw the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters, they couldn't help but marvel at the sight before them.

The state of the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters was on an entirely different level even when compared to the main headquarters of first-rate Guilds. Just the instructor responsible for guiding the recruits at the branch headquarters was already a Tier 5 expert. This was a luxury no first-rate Guild could afford for a branch headquarters.

Moreover, the one thousand recruits training on the field between the two towers were incredibly talented. Even though these recruits looked like they were only 14 or 15 years old, even the weakest among them was already at the Trial Tower's fifth-floor middle-stage standard. If put in Jin Hai University, they'd be regarded as geniuses among geniuses.

Yet, in the Secret Pavilion, these geniuses were nothing more than ordinary recruits, a fact proven by the emblems they wore on their shirts.

Before becoming official internal members, the Secret Pavilion's recruits would only receive a one-star light-blue emblem. Only after becoming an official internal member would they receive a two-star dark-blue emblem.

While Jin Hai University's students were in shock over the sight they just saw, a long line of buses started arriving at the Secret Pavilion's branch headquarters one after another, their numbers exceeding 80. This meant that at least 80 God's Domain Academies had come to participate in the Secret Pavilion's tour this time. This number far exceeded their initial expectations. Moreover, out of these buses, there were even some that transported students from Advanced God's Domain Academies.

"What's going on? Why are students from Advanced Academies here as well?" Gu Tong couldn't help but be shocked when he looked at the students alighting from the various Advanced God's Domain Academies' buses.

Advanced God's Domain Academies!

To most students seeking to make a living from God's Domain, Advanced God's Domain Academies were schools they dreamed of entering.

Unlike the average God's Domain Academy, Advanced God's Domain Academies were true high-level education centers with several major corporations backing them. Some even had the support of international organizations. Meanwhile, with such ample funding, the instructors these Advanced Academies could recruit were also much superior in quality, with even the weakest instructor in these Academies being a Refinement Realm expert. Participants of God's Domain's A-League would also hold lectures in these Academies from time to time.

However, as with the quality of their instructors, these Advanced Academies also had a high entry requirement. If students wished to even participate in the enrollment test of these Advanced Academies, they'd need to be at the fifth-floor middle-stage standard, which was the official standard of ordinary experts, at the very least.

"What is the Secret Pavilion even thinking? I can't believe they invited a bunch of nobodies to the tour."

"That's right! The Secret Pavilion even wants us to spar with them! How are we supposed to improve by sparring with these country bumpkins? I think we might even regress if we fought them!"

When a group of freshmen alighted from an Advanced Academy's bus and saw the freshmen of the other Academies around them, a look of disdain appeared on their faces.

Meanwhile, the students from the other Academies naturally grew angry when they heard the words of this group of students. However, none of them dared to say anything since the other party consisted of experts at the Trial Tower's fifth-floor late-stage or above. These students were not people they could compete against.

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Most importantly, the instructors following these students were not existences they could afford to offend since every one of them was a Flowing Water Realm expert. These experts were either Elders of first-rate Guilds or vice commanders of adventurer teams…

Meanwhile, after Jin Hai University's bus found a parking spot, Lin Yaoyue, the leader of the group, said, "Let's get off the bus as well."

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SS Chapter 30:
Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
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