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ITDO - Chapter 195 - Trial Between Demigods

After the elf queen greeted Louie, her gaze turned towards the dragon coiled behind the square behind him. Although her face was shrouded with the mystical mist, anyone could feel that she was smiling.

“Miss Noella, I’m happy to be able to see you again after a thousand years.”

The queen was polite. No matter who met her, she would always be gentle towards them. Anyone could feel the gap in nobility when they face her, but they would also be attracted to her regardless of class and rank.

“Hmph! We meet again, Your Majesty!”

Noella raised her head and snorted. She did not have any ill will towards the elf queen, but it did not mean she had good feelings either.

The two of them did not really know each other well. But in the past Noella had once been curious about the Silver Moon Kingdom, so she sneaked inside, but was later found out by the queen and was driven out. As a proud dragon, she naturally had a bit of a grudge, but because she understood that sneaking in was unreasonable, she did not think of taking revenge.

Naturally, the main reason why Noella did not have any ill will towards the elf queen was that she wasn’t part of those people who tried to kill her a thousand years ago. As long as she did not trespass into the Forest of the Moon or massacre the elves, the elven queen did not really care much about the matter on the main continent.

“Your Majesty!”

The elven maids behind Louie all kneeled down and saluted. The elf queen glanced at them and knew what kind of changes they have gone through. She understood what a male dragon could do when she sent them over.

“Get up. You are already the maids of Lord Galakrond. No need to bow to me.”

The queen extended her hand to support the elves to stand up.

At this point, Louie said, “You don’t have to call me by my surname. Just Louie is fine. These maidens are still elves. You are the queen who has sheltered them for thousands of years. They deserve to show you respect.”

The queen slightly raised her head to look at Louie. From her body, Louie could feel an emotion of surprise.

The queen was truly surprised. Although there was brief contact between the two of them when they first met, there was no contact after that. The connection between Louie and the elves relied on Sisna to be the middleman. Everything the queen knew about Louie came from Sisna.

“Sisna is indeed correct. You are an unusual dragon.”

The elf queen sighed. She felt that most of the dragons were so prideful that others felt tired dealing with them. When dragons communicated, they were always angry, as a result, people had to be careful not to annoy them. If a dragon became a demigod, there was no doubt that their arrogance would break through the sky.

Although the queen could detect the pride buried deep within Louie’s bones, Louie’s outward performance would make others doubt that he was a dragon.

This was especially when Louie was in the form of an elf. The queen could only feel that his aura was now like an arrogant elf.

“These are the people who help me manage the city. I won’t introduce them anymore. Standing here is a bit inappropriate. Why don’t we go inside and have a long talk, Your Majesty.”

Louie casually pointed at Lysfer, Marches, and the others, but did not even go over their names. The reason for that was that Louie understood that the queen was a demigod. She might seem friendly, but she still possesses an instinctive disdain over mortals. Other than Louie who was a demigod like her, only Noella could make the queen look at her as the dragon who destroyed many countries a thousand years ago.

“Stay on guard here.”

The queen raised her hand and ordered the five hundred guards who followed her to guard the outside of the palace. She and Louie walked side by side and entered the palace together.

Other than the elven maids, everyone else was left outside. Sisna also remained standing outside in a disciplined manner. She knew that the reason the queen came here was to discuss important things with Lord Galakrond. Under the situation where she wasn’t allowed, she tried not to disturb.

The others also stayed passive. As the two demigods discussed matters, it was not in their place as mortals to make any guesses. Only Noella felt some dissatisfaction. With the arrival of the elf queen, her sleeping space had been occupied. She unhappily lay on the ground and closed her eyes. Although she could not sleep on a mountain of gold, the white-jade cast on the square was sufficient.

The five hundred elite elves brought by the queen straightened their bodies without saying a word. The guards of the Dragon City also stood guard to prevent anyone from disturbing the demigods’ conversation.

Louie, who entered the palace with the elf queen, looked at her from the corner of his eye.

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'The demigod elf queen was tall. According to Earth’s measurement, she was more than five feet tall, which was already close to the average male height in San Soliel. She wore a semi-transparent light muslin that hid her infinitely beautiful and delicate body. Her snow-white legs moved step by step, carrying a deadly charm with every swing.

Her slender waist was tightened by silver white ribbons. Although her face was covered in mist, that kind of hazy beauty was more confusing to the heartstrings. Her entire person emitted a dream-like divine aura that could make all people desire her.

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She was a beautiful woman that could only be described as a goddess. Although there were no external decorations on her body, her temper made her unapproachable.

Not long after, the two arrived at the place where Louie stored his treasure. Looking at the mountains of gold in contrast to the moon-like woman next to him, Louie suddenly felt that his treasures were somewhat vulgar.

They passed through the treasure trove and arrived at the back garden. Here, there were small bridges, rivers, and hundreds of flowers blooming. The environment was quiet and natural.

“The environment here is a bit similar to the Silver Moon Kingdom.”

The queen praised with a bit of joy in her tone.

In the garden, there were two chairs side by side with a square jade table in the middle. Since they were both demigods regardless of status and wealth, it was appropriate for them to sit on the same level.

“I know you’ve come a long way. I have specially prepared some good desserts for you.”

As Louie’s words came out, the elven maids walked in like fluttering butterflies. They brought several exquisite cakes that were high-grade goods from Earth. These cakes had been preserved by Louie with spells, allowing their taste to remain unchanged for a long period of time.

Other than the cakes decorated with cream and fruits, there was also a bottle of red wine brought in by the elves.

The queen looked at the pastries and then at the bottle of wine and let out a thoughtful smile, “These pastries and the bottle of wine are not made by any race in the main continent.”

She seemed to be unintentionally testing him.

‘She should have already guessed that these things came from a different realm, but she would never have imagined that these came from outside the Crystal Wall System. The amount of information I can get from her would depend on what she wants from me,’ Louie thought.

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