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ITDO - Chapter 193 - Men Love Health Care

The taverns in Dragon City were packed to the brim with visitors. Adventurers from far and wide came to the newly opened guild, and taverns were open all through the day.

These iron-blooded warriors needed the city’s facilities to maintain their weapons. And as people who lived on the edge of life and death, there was very little incentive to save for a tomorrow that might not come. With Dragon City’s facilities and expertise, it was sure to pull in many willing spenders.

With the consumers’ high demand, greedy merchants would also come to do business. These adventurers were like pirates that only came to shore only from time to time. They spent a lot of money on each visit, and this pulled countless merchants to the area. As a result, the citizens of Dragon City could also find work and earn extra income.

Naturally, the arrival of these adventurers would also put enormous pressure on the city’s security. In the recent period, crime rates had been on the rise, as a result, security had been the top priority of internal affairs.

A big man in leather armor took a sip of the low-quality wine and yelled on top of his voice due to the noise in the tavern, “What’s going on here? Is there a special event happening in Dragon City?”

“I heard that the queen of the Silver Moon Kingdom is coming to visit the city lord. The Lord gave orders to tidy up the city to welcome her arrival. After the residents heard that, they naturally put up decorations to welcome her. You must be new around here to not even know about this.”

A young man beside the big man said with a hint of mockery in his voice.

The big man gave the young speaker a vicious glare, but after seeing that the person who was laughing at him was wearing a simple robe and holding a wand, his anger immediately deflated, and whispered in astonishment, “A mage?”

“Yeah. I am a three-ring mage from the historical city of Agoron. After registering in the adventurer’s guild, I am now a silver rank adventurer. Heh, I heard that the dragon lord asked the adventurer’s guild to change the naming. ‘Silver rank adventurer’ sounds much more distinguished than ‘third rank adventurer’.”

The young mage looked easy-going. Although his face carried the pride of a mage, he still casually chatted with these crude warriors.

“I am a fourth rank warrior from the warrior capital of Kios. I am also a silver rank adventurer like you.”

The big man’s expression immediately became intimate. Knowing a mage was definitely a good thing for a party of adventurers.

“I could instantly tell you are from Kios with just a glance. If you were from Subila, I would have ignored you.”

The young man cheekily grinned. From the looks of it, he had just left his mentor and entered society, so he did not yet have much experience.

Kios and Agoron were both part of the Seven Kingdom Alliance.

It was an alliance made up of seven duchies who united to face off against the threat of the Subila Empire. As a result, they do not interact with the Subila Empire all that much.

The two smiled at each other and felt as if they were meeting an old friend.

“Speaking about the facilities here, they really piss me off. You have to go to the toilets to urinate, and if you’re caught urinating on the streets, you will be fined. I had to part with a small fortune earlier.”

“This is the law that the lord set. You have to obey it, but this city is so clean, much cleaner than Agoron.” The mage sighed.

“About the elf queen that you mentioned, is that the queen of the Silver Moon Kingdom, whose country doesn’t let a single outsider go in?”

“Yeah. It’s that place. That place is an elven settlement from my mentor. It’s said that the demigod-rank queen of the country hadn’t left the city for thousands of years. This time, her personal visit to Dragon City is considered an extremely rare event. It seems that the demigod primordial dragon is a lot more terrifying than imagined.”

At a glance, the mage seemed to know a lot more things and whispered, “My mentor said that the queen is a rare beauty in the world. Just look at the elves. Each one of them is beautiful, meaning that the queen’s appearance must be unimaginable.”

“Shhh, keep your voice down. That person’s a demigod, so let’s stop talking about it.”

The big man quickly raised his finger.

“What are you afraid of? She’s not a true God whose name couldn’t be said easily. It’s fine as long as we don’t bad-mouth demigods to their faces.

The mage’s knowledge brought him enough guts to talk about demigods without fear.

“Speaking of elves, there are so many fucking elves in this city, especially close to the east side barracks. There are a lot of pretty bubbly elf girls. Tsk. That body, that face, that skin, human women simply can not compare.”

The big man licked his lips and showed a lewd smile, “Fuck, after seeing so many elves, I thought I could play with one in the city. Unfortunately, I did not find any elves selling themselves in the city, but the human woman I had yesterday skin.”

“Don’t even think about it. Elves rarely do that kind of thing. Perhaps some do in the Subila Empire. That’s is why elven slaves are worth a lot of money. Even if there are elves that are selling themselves, do you think that you can even afford them? Playing with one a single time would suck your bank dry.”

The young man looked at his peer and beamed.

“I came to this city earlier than you and didn’t even find a place to play with women.”

“You mages are just too prideful, always ignoring those below you. This isn’t a place like the Theocracy, which doesn’t allow brothels to exist… As soon as I arrived here, I immediately found the place and heard them call it ‘health care'.”

The big man came over and carelessly said, “Our group has a total of seven people with a variety of professions. We are almost complete and just short of a mage. We accepted a quest from the lord to inspect the monsters and other races living in San Soliel Mountain Range. What do you say? Do you want to join us? It’s better to have someone watching your backs than fighting alone.”

The mage hesitated and under the big man’s gaze, he nodded his head, “Okay. If the quest isn’t too dangerous and your comrades are really as good as you say, I’ll agree.”

The big man smiled and hastily said, “Don’t worry. You can leave your backs to everyone. We won’t let you down. Now come, let’s drink a couple of cups as we watch the elf queen’s arrival. Let’s have a good time tonight.”

“Sorry, we mages do not drink.”

“Then you have lost one of the pleasures of men. What is the difference between that and not being able to have sex?”


The young man fell speechless.

Dragon City’s appearance gradually aligned with Louie’s expectations. At this time, he was waiting at the white marble plaza in front of the palace. His hand touched the railings as he looked over the city while waiting for the elven queen. Behind him were the elven maids who were all dressed up and waiting for their queen’s arrival.

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