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LTBE - Chapter 471.1: Sweet Bliss (1)

The sound of dripping water echoed particularly loudly inside the silent bathroom. Looking at the adorable woman before him, Roel’s golden pupils dilated as his mind stalled to a halt.

Lilian was born with a cold and lofty disposition. She rarely showed any intense emotions regardless of the situation. It was only during rare occasions, such as when they had close physical contact or exchanged words of affection, that she would reveal an embarrassed face to him, and it had never failed to enchant him.

But that trembling body, those reddened ears, and those eyes that were glimmering in embarrassment; this was a reaction that he had never seen before. These clues made some things apparent even if they weren’t said aloud.

The time of their disappearance, the sweet but intense sensations he had experienced in his dreams, his waking up inside of a bathtub, and that shy expression on her face; even the most dull-witted person would have been able to connect the dots!

Roel felt his heartbeat swiftly hasten whereas Lilian’s body trembled more and more. There were several seconds of awkward silence before Lilian frantically turned around.

“I-I’ll go change my clothes!”

She anxiously ran out of the bathroom, and the door automatically closed behind her.

Roel dazedly stared at the closed doors for a long while before he began blushing furiously. Heat gushed from his body into his brain, and he could almost hear how intensely his heart was thumping. Within the span of several seconds, his temperature shot up with the speed of a rocket ship, forcing him to douse himself with some cold water to regain his composure.

Could it be that senior and I… But why? No no, the reason is not important here! I need to first verify whether it did happen or not!

Roel quickly inspected his own body, but he had been soaking inside the bathtub for so long that any marks would have already disappeared. Left with no choice, he could only ask potential eye-witnesses.

He took a deep breath before establishing a communication window with the Primordial Earth Goddess.

“Peytra, are you there?”

“Yes, I’m here. What’s wrong?”

“I need to ask you something…”

He nervously posed his question, and Peytra answered him accordingly.

“You were in a weakened state then. In order to avoid placing greater stress on you, Grandar and I entrusted the witch the job of explaining the situation to that girl before severing our connection. I can’t say for sure what happened afterward.”

“I-is that so?”

Roel couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed by Peytra’s response, but the latter’s words suddenly took a 180-degree turn.

“While I didn’t witness anything, I must say that you woke up much quicker than you should have. The blessing I placed on you has also been consumed…”

“You placed a blessing on me?”

“I did. Have you forgotten about it? I gave it to you a few years ago, the fertility blessing…”


Roel was immediately reminded of the words the Primordial Earth Goddess had told him right after they sealed their contract, and his eyes widened in shock. In the dim mountain valley, Peytra nodded with a heartened, motherly smile.

I screwed up.

That was the thought on Lilian’s mind when she escaped from the bathroom. As soon as the bathroom door closed shut, she leaned against the door and slid to the ground as if all strength had suddenly left her body. She clasped her own face in deep remorse.

She wasn’t intending to tell Roel about their union so as to not burden him. After all, she was currently in a precarious position regarding the Austine Empire, and the two of them were going to part ways after this. It would only hurt him if he knew about it.

More importantly, she knew that Roel would surely treat her differently as a result of what had happened. That was simply the kind of person he was.

There was a period of time during Roel’s temporary age regression where the two of them had intimate physical contact with each other, but their usual interactions were not without restraints. If one really had to define it, it would be reminiscent of siblings.

Roel respected and admired Lilian as an older sister whereas Lilian doted on Roel as a younger brother.

It was this impression that Roel had of Lilian, as well as the knowledge that Emperor Lukas didn’t approve of their interactions, that made him tread carefully around her. He was worried that any transgression on his part would trouble her.

But this relationship couldn’t possibly stay the same when the two of them had already crossed the border. Roel would no longer be able to keep a passive stance when it came to Lilian, and the distance they had been subconsciously maintaining between them would swiftly collapse.

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This put Lilian in a dilemma.

She would be delighted to be treasured and protected by the person she loved, but at the same time, she felt that she should be the one shouldering the burden as the older one here. Between these two conflicting sentiments, her desire to avoid implicating Roel and turning him against the powerful Emperor Lukas was stronger.

The best way to avoid that was for Roel stay ignorant about their union. The two of them were the only ones left in the room after the ancient gods severed their connection with Roel, so as long as she adamantly denied it, there would be nothing Roel could do.

In order to hide the traces, she even dragged Roel’s body to the bathroom to cleanse him despite being exhausted and hurt from her first experience. She thought that she would be able to hide everything from him once she washed their clothes and put them back on.

However, her plan went awry when Roel woke up faster than she had expected. She heard the sound of Roel falling down in the bathtub and got worried, so she barged in without a second thought. This moment of carelessness ended up giving it all away.

When Roel asked her about what happened, she couldn’t conceal her own embarrassment. Her mind was so overheated that she couldn’t even spin up a proper lie. All she could do was awkwardly stop his questioning before escaping in a fluster.

It looked like it was no longer possible to hide the truth from Roel, but she had no idea what she should do.

I knew from the start that it wasn’t right for me to do this to him while he was unconscious… Will he hate me for it? What if he thinks of me as a loose woman? 

Lilian couldn’t stop herself from getting pessimistic about the situation. It took a while before she finally snapped out of it and hurriedly changed into her clothes. Then, she sat down on a chair and began waiting with unease.

Time ticked by, but Lilian didn’t regain her composure in the least. She racked her brain for a solution, but nothing came to mind.

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Her wandering thoughts only halted when the bathroom door finally opened. From within, a fully-clothed Roel walked out.


Two hearts thumped as a pair of golden eyes met a pair of amethyst eyes.

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