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LTBE - Chapter 471.2: Sweet Bliss (2)

Roel was already certain of what had happened after posing the question to Peytra, but that gave birth to another doubt: Why is Lilian unwilling to talk about it?

He had contemplated it and thought that she simply didn’t want to change their present relationship. Also, it was an awkward topic for her to talk about since this was not a subject she was exposed to in her education as a princess of the Austine Empire. While they had shared a few intimate moments in the past, those were mostly triggered by their bloodline resonance.

The Austine Empire was even more conservative than the Theocracy in terms of culture and traditions. Modesty was a virtue in the Austine Empire, and Lilian was viewed to be the role model amongst the conservatism proponents in the Austine Empire.

Unlike Nora, who was only putting on a poise front, Lilian was truly conservative deep down. That could be seen as much by how she had never danced with a male partner before meeting Roel. That was simply the upbringing she had received, and her cold nature naturally complemented it.

In fact, before she was aware that she was Roel’s bloodline kin, she had avoided physical contact with him despite the natural attraction from their bloodline resonance.

Roel couldn’t imagine how much courage it must have taken for a woman like her to suddenly fast forward into doing something this bold. Just recalling her trembling body and tearful expression made his heart go out to her.

He knew that she would require a great deal of mental preparation to talk about something like that, and Roel wasn’t so unconscientious as to make fun of her over it. Of course, he knew that this was a conversation they needed to have, and it would be unwise to postpone it. He would just have to avoid probing too deeply and causing her discomfort.

While Roel was thinking about how to approach this matter, Lilian’s nerves were already straining from the prolonged silence. The hands she was hiding behind her back were furiously twisting and turning. She forced a smile onto her face and broke the silence.

“Are you feeling better now? You must still be feeling a little exhausted from the earlier ordeal. Why don’t you take a short rest or…”

“Senior… I know.”


Despite Lilian’s attempt at sidetracking, Roel unhesitatingly cut into the crux of the matter. His candor shook Lilian’s resolve.

“… I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.”

“Just as I thought. You’re trying to hide this matter from me. Why made you have such thoughts?”


Lilian was unable to answer the question, so she chose to silently lower her head instead.

Roel narrowed his eyes. He spent a moment in thought before putting on a strained smile.

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“Could it be that you don’t have any feelings for me? You were simply trying to help me, that’s why you…” he asked with a sorrowful voice.

“No! That’s not it!” Lilian immediately denied it in agitation.

Under Roel’s scheming, she was forced to abandon her initial plan.

Admitting what had happened between them last night was embarrassing to her, but it wasn’t unacceptable to her since it could change Roel’s attitude toward her. What was unacceptable to her, however, was for her own love to be misunderstood and misinterpreted. Compared to that, everything else was of minor importance.

So, Lilian bucked up her courage to walk up to Roel and hold his hand.

“I apologize for hiding the truth from you, but that isn’t the reason why I chose to do so. I simply don’t want to burden you with my current situation…” Lilian revealed her worries as her eyelids drooped down.

Roel was left at a loss for words.

He knew deep down that he could no longer treat Lilian the same way as before after learning about their union last night. He was already dissatisfied about Lilian’s departure from the very start, and that thought only grew stronger after all that had happened.

It was just that Lilian had already made up her mind.

“I’m happy that you’re worried about me, but I wish to resolve the matters in the Austine Empire by myself. Can you promise me that you won’t get involved in it?”


“Trust me, Roel.”

“… Alright.”

Roel hesitated for a long while under Lilian’s pleading, but he eventually nodded in resignation.

Lilian had always been the most independent one amongst the women Roel was involved with. There were times when he hoped that Lilian could rely on him a little, but ironically, this was also a side of her that he liked and admired.

Everyone had their own path to walk on.

Lilian couldn’t constantly be with Roel because she had her own faction and connections to maintain,but in return, it gave her profound happiness and satisfaction whenever Roel relied on her like a younger brother. Undermining that was no different from trampling all over her pride.

Still, there were some things that Roel had to say as a man.



“I like you.”


Roel whispered a confession to Lilian before gently pulling her into his embrace.

Lilian was caught off guard by the abrupt attack. She gasped as her eyes widened to the brim. Redness flushed her cheeks within seconds.

“W-why are you saying this all of a sudden…”

“I’m answering the question you asked me last night. I don’t think I gave you a proper answer back then, so I’m making up for it now.”

“You have already given me a proper answer back then.”

“I did? Then… what was your response?”

Roel looked into her eyes and patiently awaited her answer. Recalling what she had said last night, Lilian’s eyes glazed over in deep affection.

“… I love you.”

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It was the same answer as before, but Roel was fully conscious this time around. He didn’t give a response right away, but his breathing noticeably hastened. The two of them deeply looked into each other’s eyes before they finally succumbed to their rampaging emotions and kissed.

It started off with a light kiss, but it quickly deepened along with the intensity of their feelings. It was almost as if they were venting everything that they had kept repressed inside all this time. A surge of bliss and satisfaction slowly washed away Lilian’s unease, and Roel’s eyes slowly glazed over as well.

In tight embrace, they staggered toward a nearby chair and plopped down on it. Both of their faces revealed their inner desires. However, when their lips temporarily parted after a passionate kiss to catch their breath, Lilian suddenly showed a conflicted look.

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