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LTBE - Chapter 471.3: Sweet Bliss (3)


Noticing Lilian’s response, Roel thought that he had done something wrong to incur his lover’s unhappiness. Lilian averted her eyes and murmured softly.

“Sorry, I still can’t…”

“You still can’t? Senior, what do you mean by that?”

Roel was confused by Lilian’s vague answer, and his further questions only further fanned Lilian’s embarrassment. After a long internal conflict, she placed her hand on her abdomen.

“Here. It was too i-intense last night, so I still can’t…”


Those bashful words lit up an inferno in Roel’s mind, and his body immediately stiffened up. However, Lilian misunderstood his reaction and hurriedly explained.

“R-Roel, it’s different for both of us. A woman’s first time tends to be more demanding…”

“Senior, you don’t have to explain it to me. I understand.”

Seeing how Lilian had started awkwardly explaining human biology to him despite her embarrassment, Roel quickly hugged her and gently stroked her hair. Lilian also heaved a sigh of relief.

Just like that, the two of them slowly calmed down.

As a man who possessed the body of a transcendent and carried the blessing of the Primordial Earth Goddess, it was impossible for him not to feel lust after he had his first taste of the forbidden fruit. However, the occasional pained looks that flashed across Lilian’s face made his heart ache, and it gradually dulled his desires.

“Does it hurt a lot? If we use spells to…”

“I don’t want to use those for my first time. It’s a custom of our Austine Empire too,” Lilian shook her head and refuted the suggestion.

It was indubitably painful for her, but she wanted to cherish this experience. This pain wouldn’t last too long anyway considering that she was a high transcendent. However, there was another matter that she was worried about—protective measures.

Lilian was educated enough to understand the consequences of not taking protective measures, but the circumstances back then didn’t permit that.

Roel was unconscious and couldn’t give any warnings beforehand, and it was her first time too. By the time she realized what was going on, it was already too late. To make things worse, she had never learned any relevant spells to deal with as the imperial princess.

She was intending to ask the Witch Queen to help her resolve this issue after it was all over, but as if having seen through her thoughts, Artasia refused to make an appearance afterward. In the end, she could only head to the bathroom and wash it out as quickly as she could.

Of course, there were limitations to such a measure. Once a watering can had sprayed over a flower field, the moisture would swiftly seep into the ground, making it impossible to undo the watering. It was more of a psychological consolation than anything else.

“… It should be fine, I think.”


“I-it’s nothing.”

Lilian shook her head as she decided against saying something as embarrassing as that. She didn’t think that it was likely for them to strike it on the first shot anyway.

The probability of reproduction for human transcendents reduced correspondingly to their Origin Levels. Given that both Roel and Lilian were high transcendents, the chances of them having a child on the first try was abysmally low.

If they got married and wanted to have a child in the future, they would require a huge amount of complementary magic tools and medicine used over many attempts before their love finally crystallized.

Those thoughts put Lilian’s mind at ease. She was painfully oblivious to the fertility blessing Roel had received from the Primordial Earth Goddess.

Roel also thought about this problem too, but looking at her already blushing face, he couldn’t bear to make her any more embarrassed.

It’s senior we’re talking about here. She would have dealt with it promptly. 

This was where Roel’s impression of Lilian as a reliable older sister backfired on them. He believed far too much in her meticulousness that he chose not to probe into it. The following request from her further diverted his attention away from this topic.

“Can you accompany me to the bedroom?”

“Of course. Are you feeling tired?”

“A little, but that’s not the reason why… There is something I would like to show you.”

“Something? Ah. I-I understand.”

Realization swiftly struck Roel, and he tactfully chose not to say anything else. He carried Lilian up in his arms and began heading toward the neighboring room. Meanwhile, Lilian turned her head away out of sheer embarrassment.

They soon entered a bedroom, where they found themselves speechless at the sight of a completely tattered bed.

“You have suffered last night, senior,” Roel said with a pang of guilt.

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Lilian shook her head in response. She pointed to a corner of the bed.

“It should be there.”

Roel took in a deep breath before making his way over under Lilian’s guidance. The lighting in the room was dim, but the trace of crimson blood on the bed sheet was impossible not to notice. It made his body shudder a little.

“Senior, I…”

“Hush. I don’t need any promises or vows. I just want you to know one thing…”

Lilian placed her finger on Roel’s lips and raised her head. She leaned toward his ears and whispered softly.

“I have never felt as blissful as I currently am.”

With a whisper overflowing with sweetness, Lilian wrapped her arms around Roel’s neck.

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