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ITDO - Chapter 178 - Aren't I Superman!

[Ultimate Weapon Project phase 2 completed. Commencing genetic comparison]

[In progress…]

[The host has reached full adulthood. Evaluation completed. Host has completely surpassed other adult dragons in the world of San Soliel. You have increased resistance to the natural environment and increased resistance to physical attacks. Resistance to magic cannot be compared due to lack of data…]

[Skeletal growth and development: normal. Neurological development: normal. Muscle development: normal. Cellular activity: increased. Mental state: stable….]

[New biological features have been generated without rejection.]

[Ultimate Weapon Project phase 2 meets Terran Civilization’s expectations. Now proceeding to phase 3.]

[Warning! Warning! Insufficient energy source. Insufficient energy source. Energy source not found, evolution temporarily suspended.]

[Please continue working diligently.]

When Louie woke up in a daze, he could still hear a series of electromechanical noises in his head.

When he opened his eyes, the usual hall filled with luxury was still before him.

Then, he shook his head awake and stood up.

His muscles and bones creaked and crackled with a loud sound. He unfolded his wings and felt as if he had just woken up from a long coma with his muscles still sore.

By this time, he found out that his body had grown again. His body size was already at the limit of what an ordinary dragon could reach. Looking at his appearance alone, no one would think that Louie was an adult dragon. They would think that he was more like an elder dragon who was reaching towards the realm of an ancient dragon.

As his body grew again, the cathedral seemed even smaller. The cathedral was ultimately prepared for human prayer. No matter how magnificent it was, everything would seem small to a dragon.

Before this, his size was not too big, but now that Louie had reached the size limit of an ordinary dragon, the cathedral felt somewhat insufficient.

‘As a dragon, I should honestly live in a cave, an ice field, a swamp, or a volcano. Living in a human palace is not right.’

Louie smiled in self-ridicule. He did not think about the idea of expanding the cathedral to meet his size. That would be enough to be considered a big project in modern society. If it was built in the world of San Soliel it would definitely be on the level of a ‘wonder of the world’.

Even if a million people enlisted to work together, it would be difficult to finish the structure in just a few decades. Louie was not the kind of tyrant who would do such a thing. Moreover, there were only about a hundred thousand people in Dragon City, where was he going to find a million people?

For the world of San Soliel, a population of a hundred thousand people was already equivalent to a major city. The majority of cities only had tens of thousands of people in their population. Cities with more than a hundred thousand people would be royal capitals.

“But when I become God later, that degree of magnificent architecture would only cost a little divine power to make. Hehe.”

Louie muttered. With a thought, his body began to shrink to a more suitable size for the cathedral. After sensing that he was in the right size, he felt very satisfied.

Louie was an adult dragon, but this was probably an analogy by the Terran Civilization. Compared to other adult dragons of San Soleil, Louie was far stronger. Feeling the abundant magic power inside his body, Louie felt a vigorous energy surge in his body and his muscles were eager to flex.

He felt that he did not need to use any divine power to deal with a legendary rank powerhouse. Just his physical strength would be enough.

If the tenth rank was called the legendary rank, then Louie was already at the twelfth rank. The world was divided into ranks and the limit of what mortals could achieve was the ninth rank, but far above that were the Gods that were probably around the fifteenth rank and above.

Even so, Louie doubted that there were many of these ancient Gods still alive. No matter how high their ranks were or whether they were mortals, they were still easily killed by the Terran Civilization. During the Era of Disaster, those ancient beings faced the Terran Civilization, but they weren’t different from mortals in front of the high-tech weapons.

“Eh, there’s another new gimmick in my body?”

Louie once again sensed his body and found another biological organ in his body. It was probably the weapon that the intelligent brain told him during evolution. Although he was a bit dissatisfied with the forced body modification, it was still barely acceptable since he wasn’t being turned into a mechanical dragon.

With a thought, Louie used the [Ultimate Transformation] spell he learned from the Queen of Calamity and transformed into a human. This spell was originally part of a dragon’s skills, but the reason many dragons don’t use it was because they were too lazy to learn it and were not willing to turn into different creatures.

“This ability…”

Louie used the new organ that appeared inside his body. He could feel his fingertips twitch, and then he pointed at the wall. In an instant, a beam of light shot out from his finger and penetrated the walls consecutively to a far distance.

“High Energy Beam?”

Louie thought that this was similar to Freiza’s Death Bullet where a laser shot out from his finger and penetrated any material.

Louie once again used the new organ and focused on his eyes. He began to feel a warm feeling and in the next instant, lasers shot out from his eyes.

“I think I could go out wearing tights and pretend I’m Superman.”

Louie sighed and began to think about this ability.

This was a beam of high precision, high heat, high speed, and high energy. Although it exists on Earth, they weren’t able to find use in actual combat. If it was really developed for actual combat, it would be much more powerful than a railgun. Just a single one would be able to intercept any missiles from the air.

A single laser strike would be able to detonate any missile in midair. If there were no countermeasures for it prepared, it would be enough to put a country out of action.

Moreover, this was a pure energy weapon. In terms of single target damage, it was extremely strong. Although the area of effect was very small, it was difficult to block.

“This ability is not a spell. Although it is made by scientific means, it’s ultimately grounded in biology. This might be a heritable trait. If I have an heir in the future, they could also emit this high-energy beam as long as they have this organ.”

When he became God, he could gather all of his genetic potentials and abilities and create a new system for his descendants.

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This would make them look more like Dragon God’s descendants. Their physical structures would be different from other mortal creatures and they could face off against those of higher rank than them with the power of the high energy beam. As his offspring, they should naturally be different from others.

That way, they would be worthy of being called descendants of the Dragon God.

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