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EIF - Book 05 Chapter 003: Borderless Heavenly Capital

“Stop!” Gu Hai shouted.


The fleet stopped in the blink of an eye.

Everyone looked at Chaoge City in the distance together with Gu Hai.

Chaoge City looked as ruined as before. However, a humongous island floated in the sky above Chaoge City. This island was even larger than the previous Chaoge City.

The countless soldiers and officials in the fleet had never seen such a massive floating island before.

That floating island trembled slightly as though slowly docking in the sky. Many Han Nation officials and soldiers boarded flying ships to go and welcome Gu Hai.

“What a…what a…what a large floating island!”

“Is this Nine-Five Island?”

The officials behind Gu Hai showed shocked expressions.

Mo Yike narrowed his eyes slightly. “A huge floating island? Nine-Five Island? No wonder there was no news of it. It turned out that His Majesty sent it to the Divine Continent by making it fly into the sky?”

“This seems somewhat similar to the Qian Heavenly Dynasty’s Heavenly Court City. A huge city floating in the air?” Venerable Liu Nian marveled at the side.

“The Qian Heavenly Dynasty? Heavenly Court City?” Gu Hai looked at Venerable Liu Nian.

Venerable Liu Nian nodded. “The Qian Heavenly Dynasty has floating islands similar to your Nine-Five Island; thirty-three of them. They seem to be arranged in some sort of ritual array, spread out in the sky. The main city is called Heavenly Court City. The other thirty-two are subsidiary cities; they all have ‘heaven’ in their names. They are known as the thirty-three layers of heaven.”

“The thirty-three layers of heaven?” Gu Hai narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Heavenly Court City is the heart of the capital. The palace hall where the heavenly assembly is held is called the Rising Heaven Throne Hall, the best palace hall in the world!” Venerable Liu Nian nodded.

“The thirty-three layers of heaven, Heavenly Court City, Rising Heaven Throne Hall? The Qian Heavenly Emperor?” Gu Hai nodded with a frown.

At this moment, Gu Qin, Gao Xianzhi, Chen Tianshan, Bing Ji, and Miao Chen led a group of officials over to welcome Gu Hai.

“We welcome Your Majesty back to the capital!” the officials saluted.

Gu Hai nodded.

“Imperial Father, why did you stop here? Nine-Five Island has already arrived. We still need Imperial Father to determine the final location. Imperial Father, please return to the Soaring Palace Hall and take charge!” Gu Qin said respectfully.

Gu Hai looked at the blessings cloud sea above Chaoge City. When the Yuan Nation was eliminated, a significant amount of blessings flowed towards Chaoge City, nearly doubling Chaoge City’s blessings cloud sea.

“No. We will go and make offerings to the victims of the calamity first!” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Yes!” the officials answered.

Many officials and soldiers immediately headed to the graves of the victims, as well as informing the citizens about it.

Gu Hai’s flying ship carried his group to the many graves and slowly landed there.

The surrounding citizens looked at Gu Hai.

“Your Majesty, many thanks for taking revenge for my father!”

“Your Majesty, many thanks for taking revenge for my son!”

“Many thanks, Your Majesty!”

The many citizens bowed in gratitude. At the same time, their eyes glowed with exceptional respect as they looked at Gu Hai.

More than a month ago, boundless blessings had suddenly flowed over, making the blessings cloud sea larger and denser. Even without anyone informing them, the citizens knew that Imperial Emperor Xi Yu had died.

The emperor had gone to the Yuan Nation to avenge the dead citizens. The survivors felt grateful for that, but they had not held much hope for their emperor’s success.

That was Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. Furthermore, he was in his capital. Who could be confident of killing him?

However, their emperor had done it.

At this moment, the various citizens looked at Gu Hai with eyes brimming with curiosity.

The citizens stood silently at the entrance to the ten million graves.

Officials from the ministry of rites brought a goblet of wine to Gu Hai.

Gu Hai held up the wine as he faced these ten million graves. Then, he poured the wine on the ground.

“This wine is in honor of the dead citizens. We have already avenged you. Imperial Emperor Xi Yu is dead. You can rest in peace now!” Gu Hai said gravely.

Ordinary people could not see it, but many mortal souls stood at the various graves. When they saw Gu Hai offering wine to them, those mortal souls suddenly bowed respectfully.

“Many thanks, Your Majesty. Long live the Han Royal Dynasty! May the Han Royal Dynasty last for ten thousand years!”

Ten million mortal souls bowed respectfully.

Others could not see or hear these souls. However, they felt cold winds suddenly kick up from the various graves. Then, golden light appeared out of those cold winds and rushed towards Gu Hai.

“It’s beneficence? Providence? It’s my father! He saw it! He saw it!” Some survivors let out pleasantly surprised shouts.

“What a lot of beneficence! It’s my mother and the others!”

The surviving citizens called out excitedly.

After Gu Hai offered a cup of wine, he turned to look at Mo Yike.

“Mister Mo, Chang Sheng’s and Qin Yun’s graves are there.” Gu Hai pointed to a nearby plot of graves.

Mo Yike nodded. Some of the Mo Clan’s people behind him slowly made their way to that area, carrying two coffins. Naturally, some officials quickly helped to dig pits.

“Father, Mother, this child acted on my own initiative to move your graves here. Father, the Yuan Nation is already destroyed. Chang Sheng and Qin Yun are beside you. You were sworn brothers in life. May you accompany each other in death,” Mo Yike said gravely.

After that, the Mo Clan’s group interred the coffins into the graves and proceeded with the ceremonial rites for moving graves.

Gu Hai waited patiently.

Gu Hai only led everyone into Nine-Five Island, the large island floating at least five thousand kilometers above, after everything was done.

“We welcome Your Majesty back to the capital!”

“Long live Your Majesty! May Your Majesty live for ten thousand years!”

When Gu Hai’s group entered Nine-Five Island, the citizens’ cheers rang out in the surroundings.

Amid the cheers and congratulations, Gu Hai flew to the Soaring Palace Hall’s plaza.

At the Soaring Palace Hall’s plaza, Dongfang Bubai narrowed his eyes at Gu Hai.

“You killed Imperial Emperor Xi Yu?” Dongfang Bubai said with some surprise.

“It can be considered so,” Gu Hai said with a faint, bitter smile.

Dongfang Bubai’s pupils constricted. Back then, he had seen Imperial Emperor Xi Yu. Even he did not have the confidence to kill Imperial Emperor Xi Yu, yet Gu Hai managed it.

At the side, the expressions of Qin Zibai, Mo Yike, and others changed. This is Dongfang Bubai?

“The Thirty Line-Pair World Ritual Array?” Mo Yike exclaimed.

Gu Hai nodded.

“Imperial Father, what do you think?” Gu Qin asked.

However, Gu Hai just walked to the Life Trapper Saber.


Gu Hai extended his hand and grabbed the Life Trapper Saber’s handle.

“Chaoge City is reduced to ruins. However, the Han Nation will never die. After Chaoge City’s destruction, another city appears above Chaoge City. Nine-Five Island will float above the ruins of Chaoge City!” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” the officials answered.


Using the Life Trapper Saber, Gu Hai controlled Nine-Five Island to shift its position, bringing it directly above the ruined Chaoge City.

No one dared to say anything when Gu Hai made this arbitrary decision.

“Announcing to the entire Han Royal Dynasty!” Gu Hai called out.

With Gu Hai’s shout, the Han Nation’s blessings cloud sea suddenly churned and carried Gu Hai’s voice to the ears of all the Han Royal Dynasty’s citizens.

This startled all the citizens in the Han Royal Dynasty’s twenty-five cities.

This is His Majesty’s voice?

“The Han Royal Dynasty’s Nine-Five Island will float above the ruins of Chaoge City. From today on, Nine-Five Island’s name will be Borderless Heavenly Capital. The Han Royal Dynasty shall be borderless and everlasting!” Gu Hai’s voice rang out again.

Borderless Heavenly Capital? When all the citizens heard Nine-Five Island’s new name, they seemed to guess something.

“From today on, the new capital shall be Borderless Heavenly Capital. The Han Royal Dynasty’s Borderless Heavenly Capital!” Gu Hai shouted.


The blessings cloud sea churned again. Then, it suddenly rose, moving from the ruined Chaoge City to Borderless Heavenly Capital. This caused a great movement in the blessings cloud sea.


The news immediately spread throughout the Han Royal Dynasty.

Borderless Heavenly Capital… countless citizens thought to themselves.

The news of Borderless Heavenly Capital seemed to grow wings, spreading out in all directions.


The emperor’s study, Heavenly Court City:

A curtain divided the study into two halves. Gongyang Sheng, Sima Zongheng, Ye Shenzhen, and a group of important officials stood respectfully in the outer half of the study. The Qian Heavenly Emperor could be seen indistinctly through the curtains, sitting on the throne as he flipped through the various reports.

“Is there news from the first crown prince, the second crown prince, or the third crown prince?” the Qian Heavenly Emperor asked indifferently.

Ye Shenzhen stepped forward and replied, “Yes. This official has placed the reports on Your Holy Eminence’s table already. The first crown prince sent out brave and fierce soldiers, enjoying a strong momentum along the way as they swept their way through the Xuan Imperial Dynasty. They killed the Xuan Imperial Emperor two months ago and eliminated the Xuan Imperial Dynasty.”

“Two months ago? My first son? Pretty good. My first son is a patient person, and he keeps his strengths hidden. He is brave and wise, considered excellent in both aspects. Two months ago? He must have used his full power. What about my second son?” The Qian Heavenly Emperor nodded.

“The second crown prince caused chaos in the Ye Imperial Dynasty with the aid of the Heaven Shaking Sect. They killed the Ye Imperial Emperor one month ago and eliminated the Ye Imperial Dynasty,” Ye Shenzhen said respectfully.

“My second son is not as brave and martially inclined as my first son, but he is extremely intelligent. As long as he had time, the Ye Imperial Dynasty’s destruction was inevitable. Furthermore, he had the Heaven Shaking Sect to help him. Even so, eliminating the Ye Nation this quickly is pretty good.” The Qian Heavenly Emperor nodded.

“Yes!” Ye Shenzhen nodded.

“What about my third son? Right now, he is using a clone. Since he is not using his true body, there are some disadvantages; that clone’s combat prowess and intelligence are lacking. That’s why we permitted him to use the Heaven Splitting Ax once to make up for that disadvantage. How is he doing?” the Qian Heavenly Emperor asked seriously.

“The third crown prince stationed himself in Major Metropolitan City three months ago. The Yuan Imperial Dynasty is already destroyed,” Ye Shenzhen replied with a bitter smile.

“Oh? One month earlier than my first son?” The Qian Heavenly Emperor appeared slightly shocked.

Ye Shenzhen nodded respectfully. The Qian Heavenly Emperor picked out Long Shenwu’s report and carefully read it.

After some silence, the Qian Heavenly Emperor said, “It was Gu Hai who eliminated the Yuan Nation?”

“Yes. He used psychological attacks to push Imperial Emperor Xi Yu to death. Gu Hai is very terrifying. Your Holy Eminence…” Ye Shenzhen looked at the Qian Heavenly Emperor worriedly.

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“Your Holy Eminence, Gu Hai moved his capital and renamed it Borderless Heavenly Capital. He is very ambitious,” Sima Zongheng said with a frown.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor shook his head. “We know. However, it is a good thing.”

“Huh?” Everyone could not understand as they looked at the Qian Heavenly Emperor behind the curtains.

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The name proved Gu Hai’s wild ambitions. How was that a good thing?

“What about the Floating Cloud Sect?” the Qian Heavenly Emperor asked.

“We have people planted in the Floating Cloud Sect, so when our army went to attack it, it surrendered. That happened half a month ago,” Ye Shenzhen replied with a smile.

The Qian Heavenly Emperor nodded. “Quickly deal with these war zones. The Ten Thousand Sages Convention will begin soon. Gongyang Sheng, we assigned you to host the calligraphy Dao convention. How are your preparations?”

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