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ITDO - Chapter 164 - The Destruction of the American Military Base

The American Military Base in Okinawa was one of the largest bases of the United States of America in Japan. It housed more than 20,000 U.S. soldiers and a variety of aircraft and tanks.

The main role of this base was to contain the whole of Asia, in the name of the victorious countries of World War II. The United States of America blatantly placed troops in East Asia, specifically Okinawa Island and South Korea, as a constraint against China and Russia.

Now that there weren’t many soldiers in the U.S. base due to being dispatched to Tokyo to participate in the battle between humans and monsters. Only senior officers and logistics personnel were left behind.

The commander of the U.S. Army in Japan was also in the base, observing the battlefront through American satellites. While observing, he received information about the battle between the superhumans and the deep ones.

“Lord, I never imagined that the legends and myths were real. I wonder when you will grace us, mortals, with your divine presence and miracles.”

This commander was a devout Christian believer. He held the cross around his neck and uttered a prayer in shock and joy.

Since there were supernatural beings and Gods in the East, wouldn’t that mean that his God also existed? Maybe his God just hadn’t been paying too much focus on the small world and mortals?

“No, I shouldn’t question God’s existence. We are all the Lord’s lambs.”

He whispered in prayer. Just then, the sound of hurried footsteps echoed outside the war room.

“Sir, we must run! We must quickly escape!”

Seeing that his adjutant had even forgotten to salute and rushed directly into the war room, the commander was ready to berate him.

But before he could say anything else, the adjutant pulled on his sleeves and shouted, “Sir, we should quickly think of a way to leave this place! The base is finished, we are all finished!”

“What is happening?”

The next moment the commander fell silent. As they finally reached the observatory platform outside, despair immediately set in their hearts.

“Fuck! What's that! What the fuck is that?!”

In front of him, An emerald glow radiated in the skies. It looked like the wind was spitting out flames and was spreading towards the base.

Anything that was touched by it disappeared into nothingness. Lookout posts, tanks, planes, buildings; anything it touched, as long as it was physical, would be tossed about by the wind. Very quickly, the entire airfield was being devoured by the wind. Even the land was turning barren to the point where plants could not grow.

The American soldiers ran as they shouted in terror, but the speed of humans could not beat the speed of the wind. A soldier had accidentally been pulled in, He couldn’t even shout even if he wanted to as he was turned to dust. It wasn’t something that modern technology could do. It was more like aliens using black technology to destroy everything.

“Lord, have you abandoned us….”

The commander looked at everything with a grievance.

There was a helicopter trying to fly away, but the wind was too fast and too high. It could be called omnipresent. In an instant, the helicopter fell to the ground and turned to dust.

“Is this the Chinese man’s revenge…”

The commander looked at the wind that gradually approached.

He calmly said, “I still remember the scene that I saw a while ago. Didn’t that summoned God blew out air? If I remember correctly, it blew out in this base’s direction.”

“Is this the power of the Gods? This is truly something that couldn’t be defended against. Perhaps only God could save us.”

At this time, the commander piously kneeled down.

His adjutant caught him and impatiently shouted, “Sir, our plane can still move. We can still make it if we go now.”

“We won’t make it. Just pray to God like me. The airfield has already been obliterated and the fighter plane lacks space to fly. Helicopters are not fast enough. The only thing we can do now is to pray to God, pray that we might go to heaven.”

“Have you committed any sins recently? If there are, take this chance to confess while this miraculous existence is here. Don’t tell me you don’t believe in heaven?!”

These words made the adjutant go silent. The fear of the thought that he might go to hell appeared in his heart.

He followed the captain and also kneeled on the ground. He cried as he confessed while longing for the opportunity to go to heaven.

The green radiance covered the world, turning everything into nothing.


The only thing left of the Okinawa American Military Base was an arid desert.

A single breath from a Torch Dragon actually destroyed the overseas base of the United States of America. When this news was delivered to the governments of various countries, the shock was as strong as the time when the Torch Dragon turned night into day.

Almost thirty thousand people were stationed in this base. It was the most fully equipped base of the United States of America overseas. It was also their most important base in the east made to protect their interests.

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But surprisingly, a single breath from the Torch Dragon had made everything disappear. It disappeared in such a bizarre way that only barren land was left behind.

Moreover, nothing other than the military base was touched. The residential area was still the same, demonstrating the control Gods had over their power.

A single breath had destroyed an entire base. The power of those Gods was simply too different from those superhumans. For Gods, destroying the entire world would probably take only a single breath.

The United States of America suffered such a heavy loss that they never encountered after World War II.

The Japanese side was also grateful for this news. They felt lucky that they were able to deal with the crisis in Tokyo. If the horrible evil god Cthulhu had descended, then 30 million people in Tokyo would probably have to be buried.

Just at the moment when the Okinawa base was destroyed, a huge dragon, that no one could see, was soaring in the skies.

This novel is _hosted_ by h0sted n0v3l.

The old man in Tokyo was just a false image that Louie had left behind. He had already transformed back into a dragon and used [Camouflage] to come to the American Military Base. He timed it right to the point when the Torch Dragon breathed out and quickly used his divine power to use his emerald dragon breath to create this scene.

It must be known that the power of the ‘Emerald Dragon Breath’ contained divine power that was close to that of the Gods. It was a manifestation of the divine authority of dreams. It could destroy even the strongest military base of the United States of America.

“My mouth feels so dry. I finally wiped out this base.”

The dragon cursed while checking his own divine power. He immediately cried out as he had pulled all the stops this time around. He could almost see the bottom of his divine power.

But he could not just stay his hand when the United States of America slapped his face. In order to make the United States of America be more careful in the future, Louie had to do this.

“I hope that my cross-dimensional faith experiment succeeds. If it fails, then everything I’ve done will be for naught.”

While mumbling to himself, his draconic figure disappeared into the distance.

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