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MCAB - Chapter 150

When Tang Tongtong looked at Jun Zishu and Yu Fanshu talking quietly to each other, he felt that the two of them really shared a good relationship. At the same time, though, he couldn't help but be confused by this scene.

Logically, with her status in the entertainment industry, Yu Fanshu did not need to pay attention to Jun Zishu at all. Not to mention, it wouldn't even be strange if Yu Fanshu tried to crush Jun Zishu because of the latter's past actions. It also wouldn't be difficult for Yu Fanshu to accomplish such an action. Yet, Yu Fanshu didn't do so.

So, did this mean that Jun Zishu was about to rise in the entertainment circle? If Yu Fanshu intended to support Jun Zishu, it was definitely possible for something like that to happen.

There were no cameras in the bedrooms. After lunch, everyone retired to their rooms to do their respective things. They would come out only when it was necessary to get on camera again.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, Jun Zishu planned to head out again.

"I asked the crew just now, and they say that we still need to continue filming at night, so I'm going to head out and buy some ingredients. Do you want to come with me?" Jun Zishu asked.

"I'll go." Yu Fanshu nodded without hesitation.

After putting on their sun hats, Jun Zishu and Yu Fanshu left for the wet market again. Meanwhile, a cameraman followed them a short distance away.

After walking for some distance, Yu Fanshu suddenly covered the microphone clipped to her collar and asked, "Do you have any plans to jump ship?"

Jun Zishu was momentarily startled by Yu Fanshu's question. Then, she mimicked the other party and covered her microphone as well before answering, "Of course I do. I don't want to stay in this company anymore. Although I am grateful to them for bringing me in, their philosophy and mine are just too incompatible."

Moreover, this company was very exploitative, and she was in urgent need of money.

"Why don't you come to my company, then?"


Jun Zishu tilted her head, finding it a little hard to believe Yu Fanshu's words.

"Come to Brilliance. Although I can't say that it is the best, its resources are clear for all to see. You'll have more room for development if you come to Brilliance. Moreover, Brilliance's PR team is much more responsible."

"But Brilliance won't want me. I still lack the ability to attract its attention."

"My family runs Brilliance."


"I have absolute authority in the company. You can join the company as long as I wish for it."

"Pfft… Why do I get the feeling that I'm being kept as a mistress? Why are you so good to me, Teacher?"

This was no longer at the level of just having a halo on top of her head. Jun Zishu felt that Yu Fanshu had angel wings growing out of her back and that she could ascend to heaven at any moment.

"Because I find you very cute."

"I have received your feelings, but I really can't bring myself to trouble you like this, Teacher. I'd be lying if I say I'm not interested, but I'm not valuable enough to have Brilliance pay the fine for breaching my contract. At the very least, not at this time."

"I can see the value in you. I think you can definitely make it big in the future."

"Thank you for your affirmation, Teacher. I will work hard."

"So, all the more reason why I should poach you now. I'm not just doing it because we are friends. I am also doing it because I am investing in your potential."


"The fine for breaching your contract now is much cheaper than after you become popular," Yu Fanshu said, a sly look appearing on her face as she raised her hat slightly.

"That makes a lot of sense. But how should I repay you for being so good to me?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"This little one has nothing of value, so I can only repay you with my body," Jun Zishu said, her eyes curving upwards as she leaned closer to Yu Fanshu.

Yu Fanshu felt her heart skipping a beat due to Jun Zishu's words and actions, her palms also becoming a little moist.

"You are my lifelong benefactor, Teacher. I will forever remember the kindness you have shown me," Jun Zishu said, taking on a more serious expression.

"No need to be so polite. I just don't want your talent to go wasted."

"Are you so confident in me, Teacher? Do you really think I can learn well?"

"You're a smart student. I think I shouldn't be too bad of a teacher, either."

"Do you like desserts, Teacher?" Jun Zishu asked after loosening her grip over her microphone, her eyes gazing at Yu Fanshu's face.

"Mhm, I quite like them."

"I'll make you a simple dessert tonight, then. But I'll have to see if there are any suitable ingredients first."


Fortunately, even though the wet market wasn't a fancy place, it still had the things Jun Zishu needed.

After buying the ingredients for dinner, Jun Zishu and Yu Fanshu returned to the villa. Then, Jun Zishu dashed into the kitchen, intending to prepare Yu Fanshu's dessert.

Seeing how busily Jun Zishu moved, Yu Fanshu filled a cup of water and offered it to Jun Zishu.

"Wait in the room for me. I'll bring it to you once it's ready."

"Okay." Yu Fanshu nodded and obediently returned to the room.

After Yu Fanshu left, Jun Zishu took out the strawberries she bought and washed them. Then, she cut each in half with a knife and took out a milk carton from the fridge.

After mixing and mashing the strawberries and milk together, she strained the resulting liquid into a cup. Then, after filtering the milk, she added the right amount of cornstarch into it and stirred it.

Once that was done, Jun Zishu poured the pinkish milk into a small round pot, she added sugar and light cream. The wet market didn't sell any cream, so she had bought the cream from a cake shop next to the wet market. Although shop also sold completed cakes, they didn't look exquisite or tasty, so she didn't buy any finished products for everyone.

Everyone might have praised her cooking during lunch, that was only because everyone lacked a comparison. Everyone else didn't know how to cook, so they all ended up thinking she was amazing.

However, everyone present was a celebrity, so there was no way they hadn't eaten good food before.

After the milk in the pot started to boil, Jun Zishu added the strawberry paste from just now back into the milk. Then, she stirred the mixture until the pot's contents became paste.

Later on, Jun Zishu coated the bottom of a small cup with shredded coconut before pouring the paste into the cup. Then, after shaking the cup for a bit to get rid of any air bubbles, she covered the mouth with plastic wrap and placed the cup into the fridge.

Everything Jun Zishu did was captured on camera. However, Jun Zishu didn't mind it since everything was within her control. Now, all that mattered was that she was happy.

After doing all that, Jun Zishu tidied up the kitchen counter and started washing and cooking rice.

People typically had less of an appetite at night than at noon. So, Jun Zishu cooked less rice to avoid wasting. Then, she started preparing the ingredients she bought before cooking them.

Jun Zishu prepared both spicy dishes and mild dishes for dinner. Once dinner was served, everyone sat around the table, and the mood surrounding the table was quite harmonious.

Yu Fanshu was still waiting for her promised dessert with bated breaths. However, Jun Zishu never served it to her, so she had no choice but to continue waiting and try to avoid making herself look impatient.

"Eating like this really gives you a sense of home," Millie said vaguely as she cleaned a chicken wing.

Even though everyone around the table hardly knew each other before today, the atmosphere surrounding the table right now made it feel as if they were a warm and merry family.

"We are a family here, after all," Tang Tongtong said in agreement.

"In that case, can you stop snatching my chicken wing, my dear family member?" Lemon said as he looked at Jiu Xi in irritation.

"I grabbed this chicken wing first."

"My chopsticks touched it first!" Lemon said, unconvinced. Then, his and Jiu Xi's chopsticks entered a stalemate with each other.

While the two pairs of chopsticks were busy clashing with each other, another pair of chopsticks suddenly appeared in front of the camera and swiftly snatched the last chicken wing away.

"I didn't think you were such a person, Goddess!" Lemon bemoaned.

Yu Fanshu simply smiled and placed the chicken wing into Jun Zishu's bowl. Then, she silently retired from her work.

"Even though we have the same starting point, why must we be subjected to such torture! The heavens are unjust!"

Amidst Lemon's and Tang Tongtong's miserable lamentation, Jun Zishu grabbed some vegetables and put them into Yu Fanshu's rice bowl.

"What a sickening lovey-dovey act," Lemon commented.

Meanwhile, Millie raised her chopsticks and served some food into Tang Tongtong's bowl as well, clearly expressing her intentions to not fall back.

Seeing this, Lemon looked at Jiu Xi, and Jiu Xi looked at Lemon, the two falling into another stalemate.

Half a minute later, Lemon was still looking at Jiu Xi, and Jiu Xi was still looking at Lemon, neither of them moving their chopsticks at the slightest.

On one side, two couples were acting lovey-dovey and behaving as if spring had just arrived for them. On the other side, there was Lemon and Jiu Xi, seemingly falling into a Cold War as neither of them moved a muscle.

Jun Zishu felt that when this episode aired, the two boys would definitely get highlighted by special effects paired with a dirge playing in the background.

After dinner, it was time to do the dishes again.

"You can't escape responsibility this time, Miss Yu! We must have a fair fight!" Lemon said. After the experience at noon, he had no desire to do the dishes again at night.

"Sure." Yu Fanshu readily nodded and accepted Lemon's suggestion.

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"How should we compete? Rock paper scissors?"

"Yes. We'll go on the count of three."

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After three rounds, Jiu Xi lost miserably, the third round ending with his paper going up against four pairs of scissors.

"You lost fair and square this time," Millie said as she rubbed her full belly before walking away.

Seeing this, Lemon tried to leave but got his collar caught by Jiu Xi.

"Where are you going, Boyfriend?" Jiu Xi asked, a false smile on his face as he looked at Lemon.

"It's you who lost, not me!"

"As a couple, shouldn't we share the same pain and suffering?"

"Couples might be birds of a feather, but birds separate when they are in trouble."

"Oh." Jiu Xi nodded before releasing Lemon and bringing the dirty dishes to the kitchen.

Lemon was a little stunned when he saw Jiu Xi walking away. However, after hesitating for a moment, he followed Jiu Xi into the kitchen.

Yu Fanshu wasn't concerned about other people. Currently, Jun Zishu was the only person in her eyes.

Where's my dessert?

However, Jun Zishu remained silent about the dessert, so Yu Fanshu had no choice but to continue waiting.

When it was thoroughly dark outside, Jun Zishu looked at the time before leaving the room. Immediately, one of the cameramen in the living room followed her into the kitchen and started shooting.

After entering the kitchen, Jun Zishu opened the fridge and took out the small cup of dessert inside. Then, after washing her hands and knife, she poured out the dessert, diced it, and covered the diced cubes with shredded coconut. With that done, her chewy milk cubes topped with shredded coconut were completed.

After plating the milk cubes, Jun Zishu brought them back to the room.

The cameraman followed Jun Zishu into the room, and he just so happened to have captured the surprised look on Yu Fanshu's face.

At this time, Yu Fanshu's eyes were practically sparkling, and she looked very happy.

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