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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 177: Rushing Straight to Major Metropolitan City

After Vacant City surrendered, Long Shenwu and Long Aotian looked at Gu Hai with strange expressions.

With merely a volley of arrows bearing letters, the Vacant City citizens suddenly turned frenzied. They charged to the officials and pleaded with them to surrender to Gu Hai and the Han Royal Dynasty. Even the surrounding reinforcements were helpless.

What happened to the earlier refusal to submit, preferring death before submission?

We lost tens of thousands of people attacking the city and still failed, yet you captured the city just by firing a volley of arrows—without losing a single soldier?

Look at the expressions of the citizens when they saw Gu Hai.

Just thinking about it made Long Shenwu feel depressed. The citizens of the cities he conquered on his way here showed hatred in their eyes when looking at his army.

Gu Hai is also capturing cities. Why did the citizens rejoice after Gu Hai captured the cities?

Is this an issue of personality?

Nearby, the Han Nation’s fleet had two flying ships less. Two remained behind in Vacant City.

Venerable Liu Nian looked at Gu Hai in confusion. “Mister Gu, I saw one of the letters on the arrows. It just mentioned some policies that benefit the citizens. Why did it provoke such an intense desire to join the Han Nation in the Vacant City citizens? They were even willing to charge the officials and soldiers and force the Yuan Nation soldiers to leave?”

Gu Hai did not explain. However, Chang Ming took a deep breath and said, “If I guess right, the Vacant City citizens have already lost their confidence in the Yuan Nation.”

“Oh?” Venerable Liu Nian felt curious.

“Perhaps Venerable does not know about this, but something major happened in Vacant City about a year ago, which nearly wiped out the city. The Slaughter Heavenly Emperor slaughtered everyone he could here. The citizens cried to heaven and earth for help. At that time, the Bat Ancestor and my uncles were here. However, they not only did not save the citizens but even pushed the citizens into further despair. Perhaps the citizens had given up hope then. However, His Majesty risked his life to save the citizens. It was like delivering coal in winter. The situation was very clear. At that time, His Majesty won the hearts of the Vacant City citizens. Today is just a matter of a favorable situation benefiting us,” Chang Ming explained.

“I see,” Venerable Liu Nian sighed.

“The citizens should not be bullied. If you treat the citizens well, the citizens will remember it. If you mistreat the citizens, the citizens will also remember it. Perhaps they do not have the power to change anything, but they will remember it very clearly. Given an opportunity, the citizens will repay their gratitude with everything they can. The citizens wish for kindness and not to be bullied,” Gu Hai said after a deep breath.

“Yes!” Chang Ming nodded seriously.

“Chang Ming, if we meet any vampires along the way, take them in if you can. After the Bat Ancestor fell, the vampires have nothing else to rely on.” Gu Hai looked at Chang Ming.

“Chang Ming will not disappoint Your Majesty!” Chang Ming said seriously.

Gu Hai nodded.

Then, the army continued towards Major Metropolitan City.

Since Gu Hai captured a city with just a volley of arrows, Long Aotian no longer encouraged Gu Hai to attack cities. After all, the city belonged to whoever captured it.

Vacant City was a prime target, a place that the army had to conquer. With Gu Hai occupying such a crucial city, capturing the Yuan Nation would be exceptionally awkward.



The war continued. However, more Yuan Nation soldiers rushed over from all directions, continuously defending against the Qian Nation’s invasion.

Gu Hai’s army followed behind, not taking action.

Initially, the Qian Nation’s forces attacked the city before them with their full power when some internal conflict suddenly erupted within the city.

“You bastard! General Zhang, what are you doing? Are you betraying the nation?!”

“General Li, are you rebelling as well? To think that you attacked us from behind? Are you still the Yuan Nation’s army?!”

Long Shenwu’s army suddenly found their work much easier with this chaos. Many of the soldiers on the other side defected.

With attacks from both within and without, the Qian Nation captured a city that was no weaker than Vacant City in just two days.

Just as Gu Hai appeared confused, Sima Changkong brought a group of officials and soldiers to Long Shenwu.

“Greetings, Prince!” these Yuan Nation officials and soldiers saluted respectfully.

“Everyone, it has been tough on you. This prince has already prepared a banquet to celebrate this success with everyone!” Long Shenwu smiled.

“Thank you, Prince!” the officials and soldiers said happily.

“Mister Sima, it has been tough on you.” Long Shenwu smiled.

“Prince is being too polite. We should continue the march tomorrow. There are another four cities between here and Major Metropolitan City,” Sima Changkong said with a smile.

“Alright!” Long Shenwu smiled.

Sima Changkong chatted with Long Shenwu for a while before arriving before Gu Hai.

“Greetings, Mister Gu, Venerable Liu Nian.” Sima Changkong bowed slightly.

“Mister Sima, how capable of you! You managed to recruit half of the enemy’s army in such a short time?” Gu Hai praised.

“Mister Gu is joking. Actually, one-third of that half consists of agents that the Qian Nation planted long ago. Another one-third comes from clans that the Qian Nation recruited over the past millennia. The remaining one-third is all thanks to Mister Gu dealing the Yuan Nation several setbacks, inciting despair in the Yuan Nation and acceptance of the Qian Nation. My own machinations are not sufficient!” Sima Changkong smiled.

“Mister Sima is too humble!” Gu Hai shook his head.

Things were definitely not as simple as Sima Changkong made it out to be. Sima Changkong could take over half of the enemy’s army despite the two nations fighting. This demonstrated how capable he was.

Four more cities remained.

Long Shenwu did not delay any further, continuing the march to Major Metropolitan City and capturing cities along the way.

After the Bat Ancestor fell, the Yuan Nation’s national beast, the bat spirits, completely scattered.

The cities quickly fell, with a few powerhouses leading the way and spies attacking from within. The Qian Nation enjoyed swift victories.


Reports of defeat streamed to Major Metropolitan City; more bad news arrived with each passing day.

“Vacant City? Humph!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu snorted coldly.

The officials stood respectfully in the palace hall, not daring to interject.

“Your Reverence, this official will personally lead the soldiers to clash with the invading Qian Nation army!” Qin Zibai volunteered.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu narrowed his eyes slightly. “There’s no need. If we are right, the Qian Nation soldiers have already reached Prior Metropolitan City. By the time you lead soldiers there, they would have captured it already. Let them come to Major Metropolitan City.”

“But we can exhaust them,” Qin Zibai argued worriedly.

“That’s enough. Let them come to Major Metropolitan City. Humph!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu snorted coldly.

Qin Zibai felt helpless. The officials also felt incredibly anxious.

After the imperial assembly concluded, Qin Zibai went straight to the imperial prison.

Although Qin Zibai could not save Mo Yike, Qin Zibai’s identity made it easy for him to meet Mo Yike.

Mo Yike sat in the same prison cell. He had been right; he had returned very quickly.

Right now, Mo Yike held a brush, writing something on the wall.

He had written the names of various cities. The latest addition was Prior Metropolitan City.

“Prior Metropolitan City? Mister Mo, you know already?” Qin Zibai exclaimed.

Mo Yike put the brush down and looked at Qin Zibai, smiling faintly.

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“Mister Mo, you already know about Prior Metropolitan City? No. How did you guess that the Qian Nation and the Han Nation already arrived in Prior Metropolitan City?” Qin Zibai asked in shock.

Mo Yike sighed softly, “Is there even a need to guess? I analyzed it based on the number of spies in Major Metropolitan City. Many of the clans in the Yuan Nation should have defected already. The number of spies should be lower the further out from Major Metropolitan City. That is to say, Major Metropolitan City would have the most spies. Next would be Prior Metropolitan City with a little less. Then, the cities after Prior Metropolitan City would have a little less again. Contrary to normal expectations, the war would be the hardest for the Qian Nation at the start and become increasingly easier the closer the Qian Nation gets to Major Metropolitan City.”

“Ah?” Qin Zibai’s expression changed.

“Based on the distribution of spies, we can tell that my Yuan Nation is now at its most desperate moment. Initially, I intended to catch all these spies and use them and territories to negotiate with the Qian Nation. However, His Reverence refused. His Reverence seems to have a fixation—one that no one can resolve,” Mo Yike said with a bitter smile.

“I wanted to lead the army over. However, His Reverence said no. He said to let the Qian Nation soldiers come to Major Metropolitan City,” Qin Zibai said worriedly.

Mo Yike raised his eyebrows. Then, he revealed a bitter smile. “It looks like I won’t be alive for much longer.”

“Huh?” Qin Zibai looked at Mo Yike in confusion.

“If I guess right, His Reverence has a fixation with the Qian Nation. Is His Reverence planning to amass all of the Yuan Nation’s military to attack the Qian Heavenly Dynasty with his full power?” Mo Yike’s face sank.

“What do you mean?”

“I guess that His Reverence is waiting for Prince Shenwu’s army to arrive. He wants to use Prince Shenwu’s head as a sacrificial offering. Then, he will personally lead the army north to the Qian Heavenly Dynasty. Is His Reverence…Is His Reverence disregarding everything else?” Mo Yike’s expression suddenly changed.

“Use Prince Shenwu’s head as a sacrificial offering? The Qian Nation’s third prince?” Qin Zibai’s expression changed.

“That’s right. His Reverence locked me up not to change my mind but to prevent me from stopping him. He is planning to release me after there is no more turning back. At that time, I would have to face the Qian Nation. Hahahaha! His Reverence truly pulled the carpet out from under me. But…but…” Mo Yike showed a disappointed expression.

“But what?”

“His Reverence thought far ahead. However, for the Qian Heavenly Emperor to reach a position of supremacy over a portion of the world, how could he not anticipate this? He could even toy with the five factions in the palm of his hand. Can His Reverence kill Prince Shenwu? No, he cannot. He cannot do it,” Mo Yike said anxiously.

“What will happen if he fails to kill Prince Shenwu?” Qin Zibai said nervously.

“When two sovereigns fight, and one side remains undefeated, what happens to the other side?” Mo Yike looked at Qin Zibai.

“When sovereigns clash, one will die.” Qin Zibai’s expression changed.

“The Yuan Imperial Dynasty is at its end?” Mo Yike showed a bitter expression.

“That can’t be, right? How could it be? Also, Mister Mo, you said you wouldn’t be alive for much longer. What do you mean?” Qin Ziabi asked with some fluster and horror.

“If His Reverence wins, I will be reinstated, with even more authority than before. However, what will happen to me if His Reverence loses? Do you think that His Reverence will spare me?” Mo Yike said bitterly.

“His Reverence would kill you in advance? That’s impossible, right? His Reverence cannot possibly kill you, right?”

“If I were incapable, His Reverence would not care about me. However…His Reverence would not leave me for the Qian Heavenly Dynasty, so…” Mo Yike appeared somewhat bitter.

“You are Mo En’s son. His Reverence won’t kill you, right?”

“Since ancient times, those who wished to rule have been merciless. Hah! His Reverence would let me off on account of my father? That’s wishful thinking. If His Reverence valued friendship, Mo En, Chang Sheng, and Qin Yun would not have died,” Mo Yike said with a bitter smile.

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“How can this be?” Qin Zibai revealed a confused expression.

“Hah… Things have already reached such a point. We are now in a desperate situation. I can only hope that His Reverence can kill Long Shenwu to use him as a sacrificial offering,” Mo Yike sighed in disappointment.

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