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CSG - Chapter 3127: The Fate of the Ice Goddess

“You people of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng have set foot on the Ice Pole Plane without permission,” the Snow Goddess said coldly and without any emotion. She glanced past the young man and woman behind Yi Xin, and her gaze gradually sharpened. “The Ice Pole Plane is not a place you should have visited. You’ve crossed the line.”

“My third junior brother and fifth junior sister went to the Ice Pole Plane to deal with the Flame Reverend. Not only does the Flame Reverend have grievances with your Ice Goddess Hall, he’s also someone that our Heavenly Palace of Bisheng will never spare,” Yi Xin said mildly with composure.

“Speaking of the Flame Reverend, you really should thank our first senior sister, Snow Goddess. If the Flame Reverend didn’t go into hiding because of our first senior sister, who knows just how great of a mess he would have made on the Ice Pole Plane. If that really happened, the Ice Pole Plane would not be like how it is right now,” the third majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng said coldly, as the situation earlier had left him fuming at the Snow Goddess.

“Hmph, first senior sister chased away the Flame Reverend. We even helped you out on the Ice Pole Plane, yet you still turned against us. What an ingrate.” The fifth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng snorted as well. Her face was filled with anger, like she was quite exasperated.

However, the Snow Goddess refused to acknowledge their help. She said coldly, “We have no need for your Heavenly Palace of Bisheng to meddle with the matters of our Ice Pole Plane. If it happens again, there won’t be any mercy.”

With that, the Snow Goddess vanished silently, having left this place.

Immediately, the space that had become snowy-white from the extreme cold gradually began to recover its original colour. The coldness that rampaged through the space and seemed capable of freezing everything slowly receded as well.

“Hmph, she really does know how to push her luck. Without the Ice Goddess behind her, she actually still has the confidence to threaten our Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Isn’t she afraid of angering master and then getting suppressed or killed?” The fifth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng snorted coldly. Then she looked at Yi Xin, and her tone immediately became much more polite. “First senior sister, do you think the Ice Goddess is still alive or not? Or has the Ice Goddess undergone rebirth like the Snow Goddess?”

Yi Xin shook her head and sighed gently. “Probably only a sovereign of the world at the same level as master can answer a question like that. C’mon, let’s go back.”

The first, third, and fifth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng immediately crossed through space and made their return to the Prosper Plane. Even the weakest among them was a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, so they obviously moved with unbelievable speed.

Very soon, the three of them returned to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

“Greetings, master!”

On the highest floor of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, the third and fifth majesty knelt down on one knee and said with great respect.

Before the two of them, the Anatta Grand Exalt levitated in the air, wrapped in hazy light and the laws.

“I already know about your encounter on the Ice Pole Plane. Since the Snow Goddess has already returned, don’t set foot on the Ice Pole Plane anymore. Throughout the Saints’ World, the Ice and Snow Goddess are renowned to be troublesome,” said the Anatta Grand Exalt.

“I understand!” the third and fifth majesty said together. Afterwards, the fifth majesty’s eyes flashed. After a moment of hesitation, she finally made up her mind and mustered her courage to ask, “Master, there’s something I’ve always been extremely curious about. Is the Ice Goddess of the Ice Pole Plane dead or not?”

In the Saints’ World, there had always been a debate over the fate of the Ice Goddess. Some said the Ice Goddess was still alive, hiding in the depths of the Ice Goddess Hall and healing quietly under the protection of the Ice Goddess Formation.

At the same time, others were confident that the Ice Goddess was already dead. Otherwise, as one of the seven sacred planes, why would the Ice Pole Plane decline so much, where even the Flame Reverend could leave behind a mess?

But without any exception, no one had any sufficient evidence to prove the Ice Goddess’s fate so far. Everything completely originated from speculation.

No one could venture into the Ice Goddess Formation hidden in the depths of the Ice Goddess Hall after all!

Without being able to enter the Ice Goddess Formation, they obviously would not know if the Ice Goddess was inside or not.

“The Ice Goddess can’t die that easily. In terms of strength, she’s not the strongest, but in terms of survivability, even if six of the seven Grand Exalts of our Saints’ World fall in battle, the Ice Goddess might still survive,” the Anatta Grand Exalt said calmly, without any emotion at all.

“Ah! Master, is the Ice Goddess really that powerful?” The fifth majesty was filled with surprise.

The Anatta Grand Exalt continued, “There are some special areas regarding the two goddesses, but it’s still not time for you to find out about this. However, since the Snow Goddess has already returned, it shouldn’t be long before the Ice Goddess returns as well.”


On the Ice Pole Plane, despite the battle in outer space already coming to an end and the combatants vanishing into the depths of outer space, the eyes of the peak experts were still glued to outer space, badly shaken by what had happened.

They had unknowingly neglected the Snow sect by now.

At this moment, despite the Snow Goddess having left for quite some time already, the scenery within the Snow sect remained exactly the same as before. All of the Primordial realm experts remained in the same discussion hall, standing in the exact same posture without budging. It was as if they were afraid anything that they did would displease the Snow Goddess.

However, all of them had projected the senses of their souls outside, completely witnessing the fate of the people from the Heaven’s sect. It immediately made them all rejoice secretly, even taking pleasure in their misfortune.

The Ice Pole Plane with the Snow Goddess and the Ice Pole Plane without the Snow Goddess is completely different.” At this moment, many of the Primordial realm experts inside the Snow sect sighed in the same way inside.

But at this moment, a sense of coldness suddenly appeared. The Snow Goddess had already returned silently, completely ignoring the protective formations around the Snow sect.

Her return immediately frightened all of the Primordial realm experts in the Snow sect. They withdrew the senses of their souls as quickly as possible.

“Speak. Where is the Flame Reverend?” However, the Snow Goddess did not even look at them. As soon as she returned, she interrogated the three ancestors from the Chillwind sect.

“I- I don’t know…”

The ice around the heads of the three ancestors rapidly melted away. The three of them were frightened as they stuttered.

The Snow Goddess’s gaze turned cold. Without saying anything more, three icicles condensed in the air, directly plunging into the foreheads of the three ancestors and reaching deep into their souls.


The three ancestors immediately let out miserable shrieks. Their faces became contorted,as if they were experiencing unimaginable pain.

Their memories flowed like the tide into the icicles that had plunged into their souls.

The icicles absorbed their memories.

As their memories were sucked away, their shrieks gradually weakened until it completely stopped.

By now, their eyes had become empty and hollow. Despite still being alive, they seemed like they had lost their souls.

After sucking away all the memories, the three Grand Prime ancestors from the Chillwind sect all became vegetables.

“I sure am letting you off easy.” The Snow Goddess took back the three icicles. As soon as the icicles left their bodies, the three ancestors shattered and broke apart, turning into rubble.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.