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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 174: Four Brothers

Great Sigh Palace Hall, Major Metropolitan City:

Outside the palace hall, many officials pleaded with Imperial Emperor Xi Yu to open the doors. However, he refused.

The palace hall was dark as Imperial Emperor Xi Yu sat on his throne. He rested his arms on the armrests, showing no expression as he looked to the center of the palace hall.

He seemed to see four figures there.

There was a censer in front of the four figures as they bowed to heaven.

“Heaven above, I—Xi Yu—become sworn brothers with Mo En, Chang Sheng, and Qin Yun on this day. We do not seek to be born on the same day, the same month, or the same year. However, we seek to die on the same day, the same month, and the same year!”

“Heaven above, I—Mo En—become sworn brothers with Xi Yu, Chang Sheng, and Qin Yun on this day. We do not seek to be born on the same day, the same month, or the same year. However, we seek to die on the same day, the same month, and the same year!”

“Heaven above, I—Chang Sheng—become sworn brothers with Xi Yu, Mo En, and Qin Yun on this day. We do not seek to be born on the same day, the same month, or the same year. However, we seek to die on the same day, the same month, and the same year!”

“Heaven above, I—Qin Yun—become sworn brothers with Xi Yu, Mo En, and Chang Sheng on this day. We do not seek to be born on the same day, the same month, or the same year. However, we seek to die on the same day, the same month, and the same year!”

The four figures kowtowed respectfully as they faced the sky.

The four figures were Royal Emperor Xi Yu, Qin Yun, Chang Sheng, and a man who resembled Mo Yike—Mo Yike’s father, Mo En.

“Hahahahaha! The four guffawed as they stood up after paying their respects to heaven and swearing to be brothers.

“First Elder Brother!” Mo En, Chang Sheng, and Qin Yun greeted Royal Emperor Xi Yu.

“Second Younger Brother, Third Younger Brother, Fourth Younger Brother!” Royal Emperor Xi Yu smiled at the three.

“First Elder Brother, rest assured. The three of us will do our best to assist First Elder Brother. We will make the Yuan Royal Dynasty an imperial dynasty, then, a heavenly dynasty!” Chang Sheng said while laughing.

“Now, First Elder Brother is a royal emperor. Won’t First Elder Brother be an imperial emperor later? Then, a heavenly emperor? Hahaha! Your Holy Eminence! Long live Your Holy Eminence! May Your Holy Eminence live for ten thousand years!” Qin Yun laughed happily.

“We owe our lives to First Elder Brother. First Elder Brother, rest assured, the descendants of your three younger brothers will serve the Yuan Nation as your most loyal officials forever!” Mo En said with a smile.

“Hahahahaha! Whatever I have is yours. We are brothers. We share blessings and difficulties. This is my promise to my brothers!” Xi Yu guffawed.

“First Elder Brother!” the other three called out excitedly.

These figures helped Imperial Emperor Xi Yu recall the scene when he swore brotherhood. Perhaps only he could see these figures.

As Imperial Emperor looked at this scene, his eyes turned slightly bloodshot.

Then, the scene changed.

“Third Younger Brother, the Bat Ancestor swore fealty to me. He wants to create a vampire clan, but he tried a few times, yet none of them could grow strong. I can only ask you for help,” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said to Chang Sheng.

Chang Sheng looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu with some uncertainty. “First Elder Brother…Your Reverence, you…you want me to become the Bat Ancestor’s descendant? No, you want my entire clan to become the Bat Ancestor’s descendants?”

“Yes. This is the only solution I have right now. You are the only suitable one. Of course, I will not force you if you are not willing. However, don’t worry. I will help you consume the Bat Ancestor one day. You will gain the Bat Ancestor’s power and abilities at that time. First Elder Brother will help you,” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu promised.

Chang Sheng looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu for a while before showing a bitter expression. “Yes. Your Reverence, you saved my three blood brothers and me. How can I not trust Your Reverence? Your Reverence, I will listen to you.”

The scene changed to when Gu Hai visited Major Metropolitan City.

Chang Sheng met with Imperial Emperor Xi Yu alone, showing sorrow in his eyes. He looked like a child going to his parents for consolation after being bullied. “Your Reverence, Your Reverence, the Bat Ancestor took three of my ribs, Your Reverence!”

“We will warn the Bat Ancestor. Recuperate from your injuries,” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said indifferently.

Chang Sheng looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu with a bitter expression. “Yes!”

After that, Chang Sheng left with his head lowered, dispirited.

Imperial Emperor’s eyes turned completely bloodshot as he watched the dispirited Chang Sheng leave.

“Third Younger Brother, your elder brother…your elder brother…” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu gripped the armrest tightly until it cracked.

“First Elder Brother let you down!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s eyes turned moist.

The scene changed again.

Now, the scene showed a wasteland. Countless monks lay dead in pools of blood.

Qin Yun stood before Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

“Fourth Younger Brother, what’s going on with Second Younger Brother recently?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu asked.

“I don’t know what’s going on with Second Younger Brother, either. He said that there is a difference in status between a sovereign and the officials. He said that we should not be as casual as we were in the past. Instead, we should honor you as the emperor, not our first elder brother. However, I enjoy addressing you as First Elder Brother,” Qin Yun said while shaking his head.

“There is a difference in status between a sovereign and the officials? Hah! Second Younger Brother is very thorough. Addressing me as the emperor before outsiders is one thing. However, it does not matter when we are alone.” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu smiled.

“Exactly. First Elder Brother, your cultivation has been increasing rapidly. We aren’t able to keep up at all. We are already cultivating very fast, but we are still no match for First Elder Brother. When First Elder Brother attacked earlier, a cold feeling came from your body. It seemed very similar to the aura of those yinggou zombies we saw in the past. First Elder Brother, what are you cultivating?” Qin Yun asked out of curiosity.

“It’s nothing much, just an ordinary ice-attributed cultivation technique. You probably recall wrong.” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu frowned, not wanting to say.

“First Elder Brother, this Buddhist dialogue is very dangerous. The attack from the earlier batch of zombies nearly killed us. Speaking of these yinggou zombies, if only we could give off the same aura as them. Then, we wouldn’t have suffered from their attacks. We nearly died. Nearly!” Qin Yun sighed.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu frowned. He had a secret hidden in his heart, but he did not speak about it.

The scene shifted again, changing to the recent scene at Chaoge City.

“The Yinggou Art allowed Your Reverence’s strength to rise rapidly, which put a distance between Your Reverence and us. We could no longer keep up. When Your Reverence looked down at us, you could no longer see us clearly. However, this old official is still Your Reverence’s old official. I can only use myself as a final warning. I hope that Your Reverence can return and recover from your failures. Your Reverence, bring back your old self.” Qin Yu bowed gravely to Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

“Your Reverence, leave quickly!”

In this scene, Qin Yun’s final expression was that of boundless sorrow and anticipation.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked up.

“Fourth Younger Brother, there are no outsiders around. Are you unwilling to call me First Elder Brother anymore? Back then, I did cultivate the Yinggou Art. However, I did not use it. I nearly caused your death from the Future Buddha’s obstruction. You knew that I knew the Yinggou Art but did not use it to save you. You must be very disappointed, right?

“First Elder Brother had his difficulties back then.

“However, it is as you said. No matter how great the difficulty, you are my fourth younger brother. Why did I not save you?

“Fourth Younger Brother, you were the liveliest one back then, but you ended up the most lifeless one.

“You knew that I cultivated the Yinggou Art, yet you chose to cultivate the World Cleansing Shut Eyes Meditation?

“First Elder Brother let you down!”

Tears spilled out of Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s eyes.

The scene before his eyes changed again. Now, it showed Mo En and himself.

“First Elder Brother, you know about today’s case. I was right, and you know that. So, why did you take Archduke Xi Kang’s side? He is your blood relative, but I’m your second younger brother. First Elder Brother, is this the politics of a sovereign, a balancing act? Are you playing politics with me?” Mo En clenched his fist tightly as he looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu.

“Mo En!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu shouted coldly.

“First Elder Brother?” Mo En felt slightly startled.

“The Yuan Nation needs to develop. You three are like my left and right hands. However, that is not sufficient. The Yuan Nation needs different voices to lead us to a conclusion. We do not want just your voice,” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said, his voice sinking.

This sudden rebuke startled Mo En. After some silence, he said, “I…no, this official understands. Previously, there were some urgent matters. However, this official overstepped and made decisions as I could not inform Your Reverence in time. This official was wrong. This official will take note in the future.”

At Mo En’s distant tone, some reluctance flashed in Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s eyes. “Second Younger Brother, I…I did not mean that. It’s just that…”

“Your Reverence, say no more. This official understands. This official did overstep in the past. Your Reverence, don’t worry. This official will always support Your Reverence. My Mo Clan will support the Yuan Nation forever. This is this official’s promise,” Mo En said.

The scene shifted. Now, Mo En lay on a bed, aged significantly.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough!” Mo En coughed.

Imperial Emperor Xi Yu urgently rushed over to check on Mo En.

Seeing Imperial Emperor Xi Yu approaching, Mo En tried to get up.

“Don’t get up. Second Younger Brother, how are you? Nothing must go wrong with you!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu clutched Mo En’s hand in distress, infusing some energy into him.

“I worried Your Reverence. Your Reverence, please forgive me,” Mo En said weakly and bitterly.

“Even now, you still address me as Your Reverence? Rest well and recuperate. You will be fine. You must be fine!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said anxiously.

Mo En showed a faint, bitter smile. “Your Reverence, the cities in the south are flooded. You have to deal with them as soon as you can. This official can no longer help. Your Reverence, there’s no need to console this official. Perhaps this official might pass in the next moment.”

“Second Younger Brother, you will be fine!”

“Your Reverence, this old official can no longer serve Your Reverence. However, rest assured. This official already left instructions to my son, Mo Yike. He is even smarter than this old official. I sent him for experiential training in Ying Province to polish his rough edges. He will be very useful. I can pass my mantle on to him. Your Reverence, please trust in this old official’s words. My son will be utterly loyal to the Yuan Nation,” Mo En said weakly.

“Second Younger Brother, don’t speak anymore. Don’t worry. I will save you. First Elder Brother has failed to take care of you properly,” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu said, feeling upset.

“Your Reverence, this old official wishes that I could live for a few more years. Your Reverence, I’m sorry.” Mo En’s eyes dimmed.

“Second Young Brother, are you…are you still unwilling to address me as First Elder Brother? Have you forgotten how we swore brotherhood back then?” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu felt extremely upset.

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Swore brotherhood?

A faint glint returned to Mo En’s eyes at those words.

“Heaven above, I—Mo En—become sworn brothers with Xi Yu, Chang Sheng, and Qin Yun on this day. We do not seek to be born on the same day, the same month, or the same year. However, we seek to die on the same day, the same month, and the same year!” Mo En recited weakly from memory.

“Heaven above, I—Xi Yu—become sworn brothers with Mo En, Chang Sheng, and Qin Yun on this day. We do not seek to be born on the same day, the same month, or the same year. However, we seek to die on the same day, the same month, and the same year!” Imperial Emperor Xi Yu joined Mo En in repeating what they said in the past.

After saying that, Mo En looked at Imperial Emperor Xi Yu and smiled faintly. “Your Reverence, do take care.”

After that, Mo En’s eyes closed.

The scene froze at when Mo En closed his eyes. Perhaps Imperial Emperor Xi Yu would never forget this scene. He remembered every single one of Mo En’s wrinkles.

“Second Younger Brother, you still refused to address us as First Elder Brother even at your death. First Elder Brother feels regret now. Do you know that? Back then, First Elder Brother was too prideful, letting pride overwhelm my rationale. Now, First Elder Brother understands. Once we go wrong with some things, there is no turning back. Second Younger Brother, First Elder Brother misses all of you.” Tears flowed out of Imperial Emperor Xi Yu’s eyes.

As Imperial Emperor Xi Yu looked at the figures, he felt very sorrowful.

Outside the Great Sigh Palace Hall, the officials begged him to open the doors. However, he could not be bothered with them.

Just at this moment, Qin Zibai’s voice came from outside.

“Move aside. I’ll break the doors down!” Qin Zibai shouted.

“Don’t! Lord Qin, if His Reverence does not permit it, that is going against His Reverence. That is tantamount to treason!” The officials tried to stop Qin Zibai.

“Move! I’m breaking it now!” Qin Zibai shouted again.


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