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NETS - Chapter 211 – The Four Young Masters

The Wang Clan's alchemist didn't expect the young master to be so impulsive and argue with rogue cultivators in the mortal marketplace.

Although greatly ashamed, he couldn't stop the young master, and wished that he could leave. But the clan's honored guest was still here, and he couldn't just abandon them.

Speaking of which, he quite admired this guest. He was only in his thirties and much younger than him but was already a Quasi-master Alchemist.

Furthermore, his exchanges with the honored guest these past few days had made him notice his own limitations in experience and knowledge.

The honored guest was presently watching the argument with a smile, so he was forced to accompany him awkwardly on the side. From time to time, he would try to stop the argument, but it only made things worse.

At this time, a voice suddenly shouted among the crowd, "Senior Lu is here! Senior Lu has come!"

Then, the rogue cultivators who were quarreling with Young Master Wang suddenly scattered, holding the items on their stalls as they swarmed towards a young man, a little tour guide walking beside him.

Wang Clan's alchemist could recognize the first rogue cultivator talking to the young man. He was one of the stall owners who refused to sell his herbs to the honored guest and had also quarreled with his young master.

The rogue cultivator briefly exchanged a few sentences with the young man, then handed over the spirit herbs that the honored guest wanted to buy. The young man gave him an item in return, and the rogue cultivator hurried away in excitement.

Wang Clan's young master, Wang Yi-Shan, was on fire when he saw this scene. He wanted to step up to question them but was suddenly stopped by a hand.

It turned out that the honored guest had stopped him. Wang Yi-Shan immediately smoothed out his expression and asked smilingly, "Brother Qi, what's wrong?"

The cultivator in the silver uniform shook his head and, without answering, walked towards the young man.

Lu Ping was identifying the spirit herbs in the hands of the old man when the cultivator came to him and said, "My dear friend, it seems that you are also an alchemist. But this old man's spirit herbs are exactly what I need and quite urgently too. I wonder if you’d let me have them?"

"The Whiffy Mimosa Grass, an ingredient usually used for cultivation breakthroughs. My friend, it seems like you’re concocting pellets to help the breakthrough to the Core Forging Realm?"

Lu Ping glanced at the cultivator and asked calmly.

Startled, the cultivator looked at Lu Ping with a hint of respect in his eyes. "Dear friend, you are indeed knowledgeable. May I know your name and your background? As for me, I am the Crystal Palace's Qi Shi-Min."

Lu Ping sneered softly in his heart—it seemed like this Qi Shi-Min was used to using his identity to press down on others.

So, he said, "I'm Lu Jiu, just a random rogue cultivator from a small place."

Lu Ping noticed that as he finished his sentence, the hint of respect in Qi Shi-Min's gaze had disappeared and was now replaced by an indiscernible disdain instead.

At the same time, the middle-aged cultivator beside Qi Shi-Min relaxed, and the young man walking over also snickered, "You made such a huge entrance, I almost thought you owned this marketplace."

Lu Ping saw the arrogant young man's attitude and immediately saw through him. He was just a pampered child who didn't have much experience in dealing with the real cruel world.

So, by the looks of it, the young man should be from one of the three big clans?

Lu Ping didn't want to pay attention to the overgrown infant and said to Qi Shi-Min, "How unfortunate, I’ve also been looking for the Whiffy Mimosa Grass."

Qi Shi-Min didn't expect that this Lu Jiu still wouldn't let go of the spirit herb even after learning his background.

Unlike the immature Wang Yi-Shan, Qi Shi-Min immediately knew that this Lu Jiu was more than just a random rogue cultivator as he’d claimed to be—he must have a greater background.

Lu Ping had no idea that his rejection had earned him Qi Shi-Min's attention. He could swear that he really needed the Whiffy Mimosa Grass because it was also an ingredient for the Seven Step Striped Pellet.

Just as presumed, Wang Yi-Shan was immature and inexperienced. He didn't think much of it and still thought Lu Ping was just a lowly rogue cultivator. A rude and uneducated lowly rogue cultivator who had just ignored him.

Wang Yi-Shan had been pampered since birth; everyone and everything in the Wang Clan had to follow his whims, which shaped him into the arrogant and self-conceited bastard he was today.

But today hadn’t been as kind to him.

First, he’d entered a quarrel with the stall owners, but they were now scattered and he wouldn’t be able to find them all.

Then, he was ignored by an uneducated rogue cultivator and the honored guest at the same time. But since he couldn't offend the honored guest, he could only direct all his anger on Lu Ping.

"Brat, don't think you can pretend to be an alchemist just because you can recognize a few spirit herbs. Do you honestly believe that alchemists are so easy to impersonate? And you’re just a rogue cultivator! Even if you were lucky enough to become an alchemist, do you think you can compare to Brother Qi who comes from the Crystal Palace?"

"Brother Qi is already a Quasi-master Alchemist, do you know what that means? It means he’s capable of concocting half-step Core Forging Realm pellets. He attained this at such a young age, and only in the Blood Condensation Realm!”

"It's a waste for you to have this Whiffy Mimosa Grass, you won't be able to make anything good out of it. But I’d rather not argue over your pettiness, so just tell me, how much did you pay for it? The Wang Clan will match that same price, and add on a thousand spirit stones. Don't you dare reject my clan’s kind offer."

To be frank, Lu Ping was a little surprised.

Wang Clan was not a nomadic clan, and it had its roots planted on Three Clans Island, in Three Clans City.

As the city clans' influence and power grew within the cities, so was their reliance on the cities themselves. After all, the city clans still had to make a living in their respective territories—they couldn't just abandon everything they've built and run away.

As a result, the city clan cultivators were always taught to observe their actions in public, so as not to openly make enemies. They were taught to avoid messing with the wrong people, which would otherwise bring disaster back home to the clan.

Furthermore, the act of cultivation has many benefits, one of which was the increase in one’s intelligence. So, it was quite difficult to believe that Wang Yi-Shan, a Late Blood Condensation Realm cultivator, would act this way. Didn't he realize that forcing a sale would not do him any good and only tarnish the Wang Clan's hard-earned reputation?

While Lu Ping was still wondering, the Wang Clan alchemist gently tugged at Wang Yi-Shan's sleeves to remind him that he had overdone it.

Just as Wang Yi-Shan realized this, a lady's sneering voice could be heard coming from the side. "Young Master Wang, what a show of dominance! I would’ve expected you to offer twice the amount instead of just a thousand more. How disappointing!"

Wang Yi-Shan's expression darkened, and he said, "Zhang Sheng-Kun, show yourself! Don't bring shame to the Four Young Masters."

A giggle could be heard—a lady dressed in a male's robe and a scholarly looking cultivator walked over. From the way the crowd quickly parted for them, it showed that they were also from one of the three big clans.

In this case, they must be from the Zhang Clan.

Zhang Sheng-Kun, who was the lady dressed as a man, continued saying, "The title of Four Young Masters was only given by the cultivators in Three Clans City. But Big Brother and I never thought we could be worthy of these honorable names. I think Li Clan's Sister Xiu-Zhu thinks the same too. I’m afraid you’re the only one holding on to that title so dearly."

"It's true that I’m not worthy of such an honorable name, but I too, don't dare to have a sister like you."

Unknown as to when, the Li Clan's young lady, Li Xiu-Zhu, was also here in the mortal marketplace. Unlike Zhang Sheng-Kun who dressed accordingly to show her determination to be on equal grounds as any man, Li Xiu-Zhu was dressed like a heroine while also embracing her femininity.

At this time, the entrance of the newcomers had stolen the spotlight, so Lu Ping quietly took advantage of the situation and stepped back to the side.

It looks like there would be an interesting show to watch!

As Li Xiu-Zhu finished saying her piece, Zhang Sheng-Kun giggled and answered, "Sister Li is always so distant, no wonder my big brother couldn't enter your heart, let alone earn a single smile."

The scholarly looking cultivator next to Zhang Sheng-Kun suddenly blushed and interrupted, "Little kid, how dare you make fun of me and my beloved?"

Wang Yi-Shan didn't expect that a Whiffy Mimosa Grass would bring the heirs of the three big clans here. When he heard Li Xiu-Zhu's words, his face changed abruptly.

Between the three clans, Zhang Clan was the strongest, so Wang Clan and Li Clan often cooperated together to contend against the Zhang Clan.

In the past, although Li Xiu-Zhu was prideful, she would still maintain a relatively friendly relationship with him whenever they stood against Zhang Sheng-Qian and Zhang Sheng-Kun.

However, for some reason today, Li Xiu-Zhu seemed to be distancing herself from him, which raised his alertness and a sense of unease.

As Wang Yi-Shan calmed down, his wits finally returned to him and he reassessed his current situation.

He glanced to the side and saw Qi Shi-Min looking at him, so he quickly gave a smile and nodded to the Crystal Palace alchemist.

The four young masters stood in three opposing corners, with none of them showing signs of backing down. Affected by their intimidating auras, the crowd quickly stepped aside—no one was willing to get involved in the power fight between the three clans.

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The Zhang Clan brother and sister together naturally had the upper hand.

In the past, Wang YI-Shan and Li Xiu-Zhu would also cooperate to fight back against the Zhang Clan siblings. But today, Li Xiu-Zhu wasn’t showing any intentions to follow the usual pattern.

Among the four, Wang Yi-Shan was the weakest. So, after a few moments, his divine sense started to falter, and he was oppressed by the other three, making him blush and take a step back.

The Wang Clan's alchemist was growing anxious. After all, like it or not, Wang Yi-Shan represented the Wang Clan. Having their heir embarrassed here meant the Wang Clan had also lost face in front of the public.

However, he was a generation older than the young ones, so he couldn't interfere in the competition between the juniors. Left with no choice, he could only look at Qi Shi-Min for his help.

The young and suave alchemist from the Crystal Palace laughed softly and took a step forward. His divine sense surged and revealed his cultivation level—Peak Ninth Layer Blood Condensation Realm!

Immediately, he alone pushed back against the Zhang Clan siblings' divine senses.

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