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MCAB - Chapter 136

The person who opened the door had a handsome face and a white complexion. At a glance, he looked somewhat gloomy and sickly.

Jun Zishu's heart rate increased when she saw the other party, excitement welling up within her.

Found you.

She found the man who matched the characteristic mentioned in the criminal profiling.

"Police. We would like to make some inquiries regarding an investigation," Jun Zishu said, a gentle smile appearing on her face as she showed her police identification to the other party.

The man nodded and welcomed Jun Zishu and Wang Duoduo into his home.

Jun Zishu noticed that the floor was covered with a thick carpet, which explained why she didn't hear any footsteps after she pressed the doorbell.

The room was elegantly decorated in a European style, and it was very clean and tidy.

"According to our records, you weren't home the last time we conducted an inquiry here. May I know where you were on the 19th and 20th of November?"

"November… I don't remember. Did something happen?" the man asked with a look of confusion on his face as he placed two cups of hot water in front of Jun Zishu and Wang Duoduo.

The man only wore a loose robe, so he exposed a large portion of his bare chest when he lowered his body. Noticing this, he straightened his body in slight embarrassment and covered up his chest.

"Thank you. Something did happen around that time, so we wanted to ask you about it," Jun Zishu said. At the same time, she quickly glanced through her memories for information relating to the man before her.

Yu Hang, male, 34 years old, the owner of a western restaurant, studied abroad in the past.

"What happened?" Yu Hang asked with a slightly curious expression as he sat down on the sofa.

"In November, we discovered a male corpse not far from this neighborhood."

When speaking, Jun Zishu paid close attention to Yu Hang's expressions. She wanted to see what expressions the other party would make.

"That's frightening. Did someone from our block do it?"

Yu Hang showed just the right amount of surprise on his face. There were also hints of sympathy on his face.


"Is that so?"

"Although this matter didn't create much of an uproar, we have already asked everyone in the surrounding area. You are the only one left."

"I don't usually live here, so I don't really pay attention to surrounding matters."

"Where do you typically live, then?"

"I run a store, so I spend most of my time at the house I bought near there. Why are you suddenly asking about me, Officer? Could it be that you're suspecting me of being the murderer?" Yu Hang joked and chuckled.

"It's just a casual question. Do you really not remember where you went those two days?"

Jun Zishu's heart sank, but she maintained a friendly smile on her face.

"Sorry, but that was nearly two months ago. I really can't remember anymore."

"May I know if you've seen this person before, then?" Jun Zishu asked before taking out a photo of Chen Yang and placing it before Yu Hang.

After looking at the photo, Yu Hang shook his head and said, "Haven't seen him before."

"What about this person, then?" Jun Zishu asked as she placed Tan Linlin's photo in front of Yu Hang.

Similar to before, Yu Hang shook his head.

Jun Zishu didn't give up on researching Yu Hang's minute expressions. However, she failed to get her desired results. Either this person before her was not the killer, or he possessed flawless acting skills.

"What is your opinion of your neighbors?"

"No opinions. I don't know any of them well since I've hardly ever met them."

"I have an off-topic question I want to ask you, Mr. Yu."

"Ask away, pretty lady. I'll try to answer to the best of my abilities," Yu Hang said with a light smile, his face looking handsome and charming.

"Since you have a house near your store, why would you come back to stay here from time to time?"

"My mother left me this house, so I come back occasionally to clean it and experience the feeling of home," Yu Hang said, his expression carrying a hint of nostalgia and sadness.

"What kind of store do you run, Mr. Yu?"

"A restaurant. A western restaurant."

"A restaurant, huh? In that case, you should be very skilled at cooking, right?"

Jun Zishu pretended to make idle chatter. She even held up her chin slightly to give herself a look of interest.

"My culinary skills are acceptable. I'm more of a gourmet than a cook. I prefer to study food," Yu Hang said with undisguised fondness.

Jun Zishu's heart grew heavier and heavier. The tragic state of the two victims' bodies also appeared in her mind.

The killer might not have regarded his victims as people but as ingredients instead.

The killer must like food very much. He should also be a very picky eater, or he had very special requirements for food.

No matter how Jun Zishu looked at it, the person in front of her perfectly matched the killer's characteristics.

"Oh, that's wonderful. Even though I'm a woman, I have no talent whatsoever for cooking. The food I make tastes horrible," Jun Zishu said with a helpless smile.

At this time, Wang Duoduo couldn't help but be horrified. He couldn't understand how a cross-examination had suddenly changed into a homely conversation. What was even more surprising was the helpless smile Jun Zishu made.

Something wasn't right!

"While cooking is indeed dependent on talent, you can still make delicious food through acquired learning. So long as you pour enough love and passion into your cooking, every dish you make will taste delicious," Yu Hang said with a serious and slightly intoxicated expression.

"Love and passion? But the meals made by those chefs in hotels should be mass-produced, right?"

"That kind of food has no soul," Yu Hang said, frowning unhappily.

Seeing this reaction, Jun Zishu felt that this person before her might have had some mental problems. Either that or there was a problem with his world concept.

Jun Zishu could pat herself on the chest and say the chances of Yu Hang being the perpetrator was as high as 80%. Unfortunately, she lacked the evidence to incriminate Yu Hang.

"Do foods have souls, too?"

"Of course."

"Alright, let's get back to the topic. Where were you during the middle of last month?"

"There should've been a snowstorm back then, right? I stayed at home during that period."


"No, the home near the restaurant."

"Did you stay home the entire time without going out?"

"That's right. Officer, you're not really taking me for some kind of suspect, are you?"

"What if I say yes?"

"Then, I can only say that I've been wrongly accused," Yu Hang said, shrugging with an aggrieved look on his face.

Jun Zishu chuckled and stood up. Then, she said, "Thank you for cooperating with our investigation."

"It is something an ardent citizen should do."

After Jun Zishu retrieved the photos on the coffee table and stepped out of the house, someone called out to her from behind.

"Can I get your phone number, Officer?"


"So that I can invite you out for a meal when you're free."

"I'm sorry, but I cannot do anything else while I'm working."

"We can meet after you are done with work. Here is my business card. You're welcome to come to discuss cooking with me anytime," Yu Hang said as he handed a business card to Jun Zishu, to which Jun Zishu accepted it.

The door closed, and Yu Hang's face vanished behind the door.

Immediately afterward, the smile on Jun Zishu's face vanished.

After reaching downstairs, Wang Duoduo sighed in relief. Then, he said, "The way you smiled just now was so scary, Chief."


"I'm not sure how to describe it. It felt like spring had come for you."

"Shoo. What nonsense are you talking about? Send a few people to keep an eye on that person."

"Is he a suspect?"

"I'm 80% certain he's the murderer."

"Why would he give you his business card, then?" Wang Duoduo asked, surprised.

"Either he wants to prove that he is innocent, or he wants to play with me."

"Play with you?" Wang Duoduo's eyes widened in shock, evidently misunderstanding Jun Zishu's words.

"He wants to play with the police. What the hell are you storing in that mind of yours?" Jun Zishu said, rolling her eyes.

"I thought spring was coming for you," Wang Duoduo said, chuckling as he scratched his head.

"Have some people keep an eye on him. Tap into his phone calls as well."


After returning to the station, Jun Zishu pulled up all available information on Yu Hang. She wanted to know as many details as possible about the other party.

Yu Hang came from an average family, and both his parents were around when he was young. His father was a chef, while his mother was a housewife.

Yu Hang had excellent grades growing up. He even won a scholarship during high school and a free pass to university. Afterward, he went abroad to further his studies.

When Yu Hang was 25, his father passed away due to liver cancer, and his mother became his only relative.

When Yu Hang reached 30, his mother died of illness, and he was left with no other relatives.

Judging by this situation, Yu Hang shouldn't have any childhood trauma and psychological shadows. Yet, when Jun Zishu first met with Yu Hang, she instantly sensed a morbid feeling coming from him. Although Yu Hang had quickly hidden that feeling, there was no doubt that it existed.

In that case, how did that morbid feeling come to exist?

If it wasn't his family or childhood, it should've originated from further back.

Yu Hang's love for food probably came from his father's influence.

If Yu Hang was the perpetrator, and he regarded food as things with souls, why would he choose to use people as food?

Later that evening, Jun Zishu joined the officers responsible for keeping track of Yu Hang. Naturally, Jiang Yinsheng followed beside her.

"Is that person the killer?"

"It's possible."

It wasn't as if bad guys would write the words "bad guy" on their faces.

Yu Hang's restaurant was located close to a busy road, so many customers visited it every day.

After Yu Hang closed his restaurant for the day and returned home, Jun Zishu learned that Yu Hang stayed in a single-family home with a courtyard near his restaurant. Although it wasn't exactly next to his restaurant, it was still significantly closer than his home in Anhe District.

While standing by the nearby intersection, Jun Zishu asked Jiang Yinsheng to follow Yu Hang into his home.

Others couldn't see Jiang Yinsheng, so it was a piece of cake for Jiang Yinsheng to follow Yu Hang.

The starlight was dim, and the wind was chilling. Standing at the intersection, Jun Zishu leaned against the nearby wall and looked up at the night sky.

Compared to not knowing who the killer was, it was much more frustrating to know the killer's identity but lack the evidence to apprehend him.

Even though they had no evidence to prove that Yu Hang was the killer, Jun Zishu felt that he was most likely the perpetrator.

When Jiang Yinsheng came out and saw Jun Zishu looking up at the sky, her not-so-calm heart grew even more chaotic.

"You're back?"


"Let's talk after we return home."


Jun Zishu walked in front, and Jiang Yinsheng walked behind.

The light cast a long shadow behind Jun Zishu, her tall and slender figure an unapproachable feeling.

Jiang Yinsheng followed Jun Zishu's shadow, a sense of joy appearing in her heart when she stepped into the shadow.

At this time, Jun Zishu turned around and saw the silly smile on the little ghost's face.

Meanwhile, noticing Jun Zishu turning around, Jiang Yinsheng promptly retracted her smile and feigned calmness.

Jun Zishu withdrew her gaze, finding the little ghost's behavior slightly amusing. Did the little ghost think she had hidden her feelings well?

"Jiang Yinsheng, let me ask you a question."

"What is it?"

"What would you do if you like a person, but that person doesn't like you back?"

"Then, I will like him twice as much and treat him twice as good."

"What about afterward?"

"Afterward, I'll wait for him to like me. If he still doesn't like me, it must mean that I am still not good enough for him. In that case, I will try to do even better and love him a little more."

"What if the day this person likes you back never comes?"

"I will keep on waiting."

Jun Zishu stopped and locked eyes with Jiang Yinsheng.

"I will keep on waiting."

Jiang Yinsheng stubbornly and seriously repeated.

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