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IGK - Chapter 84.1 Divine Dragon Token

Following the trail of the broken core, the Snake King was sure of the culprit’s direction.

He chased all the way till he reached a huge ship; he was a little hesitant when he saw it. After all, he had assumed a demonic beast from the Miasmic Sea had snatched his core. I didn’t expect the culprit to be human!

In any case, he was sure about the core’s aura on the ship. It’s mine. It’s mine!

The furious Snake King rose above the water surface and saw a bag in Murong Luguang’s hands; the bag contained the remaining pieces of his core.

I don’t even need to ask, do I?

“Roar!” The Snake King bellowed furiously.

Next, he spat out a mouthful of poisonous smoke toward all the people on board the ship.

“Oh no, the Snake King is releasing poisonous smoke!” a Heavenly Wolf Sect disciple screamed in fear.

“Wang Ke, is this the help you got? Going for something wild, huh? You can even work together with brute beasts?” Murong Luguang said in outrage.

He lost his timing to kill Wang Ke, because the Snake King went and snapped at him after spraying the poisonous smoke.

“Demon Slaying Draw Strike!” Murong Luguang cried amidst the poisonous smoke.




The sound of a sword being drawn was followed by a huge explosion, and the Snake King roared in great pain.


The snake’s tail came out from under the sea and smashed Wang Ke’s ship in half. Endless pieces of wood were swept to the sky, and an intense battle began.

A junior disciple’s voice came from the dense poisonous fog. “Eldest apprentice-brother, are you all right? Ahh, the demonic snake is after me. Help me! Eldest apprentice-brother!”

“Be careful, everyone! The Snake King’s scales are difficult to break, slash to damage the eyes instead!”

“Be careful of the venom!”

“Bast*rd, shut up!”





Poisonous mist veiled the sky at the center of the violent battle, and countless splinters flew around. The Snake King twirled his body and stirred up the sea, generating a towering wave toward the humans.

Wang Ke’s ship was broken into pieces, so the Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples returned to their own ship; some even stood on their flying swords as they battled the demonic snake.

The sea waves bellowed powerfully; Wang Ke fled quietly with Princess Youyue in his arms.

They boarded the boat the princess was traveling with and left silently.

“Wang Ke, do you really not know that giant snake?” Princess Youyue asked in astonishment.

“I really don’t. I’ve never seen it before!” Wang Ke was also a little confused.

How did the snake come about?Such a hero!To actually come and save me in such a crisis!

“But if you don’t know the snake, why was it helping you?” Princess Youyue continued to ask, feeling curious, “And it’s only targeting Murong Luguang? See? It’s charging crazily at him. He would have already been eaten if he didn’t have a flying sword!”

“Beats me!” Wang Ke replied with an awkward look.

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Wang Ke had no idea that the Snake King had taken Murong Luguang as the culprit. That was the snake was relentlessly attacking the latter.

“That giant snake is quite powerful; however, it doesn’t know how to fly, and that’s a great disadvantage. The Heavenly Wolf Sect disciples are cooperating well. Seems like this battle won’t last long!” Princess Youyue said with a frown.

“Perhaps!” Wang Ke also frowned. He always felt like he was close to guessing something, but there was just one thing off.


The Snake King roared furiously because he couldn't swallow Murong Luguang whole.


From afar—layers of sea snakes were swarming toward the battle. Their numbers were massive and the snake generals amongst them were gigantic.

Wang Ke came to a realization as he looked at the multitude of snakes moving toward them. “I know!” he said.

Princess Youyue asked, “What is it?”

“Those snakes live on Divine Dragon Island. And the biggest one must be the Snake King!” Wang Ke said in disbelief, eyes wide open.

“The Snake King?” Princess Youyue said in surprise.

“Quick, let’s leave now. We have no time to lose. Quick!” Wang Ke cried out.

The pair instantly began to channel energy into the boat to flee as fast as they could and avoid the snakes. Their ship quickly disappeared into the Miasmic Sea’s dense fog.

After sailing for a while, Wang Ke heaved a sigh of relief. “That was dangerous. We finally made it out!”

“Yeah! Let’s get back to the shore quickly. The Miasmic Sea is too dangerous,” the princess suggested.

“You’re right. But I have no idea which direction we should take. There’s fog everywhere, and I left my nautical map on the big ship sunk by the Snake King!” Wang Ke said, clearly worried about their situation.

But Princess Youyue comforted him by saying, “Don’t worry. Just follow me! I know the way!”

“You know?” Wang Ke looked at the princess.

“Did you forget how I got here? I can trace my way back. I remember the route!” Princess Youyue smiled in reply.

“Is that so?” Wang Ke frowned with doubt.

Still, he had no other choice but to trust her at that moment.

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“Of course, it’s just that we left in such a hurry. Did we leave anything back on the ship?” Princess Youyue asked.

Wang Ke counted his storage bangles and said, “Nope, everything’s here!”

“You sure?”


“That’s good. Let’s move then!” Princess Youyue steered the ship ahead.


The Snake King and his serpent minions fought Murong Luguang and his juniors. Zhu Yan was floating on a piece of wooden board by the edge of the snake swarm; some snakes were biting him relentlessly. He vomited blood as he watched Wang Ke leave.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by Cao Junbo. Edited by Calofel.