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ZY - Chapter 414- Long Xingtian


    He waved his trident and a hundred meter long energy wave spread out from the corner of the hall. It was just five meters away from me and pieces of stone were about to smash into my face.


    I held the flame talisman stone and asked, "How should I find you?"

    "The entrance is at the throne, shatter it and you can open the passageway."

    Elder Dragon said, "Kid, you need to be careful, Hai Xingchen has the strength to kill you!"

    "I can tell..."

    I sucked in a deep breath and looked towards Hai Xingchen's position. This Spiritual Ruin Realm expert was a level 107 Legacy Grade Boss, this meant that he was a red boss! Although he was left with 19% health but he could still kill me easily. My level and tier were being totally suppressed.

    How to open the entrance?

    I had to be smart about it, if I fought him head on I was just asking for death! I waited for a few seconds and when White Cloak's CD was up, I activated a skill towards the throne-- Demon Blade Heaven Swallowing!

    Feng Jixing General, help me open the gate!


    A heroic figure appeared above my head. It was Feng Jixing who was holding a blade and dressed in war clothing. He slashed and as he attacked, the throne collapsed showing a black entrance below.

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    "Thief, die!"

    Hai Xingchen was furious and charged to the front. The moment that trident swept towards me, I used White Cloak and then jumped backward. At the same time, I dodged his attack. Even though he was strong, even if a lord descended when I used White Cloak no one could damage me. This was the absolute advantage of having such a high grade skill like White Cloak!



    Hai Xingchen hollered and waved the trident to smash his own home while I hid and dodged all over.

While he was demolishing his home, shrapnels splashed all about and they all damaged me for ten thousand damage. In the end, my health was down to 30%. What was going on? Luckily I jumped when I entered the cave and hit into a wing-like world ender. I held my dagger and charged into the cave.


    Hai Xingchen finally used his brain and shouted, "Your goal is Dragon Soul? ! Damn that jerk!"

    A wind covered Hai Xingchen's body as he charged over.

    I panicked, I didn't even have time to think. I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye right away. The pitch-black space lit up right away. At the same time, i looked at my special skill value and when I was being hit, I had regained large amounts of health. Thus, I activated my special skill- Cloud Ladder Technique!


    The moment I used Cloud Ladder Technique, streaks of golden light appeared around me and I gained the ability to step in the sky. I jumped right down but I could control this, I could step on the sky to change my direction!

    "Little thing, die!"

    Hai Xingchen hollered and his trident landed from the sky with flames like a furious thunder. The moment I saw that, I used Darkness Shura to avoid his attacks. However, the trident landed and lit up everything. The entire cave was like a deep abyss hidden in the mountain, there were many rusty chains intersecting like sort of a seal.


    The trident smashed onto a stone and lit up the world. I could see an old man covered in spiderwebs. His body was about to break down but he hugged a red stone that was filled with power. That should be the Dragon Soul Essence. Without the essence feeding his body, he would probably turn to dust!

    "Elder Dragon? !"

    I landed and asked.

    "It is me..."

    His voice was a little weak. He looked at me emotionally and smiled, "That is great... My Black Castle descendent, you are finally here... Toss the talisman stone down!"


    I raised my hand and tossed the stone towards Elder Dragon.

    At this moment, Hai Xingchen was furious. He looked at me and his expression changed. He recalled something and shouted, "You are that evil spirit that killed five Country Heads... July Wildfire, I shall kill you today!"

    As he said that, Hai Xingchen descended from above and slapped. An energy wave pressed over.

    Not good!

    I used Soul Star Explosion and tried to raise my health. At the same time, I cried out. I tanked so much but had no chance to attack him. My special skill value was at zero and I couldn't use Hellfire Body!

    Was I going to die? !

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    At that moment, a loud dragon roar spread out from below and a dragon covered in darkness energy charged from below. He opened his mouth and brushed past me. He swallowed Hai Xingchen and his body was destroyed. He turned into dust and bones. He was actually insta killed?

    The flame talisman rock turned into flames and the spiderweb and chains locking up Elder Dragon had disappeared. He held the Dragon Soul Essence with his left hand and opened his right hand. That Darkness Dragon Power strike was from him!

    "It is over, it is finally over!"

    Elder Dragon opened his palm and grabbed my body, "Kid, let's go, time to go!"


    Not only did we charge out of the cave, we pierced through the mountain body and appeared in the sky above!


    A dragon roar reverberated above. It was from the Dragon Soul Essence in Elder Dragon's arm. As for me, I was held up in mid air by the power of the Dragon Soul Essence.


    "Not good!"

    In the wind, a warship from Blood Dynasty came out from the clouds and an expert flew up. He wore a golden robe and he was a Marquis tier expert "We are late!"

    At the same time, a Blood Dynasty army appeared on the ground and there was a huge patch of cavalries.

    "You, why not don't come at all!"

    Elder Dragon smiled and pointed. He formed a darkness dragon claw and after a loud explosion, a hole appeared behind this marquis's head. His body tumbled and he was actually killed by one finger.

    I was stunned.

    How strong was he, he was probably stronger than Xuanyuan Yu and Senior Sister Yun!

    "Listen up."

    Elder Dragon bathed in the spiritual energy and his dried-up body started to fill up. He looked at the Blood Dynasty army and said, "This Dragon Soul Hall is just a branch of my Black Castle. Blood Dynasty scram. When I come again, I don't want to see anyone from Blood Dynasty or I will kill all of you!"

    He looked at me and his gaze became much gentler, "Kid, we are going back to Black Castle.

    The mission is done.


    I nodded.


    Elder Dragon brought me and the dragon soul essence across space at unimaginable speeds. This was the power to break a world. He was far above Senior Sister Yun and King of Darkness.

    In a moment, the Black Castle was already in front of my eyes.

    Elder Dragon brought me from the outer mountain. When we passed the prohibited land, his eyes constricted and he looked sharply at the Spirit Swallowing Hole, "Why... There is a monster hidden here?"

    My heart shook, he was actually so strong? He could even sense Heaven Hound that was sealed.

    At that moment, Heaven Hound didn't move at all. When I used my Darkness Spiritual Ruin to sense him, I noticed that he was shivering in fear.


    Elder Dragon looked into the distance at where Master Xiao Chen had died, "There is actually the aura of a Celestial. It seems like many things happened during the period that I wasn't here!"

    I frowned, "Senior, we are here, where are we going now?"

    "To see the King of Darkness!"

    I was brought by Elder Dragon into the Darkness God Hall. He was probably very familiar with this place and no changes could escape from his eyes.



    Like thunder, when I opened my eyes, I was already above Darkness God Hall. Elder Dragon tossed me down from above.

    At that moment, King of Darkness walked out. His cultivation had increased and he had a celestial-like feel to it. The moment he saw Elder Dragon, his body shook, "You... You are..."

    Elder Dragon looked at him, "My name is Long Xingtian."

    "Long... .Elder Dragon?"

    He was shocked and his expression changed.

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