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ZY - Chapter 415- Returning Essence Chestplate

 Outside of the god hall.

    Along with Elder Dragon and I returning, things got really busy. Not only did the higher-ups from Darkness God Hall, Elder Hall and the three divisions, but the disciples within the three divisions also came too.


    "He is Elder Dragon? I heard that he is one of the strongest elders in Black Castle history!"

    A left camp disciple said excitedly.


    Another disciple gritted his teeth, "I didn't expect... Someone from ten thousand years ago, the books recording his name has decomposed and he is actually still alive!"

    "Black Castle has obtained such an ancient expert, we are definitely going to rise up!"



    In front of the god hall, after King of Darkness heard Elder Dragon's words, he understood everything. He walked forwards and knelt down on one knee, "Junior Xuanyuan Yu greets senior!"


    Elder Dragon nodded and didn't say much.

    Senior Sister Yun frowned and her eyes were filled with rage.

    "Senior Sister calm down!" I said.

    She sent her voice into my mind, "His Highness is Black Castle's ruler, but now Elder Dragon's actions are obviously like taking over. Is he trying to suppress King of Darkness?"

    "It should be."

    I frowned and started to regret bringing him back.

    Xuanyuan Yu raised his head, "Elder Dragon, may I ask... How is the elder planning to deal with the Dragon Soul Essence? This is one of the biggest issues for Black Castle now."


    Elder Dragon nodded, "The owner of this soul essence is the legendary Darkness Dragon God, one of the legendary supreme dragons. Although his body was destroyed but the dragon essence can nurture the true darkness dragon bloodline,

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so... I think we should place it in the earth essence pond to obtain the power of the earth essence. Once it is perfect, we can select one person to obtain the legacy and become a true Dragon Blood War God and bring us back to our prime!"

    "Earth Essence Spirit Pond..."

    Xuanyuan Yu hesitated, "Once Earth Essence Spirit Pond's spiritual energy is sucked dry, the younger generation might not have a place to cultivate."

    "We have to make sacrifices."

    Elder Dragon glanced at him, "King of Darkness knows the pros and cons within right?"

    "Okay then."

    Xuanyuan Yu frowned, "Then nurture it in the depths of the Earth Essence Spirit Pond!"


    Elder Dragon looked towards the people from the Elder Hall, "Who is the head of the Elder Hall?"

    The grand elder stepped forwards, "I am."


    Elder Dragon said solemnly, "From today onwards, I will move back to the Elder Hall and take over. You shouldn't have any objections right?"

    "I don't dare! For senior to take over is our good fortune!"



    Elder Dragon looked at me and smiled, "King of Darkness, this fellow is not bad. Without him, I would still be stuck in the caves of the branch. I hope that you can nurture him. Apart from that, send troops to take back the branch. That Dragon Soul Hall belongs to us."


    Xuanyuan Yu nodded.

    The elders hesitated. The strongest one of them was late Spiritual Ruin Realm but Elder Dragon was different. He was an Eternal Realm expert and he was late Eternal Realm. He was stronger than King of Darkness and Senior Sister. Moreover, he had the Dragon Soul Essence which made him even more terrifying.

    Not long later, Earth Essence Spirit Pond headed towards the depth of the pond.

    Senior Sister frowned and said softly to me, "Maybe his return isn't a good thing for Black Castle."

    "I sense that too and am starting to regret it."

    I frowned, "Sorry Senior Sister I was rash."

    "It is not your fault, after all, I gave you the quest."

    She turned around and smiled, "Oh right, I forgot to reward you."

    In the next second, a bell rang. I walked on the edge of death and got Elder Dragon back. So at this moment I finally gained some rewards--


    System notification: Congratulations for completing the main quest Scout Branch (SSS Grade), obtained rewards: Experience +50%, Contribution points +5 million, charm +3, Gold +10000, obtained extra rewards: Returning Essence Chestplate (Legacy Grade)

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    "Pa ta", an exquisite and majestic chestplate landed in my bag. I took it out and saw that it shone red. The name was red too. This was a piece of red equipment? I had missed the rewards from Hai Xingchen but now I was getting compensated? !

    My heart started to beat quickly. I waved and its stats appeared in front of me--

    Returning Essence Chestplate (Legacy Grade)

    Type: Leather Armor

    Defence: 1550

    Agility: +292

    Stamina: +290

    Strength: +285

    Magic: +282

    Effect: Damage absorption +16%

    Effect: Physical avoidance +24%

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 10000

    Skill: Returning to Essence, after use, damage reduction increases to 50%, absorb the spiritual energy around to heal up, last for 25 seconds, cooldown of 120 minutes

    Bonus: Raise user's attack by 148%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 145%

    Introduction: Returning Essence Chestplate, a legendary god armor that was smelted by the empire's god blacksmiths. When built, the essence of living beings was incorporated into it. It took 3 years to complete. Legend has it that this armor was a country weapon and only the ruler had the right to wear it.

    Required level: 100


    Red equipment, its stats really were explosive!

    I was nearly about to stop breathing. As compared to orange gear, its stats were much stronger, especially the increase in stats. It had increased from the 3D effects of orange gear to a 4D effect. The average value increase had reached 290 too which meant an overall strength increase. After all, every stat was useful and for Assassins, Agility meant speed, Critical Strike and explosiveness. Stamina meant strength, survivability and Attack damage. As for Magic, it meant an increase in resistance. Once Magic was enough, I wouldn't need to be afraid of Mages.

    Apart from that, the skill was really strong. Not only did it reduce damage, I could also heal for 25 seconds. Without thinking one knew that this was much stronger than Hellfire Chestplate!

    Moreover, equipment and level were suitable. Equip them!

    "Pa ta", Returning Essence Chestplate switched for Hellfire Chestplate. My equipment started to look red. If nothing was wrong, this should be the first red equipment and it was actually a quest reward. Not many people would believe it. En, Senior Sister really doted on me!

    I wanted to thank her but when I raised my head, she was gone.


    I looked at my stats and the combat strength increased by so much. My combat strength increased by 30 thousand!

    At that moment, a message came from Ah Fei, "Damn, what equipment did you get? Why did I see your value jump by 30 thousand in the combat strength board?"

    "You want to look at it?"

    "I want!"

    "Call me daddy!"


    I laughed and sent him the stats.

    All of a sudden, Ah Fei was stunned, "Damn... People are fighting for orange gear and you are wearing red gear? You... Do you want people to die! How did you get it?"

    "You won't believe it, it was from a quest!"

    "What quest, god tier quest?"


    "Damn you really are lucky!"

    "Of course!"

    I laughed, "Go raise your inscription technique, I will let you inscribe on it when you reach level 7."

    "Ok, very soon!"



    The moment I ended the call, Xuanyuan Yu's voice spread into my ears, "July Wildfire."


    I turned around and noticed that he was nearby, "Yes Your Highness?"

    "Follow me, I have something to ask you."


    King of Darkness followed me into the depths of Darkness God Hall and many barriers closed. When we walked deep in, he turned around and said, "Elder Dragon... You brought him back from Dragon Soul Hall?"


    I nodded, "Senior Sister told me to scout it. I didn't expect Elder Dragon to notice. He directed me to find the key of the seal to save him."

    "So that is the case."

    Xuanyuan Yu frowned, "You didn't notice anything weird about him?"


    I thought about him and said, "A little."


    "When I saw him I felt like he was about to die at any moment. But after he appeared, he became filled with energy."


    He was deep in thought.

    "Your Highness, is there a problem?" I frowned, "I can tell he wants to take over power, if... It reaches that stage, I will be on your side."


    Xuanyuan Yu showed a grateful gaze, "That probably wouldn't happen but thank you. I have asked what I wanted, in the next period of time, protect yourself."


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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.