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CSG - Chapter 3105: The Flame Empire

As Jian Chen’s soul merged with the world, everything that had occurred in this world in the past few centuries was revealed to him without any details hidden. It was like turning this world into a single memory crystal.

Right now, he was flipping through the memory crystal. Everything that happened in this world was not a secret at all in his eyes. This was not turning back time, but it bore a similar effect.

In the Saints’ World, certain experts with an extremely deep comprehension of the ways possessed the ability to completely erase all traces and marks, such that no one could peer into the past.

However, the Tian Yuan Continent clearly could not produce an expert like that. As a result, the entire world had nothing to hide from the eyes of an expert like Jian Chen. He peered into everything that happened in the past with ease.

He traced all the way back to three centuries after his departure, to the Flame Mercenaries that had gradually changed after the departure of Shangguan Aojian and the other experts.

The Flame Mercenaries had become the greatest organisation on the Tian Yuan Continent a long time ago, and Flame City that served as the headquarters had become the greatest city in the world. Their reputation was so great that no person or organisation in the world could shake them or replace them.

Throughout these years, the Flame Mercenaries had remained under Jian Chen’s younger sister, Bi Lian, the entire time. It had already been several centuries since she became the captain of the Flame Mercenaries. The Flame Mercenaries were completely under her control, which turned her into the person that bore the greatest authority in the world.

During the three centuries following Jian Chen’s departure, Bi Lian had managed the Flame Mercenaries well. They had been flourishing and developing the entire time, making great contributions to maintaining the peace on the Tian Yuan Continent and the stability of the world. The Flame Mercenaries and Shangguang Aojian could be regarded as the lower and upper authorities, watching over organisations and experts of different levels.

If Shangguan Aojian kept the Origin realm experts of the various races in line, such that these experts never killed one another due to their various interests, then the Flame Mercenaries kept the Mortal realm and Sainthood cultivators, as well as the corresponding organisations, across the world in line. It severely reduced the grievances and slaughter between organisations, maintaining stability.

Although Shangguan Aojian had departed from this world with a group of Origin realm experts afterwards, the status of the Flame Mercenaries had not been affected at all. It remained as the greatest organisation in the world.

This was all because of a group that possessed extremely terrifying strength in the Flame Mercenaries, the Divine Guards of the Flame!

The Divine Guards of the Flame did not have many members, only a measly several dozen, but even the weakest ones among them were Saint Emperors.

Saint Emperors only formed half of the Divine Guards of the Flame. The other half were all Origin realm experts who had surpassed Saint Emperor. A small handful of them had even reached Reciprocity.

They had not left with Shangguan Aojian. Instead, they stuck to their duty, protecting the Flame Mercenaries diligently. They were the most loyal guards of the Flame Mercenaries.

It was exactly because of the existence of the Divine Guards of the Flame that the Flame Mercenaries’ status was firm like bedrock. They were absolutely unshakeable.

Through his connections with the world, Jian Chen saw the changes in the Flame Mercenaries. Everything slowly occurred fifty years after Shangguan Aojian’s departure.

That day, an extremely striking person suddenly appeared in the Flame Mercenaries. He demonstrated extraordinary talent and leadership. Very soon, he caught the attention of the captain, Bi Lian, and earned her favour.

As a result, under Bi Lian’s promotions, he made it into the upper ranks of the Flame Mercenaries very quickly. He came up with strategies for Bi Lian as he began a furious pursuit for her, gradually leaving her with a favourable impression. In the end, he was actually selected from the upper ranks and promoted to the advisor of the Flame Mercenaries.

After becoming the advisor, he worked diligently for the Flame Mercenaries and made a colossal contribution. Under his furious pursuit, he gradually stole Bi Lian’s heart too. Nothing formal existed between the two of them, but he had already planted a seed of love successfully in her heart. Everything he did had a certain level of influence over her.

Afterwards, under the urgings of this advisor, Bi Lian finally changed their method of rule of only holding their ground. Instead, she listened to the advisor’s suggestions and began unleashing the Flame Mercenaries’ great power under the name of world peace, carrying out a large-scale invasion across the entire continent.

Under the personal command of this advisor, the invasion had almost swept across the entire continent. All those who submitted prospered, and all those who resisted perished. The only fate awaiting resisting organisations on the Tian Yuan Continent was destruction, regardless of their size.

Against the forces of the Flame Mercenaries, there was not a single organisation on the Tian Yuan Continent that was their opponent. Even when they worked together, they stood no chance against the Divine Guards of the Flame.

Afterwards, the Flame Mercenaries began to occupy various regions across the Tian Yuan Continent in an unstoppable manner. The empires that dominated whole regions were destroyed, while the countless clans and sects either submitted or faced destruction.

Under the flames of war, a vast number of lives were lost on the Tian Yuan Continent, and the common people lived in destitution. The land was littered with corpses and blood too.

The ten protector clans of the Tian Yuan Continent, including the Changyang clan, had all tried to stop them, but no one could persuade Bi Lian. On top of that, Bi Lian possessed an invincible weapon that was the Divine Guards of the Flames, such that even the ten protector clans were completely powerless against her.

Because of this, the Changyang clan in Lore City had stepped forward too. The old patriarch that had stepped down many years ago, as well as Bi Yuntian, visited Bi Lian numerous times, doing their best to change her mind. However, an intense argument ended up erupting between them, such that they parted with ill feelings.

In the end, through the planning and scheming of the advisor, the Flame Mercenaries officially abandoned their name as a group of mercenaries under Bi Lian’s lead, founding a country, the Flame Empire!

By now, the Flame Empire had become the only empire on the Tian Yuan Continent. The powerful kingdoms beneath the empires were either annexed or destroyed. In the end, only the Qinhuang Kingdom maintained their independence.

As for the smaller kingdoms, only the Gesun Kingdom remained.

The situation on the Tian Yuan Continent had been completely rewritten by the Flame Empire.

The strange light slowly dispersed from Jian Chen’s eyes, and they recovered their usual colour. In that short moment, he had learnt everything that had happened over the past few centuries.

However, Jian Chen flew into a fury about learning about all this. Even his face darkened as a result.

“C’mon, let’s go to the Qinhuang Kingdom!”

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.