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MCAB - Chapter 125

"Collect some samples for testing," Jun Zishu instructed. Then, she asked, "Are there any other findings?"

The others in the room shook their heads.

"We didn't find any tools here, Chief."


This could already be considered a small harvest. After taking a few pictures, Jun Zishu made her way to the door.

At this point, there was no question that Liu Qianqian was the murderer. It was also almost certain that Sun Chenxin was the accomplice. However, they currently lacked evidence to accuse him unless Liu Qianqian pointed him out.

Even until now, Jun Zishu still couldn't understand what made Liu Qianqian hate Chen Yin so much that she was willing to commit such a brutal murder.

The case this time wasn't particularly complicated. In reality, apart from crimes committed by highly intelligent criminals and by strangers, it was normally never impossible to find the killer.

In this case, not only was the crime committed by the victim's acquaintances, but the criminals in question were even inexperienced students.

"Chief, do we go back and question Liu Qianqian now?"


"The case this time is quite easy, huh? But where is the victim's head in the end?"

"We'll have to ask the killer that question."

"I can't figure it out. It feels like there's no reason for this crime. What exactly is Liu Qianqian's motive?"

"We'll find out sooner or later."

Yang Tianxiao sighed. Ever since she had gotten into this line of work, she would often find herself doubting life.

Despite looking like a weak and gentle girl, Liu Qianqian could commit such a brutal murder. Moreover, she had even done the deed in her very own home. Was she not afraid of getting nightmares when she slept?

Liu Qianqian's mental state looked to be in a terrible state. However, whether it was because she felt guilty or because she worried about being caught was up for debate.

Liu Qianqian sat in the interrogation room again. This was her second time visiting this room today. Unlike her first visit, though, she looked very calm this time.

"She hasn't spoken ever since she went in. She simply sat on the bed and stared at the wall absent-mindedly," Zhou Lan said, a hint of helplessness appearing in her eyes as she described Liu Qianqian's behavior in the detention center. The little girl might as well have written the word "murderer" on her face with how she behaved.

Jun Zishu entered the interrogation room. Then, getting straight to the point, she said, "We went to your home."

Liu Qianqian's body shuddered, her complexion turning even paler. However, she kept her head lowered and her mouth shut, refusing to look at Jun Zishu.

"Where is Chen Yin's head?"

Liu Qianqian remained silent, giving no responses whatsoever this time.

"Why did you kill her? Didn't you two share a good relationship?"

Liu Qianqian continued keeping her mouth shut, her behavior making it seem like she would refuse to cooperate if no violence was involved.

Jun Zishu caressed her chin as she observed the girl in front of her. Liu Qianqian's behavior was no different than a silent acknowledgment of her guilt. However, Jun Zishu doubted she could get anything out of the girl even if she continued her questioning.

After leaving the interrogation room, Jun Zishu had Zhou Lan continue observing Liu Qianqian.

"The blood test results are out, Chief. The blood in Liu Qianqian's house matches the victim's blood. There is no mistaking it now; that house was the first crime scene."

"Has Sun Chenxin returned?"

"Not yet. He'll arrive in the afternoon."

"Bring him over once he's back."


"Tianxiao, go in and monitor her. Try to trigger her by asking her questions from time to time. I refuse to believe she can keep her mouth shut forever."


Yang Tianxiao had faced even tougher opponents before, so Jun Zishu felt that she should have no problem dealing with Liu Qianqian.

Now, all that was left to do was wait for the other suspect to make an appearance.

Massaging her eyebrows, Jun Zishu started wondering what kind of grudge had caused Liu Qianqian to take things so far.

This murder case definitely wasn't a crime of passion. Instead, it was an act of revenge done with hatred.

What did Chen Yin do to make Liu Qianqian and Sun Chenxin hate her so much?

Jun Zishu ate a boxed lunch at the police station and looked through the rest of the investigative files.

During this time, Jun Zishu thought of Jiang Yinsheng's matter. Jiang Yinsheng wasn't from Lanhai City, so her dossier naturally wouldn't be here. Even so, Jun Zishu felt something fishy with Jiang Yinsheng's death.

After taking a sip of coffee, Jun Zishu searched for summarized information about Jiang Yinsheng.

Jiang Yinsheng was an entertainer and a popular celebrity when she was active. After she disappeared, many online news portals did a summary of her past. So, Jun Zishu quickly found a lot of information on Jiang Yinsheng. However, the useful information these news portals offered were limited and mixed with lies.

As to why Jun Zishu was looking into Jiang Yinsheng, the reason was simple. The other party's ghost was already in her home, so she couldn't possibly turn a blind eye to her.

Not to mention, her mission was to apprehend three criminals from three different crimes. The mission details didn't specify that she needed to complete all three cases in the same city.

After letting out a sigh, Jun Zishu continued browsing the internet and jotting down whatever useful information she could find.

Little Fairy had most of her functions closed, so she had remained silent throughout this entire time.

Sometime later, Wang Duoduo knocked on the door and said that Liu Qianqian finally reacted. However, it wasn't a confession.

Hearing this, Jun Zishu approached the interrogation room and watched from outside the room as Yang Tianxiao conversed with Liu Qianqian.

"Liu Qianqian remained unresponsive even after Tianxiao said many things to her. Whether it is her human relations or her studies, she showed no remorse or regret over committing this crime. She showed no reaction even when we mentioned that Sun Chenxin had sold her out," Wang Duoduo said, feeling a little surprised by Liu Qianqian's indifference. Then, he continued, "However, Liu Qianqian finally showed a response when Tianxiao repeatedly brought up her grandmother and parents."

To Liu Qianqian, her father definitely wasn't an important individual in her life. However, her grandmother should be very important to her.

Afterward, Jun Zishu checked the surveillance recording and studied Liu Qianqian's facial expressions.

"You will most likely be sentenced to death. Have you ever thought about what your grandmother would feel when she learns that you committed a crime and will receive the death penalty for it?"

"Can you not tell her?"

Liu Qianqian looked up. She had seemingly been biting her lip this entire time as there were deep teeth marks on her lower lip.

"We will not deliberately hide it because that would be against the law. Moreover, even if we don't go out of our way to inform your grandmother, what would Chen Yin's parents think of the situation?" Yang Tianxiao said. "During our conversation with Chen Yin's mother, we found that she places a lot of trust in your relationship with Chen Yin."

"So what?"

Liu Qianqian sneered, her eyes looking at Yang Tianxiao coldly. The darkness and hostility hidden within were so dense that they had practically taken physical form.

"You people don't understand anything at all."

"If you have suffered any harm, you are entirely liable to take action through the law…"

"The law?" Liu Qianqian's voice rose with a sense of mockery. "What use is it?"

"You're sitting here now, so tell me, is the law useful?"

"That's because I've already avenged myself in my own way! What if she hadn't died? What would you have done for me? What can you do for me?" Liu Qianqian said in a sarcastic tone. "I've always been timid. Always. However, when I finally put my thoughts into action, I felt liberated."

After saying so, Liu Qianqian stopped speaking. She also refused to lift her head again no matter what Yang Tianxiao said.

Pausing the replay at a certain point, Jun Zishu closely observed Liu Qianqian's eyes and saw that Liu Qianqian no longer cared for her grandmother's feelings. It seemed like selfish and indifferent behavior.

Although Jun Zishu couldn't draw any conclusions right now, judging by Liu Qianqian's reactions, Chen Yin must've done something excessive to her in the past.

Sun Chenxin arrived at the station in the afternoon. He remained very calm even after entering the station.

"Do you know why we called you here for, Mr. Sun?" Yang Tianxiao asked.

"To cooperate with the investigation."

Sun Chenxin wore a pair of glasses and looked civilized, refined, and elegant. According to Yang Tianxiao's experience, criminals of his sort were typically perverts.

"We did a test on the bloodstains we found in Liu Qianqian's house and verified that it belonged to the deceased. The primary suspect, Liu Qianqian, has already acquiesced to the crime. We judge you to be an accomplice. Do you acknowledge it?" Jun Zishu asked with a stern face. She was currently wearing her police uniform and had her hair tied behind her head, the combination giving her an air of solemnity.

Sun Chenxin remained silent for a moment, seemingly organizing his words.

"I should have known better than to dump her body in the wilderness."

Although Sun Chenxin had only said this one sentence, it could be regarded as a tacit acknowledgment of Jun Zishu's words.

"Why did you do it?" Jun Zishu asked.

"Murder and dismemberment should result in the death penalty, right? I killed Chen Yin. I confess."

Sun Chenxin did not answer Jun Zishu's question, choosing to decisively admit his crime instead.

"You want to die," Jun Zishu said not in a questioning tone but an affirmative tone instead.

Jun Zishu felt that they might have missed some clues. Sun Chenxin came from a well-off family with two parents. He was also an excellent student in his department. He had no history of illnesses and no reason to seek death.

"Give an account of how you committed the crime."

Since the criminal was so cooperative, Jun Zishu picked up a pen and paper and started taking notes.

"That afternoon, Chen Yin wanted to bring Liu Qianqian to meet up with me. I met up with Liu Qianqian ahead of time. The idea was mine, and we had already planned it for a week.

"The weather was nice that day. Chen Yin and Liu Qianqian came, and Qianqian and I followed through with what we had agreed upon. I talked to Chen Yin to keep her distracted while Qianqian struck her in the back of the head, knocking her out.

"I then injected her with a paralyzing drug, and we locked her inside a room.

"Afterward, we called Li Xunyi over, and the three of us watched a movie together. After Li Xunyi left, we entered the room and locked the door again.

"Chen Yin laid there with her eyes wide open. She couldn't speak, and she could only whimper as she pleaded with us."

Speaking up to this point, Sun Chenxin revealed a smile, a hint of pleasure appearing on his face.

"I think she realized what she did wrong. But would we let her go? Of course not.

"Liu Qianqian is very timid. Her body stiffened when she looked at Chen Yin in the eye, and she never found the courage to make the first move. So, in the end, I did it for her."

Sun Chenxin sighed, feeling as if he had returned to that night.

The room back then was dimly lit, and Chen Yin laid on the ground with fear and panic coloring her face.

Liu Qianqian stood next to him, her hands shaking.

He took out a utility knife and put it into Liu Qianqian's hands.

Although Liu Qianqian gripped the utility knife tightly, her hands also shook violently.

Seeing this, he held Liu Qianqian's hands, guided her toward Chen Yin, and crouched down. Then, with one hand placed on the paralyzed Chen Yin's shoulder and his other hand holding Liu Qianqian's hands, he guided Liu Qianqian's hands forward swiftly and decisively, stabbing the utility knife straight into Chen Yin's heart.

"How fragile human life is. Chen Yin was certain to die after the first stab. Liu Qianqian still seemed a little confused, so I helped her stab Chen Yin for a second and third time.

"Eventually, Chen Yin died, never to speak again."

When Sun Chenxin spoke up to this point, a blissful and intoxicated smile appeared on his face.

"Once Chen Yin was thoroughly dead, Liu Qianqian was finally emboldened. Seemingly snapping out of her daze, she grew very excited.

"Afterward, she took out a saw from somewhere and tried to cut apart Chen Yin's body.

"She wouldn't let me help her, so I could only stand aside and watch as she struggled to cut up the corpse.

"Blood stained the floor red. The moon that night was very beautiful."

The moon, too, had seemed to take on a blood-red hue that night.

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