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ZL - Chapter 1125- 300 cannons

"What do you need?" I asked.

Frost was so shy that she didn't say anything.

Zhi Shu gave a teasing smile, "I need something thick and long and black..."

My face flushed red, "This..."

Frost finally raised her head and her cheeks were filled with embarrassment, "Dragon Crystal Cannons!"


I was stunned and said, "Oh... So you need Dragon Crystal Cannons?"

"En." Frost nodded, "Dragon City is in a poor region and we don't have any mines. Our iron is bought from the main cities or stolen from the barbarian lands. Only the top weapons are made with dragon crystals and metal, the rest are wood. We do not have dragon crystal mines to make cannons. Furthermore, we don't have any blacksmiths that know how to craft those cannons."

Her eyes opened wide, "You are The Executor, apart from having troops you are the owner of Fan Shu City. You also have special powers in the empire, it shouldn't be a problem to get some Dragon Crystal Cannons right? Azure is getting stronger and he has been laying in wait for too long. Once his strength recovers he will definitely attack the seven kingdoms. Dragon City would be one of the first to get hit so we need enough Dragon Crystal Cannons to defend.

I said, "Actually, each army has a limited amount of Dragon Crystal Cannons and I can't control that, but... I can try to convince the ruler to donate a bunch to Dragon City, how many do you need?"


"Ah?" I was stunned, "The entire Royal Army does not have over 1000 Dragon Crystal Cannons... Moreover, Dragon Crystal Cannons are really rare!"

Frost blinked, "Then 300 no less, if not we won't be able to defend against the invasion of these Hybrid Demon troops."

"En, okay..." I calmed myself down, "I can try, 300 then but I am not sure it will definitely work if I don't..."

Frost hugged my arm, "Okay, no matter whether you succeed or not, I will hand this fragment to you. I will also help you to get the last piece!"

"Great, I am going now!"

"En, good luck!"


After saying goodbye to Frost, I used the City Return Scroll to head back to Tian Ling City. I summoned the God Dragon Horse and rushed to the palace. Along the way, I saw my Suiding Duke manor. The maidservants were waving at me and I just nodded slightly. My basic skills were at the peak of level 20 so this residence's best use to me was probably to brag? Tian Ling City's first ring residences had 21 rooms, 11 halls and a fake mountainous garden. There were dozens of maidservants that all looked really good. Such a house should be at least 100 thousand square feet?

I was in front of the imperial city and a bunch of soldiers did a military salute, "Good afternoon The Executor!"

I nodded and headed in front of the hall. An admin officer said, "The Executor is here?"

"En, I want to meet His Majesty."

"His Majesty is discussing a change of laws with the generals and officers, The Executor please enter!"


When I walked in, the officer shouted loudly, "The Executor Li Xiao Yao is entering the hall!"


the generals and administrative officers were split into two branches. As there was no notification of the meeting, no players were here. Lochlan stood up and smiled, "Master Li, you are here too?"

I cupped my fists, "Your Majesty, I am not disturbing right?"

Lochlan said, "No no, I am discussing the farmland change with the officials, but... I think Master Li isn't interested in this right?"

I laughed, "Your Majesty really understands me, but I came for something else."

"Oh, what?"

"To ask for resources." I cleared my throat and said honestly, "Dragon City is at the north and is our first barrier to block the Hybrid Demons apart from Sea of No Return. Frost is my teacher and is in charge of defending it. They have over 70 thousand troops but they lack resources, grain and horses. They can solve that themselves but not cannons. So I want to ask Your Majesty to allow me to send over 300 Dragon Crystal Cannons to Dragon City!"

"Ah, 300?" Lochlan was stunned and asked, "How many cannons does Tian Ling Empire have?"

An old man walked out, "Your Majesty, we have 2417. We lost many cannons in the battle with Swirling Abyss City and Iron Skull City so we currently have so many."

Jiu Li City Zhu Hai frowned, "Your Majesty, Tian Ling City has to defend against strong enemies, we can't give 20% of our cannons to others!"

Shao Shiyang cupped his fists, "Like what Ocean Duke said, Dragon Crystal Cannons is key to us attacking and defending. If we lose so many cannons, it would affect our attack and defence ability."

Earth Ocean Army General Qin Yi was in the same boat and he laughed, "I heard that The Executor is Frost's disciple so for him to ask for 300 cannons just like that, isn't it a little selfish?"

I frowned, "What are you trying to say!"

Guards General Situ Xin laughed coldly, "Ocean Duke and General Shao seem to not like The Executor. Actually, I don't think these 300 will affect us much but it can provide Dragon City with a much stronger defensive ability. I heard that Frost has trained 100 dragonriders. Such combat strength is enough to trouble the Hybrid Demon army. If they have Dragon Crystal Cannon support, Hybrid Demons won't be able to pass through. Why can't we give them cannons?"

Zhu Hai frowned, "Situ Xin, don't think that I don't know you are close to Li Xiao Yao, you are abusing your power too!"

This time, the Heaven Barrier Army General Lin Qiong finally spoke. He coughed, "Ocean Duke please respect The Executor, is it right for you to call his name like that? Don't forget, he is the Suiding Duke and his title is the same as yours but he is the Marshal of the army. So aren't you being rude to a superior?"

Zhu Hai was furious, "Lin Qiong you traitor!"

Lochlan couldn't take it anymore and slapped the table, "Shut up!"

Everyone was shocked and they knelt on the ground, only I stood there.

Lochlan looked at me and his expression turned gentle, "Master Li, 300 isn't a small sum, can you tell me a reason to convince me?"

I nodded, "The Hybrid Demons are growing stronger and Azure is about to awaken. He has brought troops from hell and the next attack might be fatal. If we don't support them, once Dragon City falls, Hybrid Demon will trample on Ba Huang City, Jiu Li City and next would be Tian Ling City."

"Azure..." Lochlan's voice trembled, "Is Azure really so strong? How is he compared to Master Li and Frost?"

I laughed and said honestly, "Azure has Sif, Dalun, Igoras etc. Each one of them can kill me easily. Frost can deal with these lords but at most, she can face 2-3 of them. If Azure attacked alongside them, even Frost would be in danger."

Shao Shiyang said, "Scoff, you can't hide your cowardice."

I looked at him and laughed, "Shao Shiyang who are you even? Let me ask you, have you fought a lord-tier Hybrid Demon General? You dare to speak like this?"

Shao Shiyang said, "I just didn't have a chance or I will slice off their heads!"

I smiled, "Let me be honest, out of the lords, Berserker Lei Ding, Blood Giant Karl, Vanguard Luo Ding all died to me, what gives you the right to talk to me like that?"

Shao Shiyang was shocked and didn't say a word.

Situ Xin asked in delight, "Berserker Lei Ding is dead?"

I nodded, "En, a bunch of adventurers and I killed him in God Demon Well. His head is hanging on the walls of Dragon City. If His Majesty doesn't believe me you can send some War Hawk Knights over. But beware of Lanais's arrows, don't get shot."

"Ah?" Lochlan was shocked, "Lanais is in Dragon City?"

I said, "En, she is one of the defending generals of Dragon City now."

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Lochlan was delighted, "So why shouldn't we help them? Men, give them 300 Dragon Crystal Cannons and 5000 cannonballs!"

Shao Shiyang cupped his fist, "Your Majesty, I am willing to lead the Fire Rhino Army to bring these things over."

I waved, "No need, I shall lead the Royal Army over. Your Majesty, when will they be ready?"

Lochlan said, "Master Li just head over to rush the soldiers."


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I left happily. I was uninterested in the battle for power here. Although I had to face Zhu Hai and Shao Shiyang, but as long as I had absolute strength, these people were just clowns.

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.