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100000PSI - Chapter 93.1: I Can’t Act Her (1)

It was highly probable that Mother Ji might have forgotten that the call was still connected by the time she reached the sixth floor. When she heard the commotion, she conveniently slid the phone into her pocket and ran over to stop the fight.

Ji Fanyin, too, was not in a hurry to disconnect the call. She continued to listen to the live feed audio to decipher the situation.

… Knowing the unit number of her previous apartment, Father Ji had started banging violently on the door the moment he arrived, intending to slap Ji Fanyin the moment he saw her. However, he was caught by surprise when his hand landed tightly on the cheek of a stranger when the door opened.

Unfortunately for him, the girl he slapped was not a coward. Instead of crying, she twisted his shoulder to prevent him from escaping and returned the slap.

The prideful Father Ji had never been slapped by a stranger before and was stunned.

Before he could react, a hunk with an apron emerged from the apartment, holding onto a frying pan. Seeing the injury on his girlfriend’s face, he immediately pushed Father Ji onto the ground and rained fists on him, shouting to his girlfriend to call the police to arrest this lunatic.

By the time Mother Ji arrived, Father Ji had already taken a round of beating and had passed the stage of scolding and moved on to begging for mercy.

Mother Ji stumbled over to break up the fight. She struggled to explain the situation but the hunk did not care to listen to her. “Get away from me! How do I know whether the both of you are working together to rob or scam us!”

Mother Ji shivered with fear and showed them her handbag. “L-look… This handbag of mine costs at least a few hundred thousand dollars. Why would we rob you?”

The girl stared at her and sneered, “A thousand dollars is sufficient to get a top-quality replica of a Hermès bag.”

Ji Fanyin listened to the quarrel from the comfort of her home, forming mental images of the scene in her mind. She admired the valiance of the girl.

“I have already called the police. You can tell the police your story when they are here.” The girl continued, “Even if you are here to visit your daughter, isn’t it domestic abuse to slap her the moment she opens the door? Do you think it’s alright for parents to hit their children like this?”

Ji Fanyin nodded in agreement. “Yep.”

What followed were more muffled sounds of fists hitting meat and another round of Father Ji’s painful moans. Ji Fanyin could only guess that Father Ji had received another round of beating from trying to get out of the hunk’s grip.

Soon, the sound of footsteps and whisperings could be heard. Those could be from the neighbors who had heard the commotion and came out to survey the situation.

Father and Mother Ji had truly embarrassed themselves this time.

A thought suddenly occurred to Ji Fanyin. She had not left the tenants group chat from her previous apartment. Using her little pinky which had not been dirtied by the oil from the rack of lamb, she tapped into Wechat and searched for the group chat. True enough, the news of the fight had spread like wildfire.

Moments later, a few police officers arrived at the site and separated the hunk from Father Ji.

Father Ji and Mother Ji naturally had some connections with the police force but since there were many divisions, none of the police officers who arrived at the site recognised them.

Nonetheless, Father Ji still tried to gain the upper hand by naming some high ranking officers he knew, “I know Commissioner of Police Jiang…”

The girl who made the police report raised her handphone and threatened, “Great, name them. I want to know which high ranking officer you are affiliated with. When all of you are on the internet, I am sure someone will recognise you and that Commissioner of Police Jiang.”

Father Ji fell silent.

Soon, they were taken away for questioning.

Father Ji remained silent out of stubbornness while Mother Ji stammered while trying to explain what happened. But she was no match to the girl whom Father Ji had slapped.

Without waiting for Mother Ji to complete her story, the girl interrupted to tell her side of the story, even pointing at her face to show the now-swollen handprint on her face. “He came at me straight when I opened the door and slapped me. I have taken a photo of my injury. There is also CCTV in the corridor. This is the evidence!”

Mother Ji: “He took you for another person. It is not his intention to hit you…!”

“It’s a fact he slapped me. Are you trying to wriggle your way out of it?”

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Photos of the incident taken by the neighbors were making its round in the group chat.

Ji Fanyin casually scrolled through them and burst into laughter at the embarrassing state Father and Mother Ji were in.

When she was done laughing, she continued listening to the police’s interrogation while forwarding the photos to Ji Xinxin.

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… The messages were sent out without any obstacle. Seemed like Ji Xinxin had not blacklisted her.

Plus, it was still not Ji Xinxin’s bedtime yet. She should be able to see them.

But there was no reply from her.

StarveCleric's Notes:

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